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Tell me about your leadership qualities.
The interviewer would like to know what you consider to be strong leadership qualities. When describing leadership qualities, try to avoid general terms and give some unique ideas. A great leader is someone who people naturally want to follow. They have exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships with nearly any personality type. A respected leader will take ownership for their mistakes and will always lead their team by example. True leaders see the importance in motivating others and recognizing even the smallest achievements. Which of these qualities do you most identify with?
Answer examples
"I have taken many workshops and courses to improve my leadership skills over the years. My leadership qualities are best summed as dedicated, attentive, and motivating. I like to recognize my employees' small wins because that motivates them to continue achieving."
"I possess great leadership qualities that include diligence, tenacity, and open communication. I look forward to taking these skills to work for you!"
"My leadership qualities are communication, drive and mentoring. I seek out the best in people, then help them increase their performance."
Sales answer example
"To me, a leader is someone who is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, adaptable, and open. A leader wants to nurture others to their fullest potential, and it is something I have enjoyed since childhood. I love to be seen as an example to follow and help guide others to bettering themselves and their careers."
Marketing answer example
"I believe I lead effectively by showing others respect regardless of their position or title, creating an open environment in which everyone knows that ideas are welcomed, and setting achievable but high expectations for myself and the teams that I work on."

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about your leadership qualities.
Befriend the staff and can encourage working as a team.
Organization, communicates well, I ask lots of questions to make sure I understand the circumstance and then I responds to the issue with a professional attitude not letting my personal feeling guide me in my decision making, prompt and professionalism.
Clear communications, encouraging and involvement in assignments.
I am dependable, hard worker, pro-active, good listener, organized, lead by example, and develop relationships easily where people are comfortable coming to me with concerns and seeking advice. I like to take action and help others. People know that when they come to me, I will do my best to get them answers. I am not afraid to try new things and know that I will make mistakes. I am okay with admitting when I am wrong. These only strengthen my resolve to improve.
Ability to create strong relationships, strong assessment practice, engaging stakeholders.
Positive attitude, creativity, Effective communication and Honesty.
A leader is one who can lead.. Listen to his team.. There grievances.. Appreciate their efforts encourage them be an ideal for them.
I love to empower people, impart knowledge through training, delegate when necessary, and lead by example. Some of the best leaders I have known have said very little.
I'm firm, fair, I mean what I say. I do my job the right way no short cuts.
The usual set for an accomplished sociopath.
Taking ownership, hardworking, business knowledge, solving problems.
A sense of direction. Approachable. Problem resolution. Evolving. Entertaining. Educating. Supportive.
Motivated, integrity, hard working, passionate and deep desire to make difference in students throughout the building.
Behavior, respect, communication, cooperation.
Strong, honest, smart, patience, mentor, responsible, engageable.
Respect, Honest, Diligent, Creative, Forward thinker.
Lead by example, coach and inspire, accountable, good communicator, set expectations, provide feedback, consultative, seek feedback from my team.
I have integrity. I'm honest and dedicated. I motivate my employees by giving them positive feedback on situations or tasks they have accomplished.
Highly motivated driven and surpasses targets.
I am a person who is approachable, I listen carefully for the messages being presented to me and ask questions to clarify if necessary. I believe in inclusion and reach out to others often for their ideas and opinions to take into consideration. I am fair and open minded, treating everyone with respect and honor. I provide timely feedback in a positive way to grow and develop colleagues. I build quality relationships with everyone to establish a rapport with every member of my organization.
Commitment and dedication.
I'm a wonderful trainer I have patients I always want to learn and I have ambition.
Goal oriented, driven, great people and leadership skills.