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Tell me about your leadership qualities.
User Submitted Interview Answers
Organization, communicates well, I ask lots of questions to make sure I understand the circumstance and then I responds to the issue with a professional attitude not letting my personal feeling guide me in my decision making, prompt and professionalism.
Befriend the staff and can encourage working as a team.
I am dependable, hard worker, pro-active, good listener, organized, lead by example, and develop relationships easily where people are comfortable coming to me with concerns and seeking advice. I like to take action and help others. People know that when they come to me, I will do my best to get them answers. I am not afraid to try new things and know that I will make mistakes. I am okay with admitting when I am wrong. These only strengthen my resolve to improve.
Clear communications, encouraging and involvement in assignments.
A leader is one who can lead.. Listen to his team.. There grievances.. Appreciate their efforts encourage them be an ideal for them.
I am a person who is approachable, I listen carefully for the messages being presented to me and ask questions to clarify if necessary. I believe in inclusion and reach out to others often for their ideas and opinions to take into consideration. I am fair and open minded, treating everyone with respect and honor. I provide timely feedback in a positive way to grow and develop colleagues. I build quality relationships with everyone to establish a rapport with every member of my organization.
Positive attitude, creativity, Effective communication and Honesty.
Respect, Honest, Diligent, Creative, Forward thinker.
I'm a wonderful trainer I have patients I always want to learn and I have ambition.
I love to empower people, impart knowledge through training, delegate when necessary, and lead by example. Some of the best leaders I have known have said very little.