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When do you best demonstrate yourself as a leader?
The interviewer wants to know that you are confident about your leadership abilities and that you understand when your leadership abilities have been most effective. Perhaps you best demonstrate yourself as a leader when your manager is away. Maybe you often jump into a leadership mindset when a co-worker is struggling. Think about a recent time when an employee on your team was successful at something because of your leadership skills. Discuss the scenario and how your leadership skills made the difference.
Answer examples
"I best demonstrate myself as a leader when I know that a coworker could use my assistance. I seem to be a natural teacher and mentor which means that when someone is struggling, my first instinct is to train them. Just recently, I coached a new employee on a sales technique that helped her to achieve her quota for the first time. I look forward to working in this role with you because it will allow me to take on further leadership opportunities."
"In my current position, every time my current manager is away, I take on the role of leader for our team. This is usually one day per week. When you call him for a reference he will be able to tell you that I have naturally stepped into the responsibilities associated with being a leader."
"I am a leader every day and anytime I am in the presence of subordinates, be it a picnic, in the parking lot, or during the workday. I always exude my leadership attributes."
Sales answer example
"I think it's important to always be a leader. The old cliche of "dress for the job you want, not the one you have" applies here. From the get go, I think it's important to walk in the door letting your supervisors know that you are ambitious and driven for growth and also let your coworkers and reports know that you're here to grow and help them grow, too. Leadership in micro-moments is one of my favorites. That is, taking a new hire out to coffee, even if it's not your job is really great leadership. Letting someone feel welcomed into the fold and teaching them the ropes is so important, especially in the often competitive environment like a sales floor."
Marketing answer example
"I feel as though I rise to the occasion whenever it presents itself, whether that's by stepping into a leadership role in a collaborative cross-department project, when my boss is away, or when a new hire is wide-eyed and without direction. Basically, whenever the group is lacking a leader, I love the opportunity to step in and help the team along with a bit of an opportunity to shine."

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User-Submitted Answers

When do you best demonstrate yourself as a leader?
On a daily basis in my career, family life and volunteer work.
I have demonstrate leadership abilities within my classroom, with my team, with other learning leaders within my school and area, and also with parents. I have stepped up and solved problems when senior administration has been absent and am careful to make sure that all guests are received and made to feel welcome in our school. One instance which comes to mind is just before teachers convention and the family day long weekend. A parent had returned to the school to fetch their child's retainer that had been left in a locker. I heard noise out in the hallway and went to check it out. The parent explained the issue and was having problems opening their child's locker. As the office was closed and I didn't have access to the child's locker combo etc, I took the initiative to seek out a caretaker and ask what the parent's options were. We found a solution and the parent was grateful for my help and for a resolution to the problem.
In my current role, I demonstrate leadership on a daily basis. From coaching new team members to providing effective strategies and guidance to teachers.
When ever my junior needed I show the demonstrate about leadership.
Taking control of situations to make for a pleasant, enjoyable dinning experience.
While deciding who should b assigned what duties.. Who can excel in which field.
I demonstrated leadership abilities when leading my student worker teams.
I always try to demonstrate leadership in all I do.
At company parties, when everyone is loaded and suggestible.
When we are short handed and busy then make customer happy and control and control of kitchen area too.
You have to lead everyday. They are especially important at times of stress and ambiguity.
I feel I demonstrate leadership skills consistently in being approachable, and helpful in developing alternative ideas/plans to help teachers or EA's teach students.
I have demonstrated my Leadership skills by teaching others, learning from others and incorporating knowledge to achieve successful results.
I consistently demonstrate leadership abilities as I believe that a leader is someone who respects others, offers praise, is accountable, and is viewed as a member of the team.
I am aware that leadership is a full time tasks so its demonstrated all the time.
I demonstrate leadership abilities daily. My desire is to be a walking model of leadership. I believe in leading by example.
I believe I demonstrate leadership abilities daily, with daily interactions with everyone I come in contact with.
Everyday as a manager at Rue21. Associates' attitudes reflect on my attitude.
Every day trying to show people new Waze creative ways and how you could learn from your coworkers.