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What do you find to be the most difficult aspect of leading your current team?
The interviewer is trying to learn more about the challenges you currently face, as a leader. If hired, this information will help the company to know where you could use additional training, encouragement, or education. Every leader has an aspect that is challenging for them. Share your most challenging aspect of leadership but also highlight the steps that you take to alleviate or overcome that challenge. One common challenge for leaders has to terminate an employee. Another problem could be continually motivating unengaged employees. A big challenge could also be sourcing and utilize the best hiring resources to shave down your time spent on reading resumes.
Answer examples
"One challenge that I face as a leader is to avoid frustration when employees show continued disinterest in our company's education opportunities. My current company has an amazing program available for continued education, yet only about 32% of our employees take advantage. To alleviate this frustration, I am starting a company-wide recognition program to all employees who explore this option with our company."
Retail answer example
"The most challenging aspect of being a leader, in my opinion, is managing the large variety of personalities. It takes some time to get to know everyone, but I am confident that I can do it."
Manager answer example
"My current team is spread out in different states. As a regional manager, it is crucial that I understand local markets, slang, and customs when talking to individuals and the team."
Sales answer example
"The largest challenge I've faced as a leader is working with an unmotivated employee who cannot seem to be motivated by the normal channels. Typically, this stems from hiring a poor fit for the role but happens far too often. It's so important, as a leader, to work on consistently coaching up or coaching out."
Marketing answer example
"I currently collaborate with my team, but am not in a specific management position. That said, I feel as though I lead by example and naturally take the lead in marketing projects or delegation of tasks when working in a collaborative environment."
Admin answer example
"Currently I only lead the temporary administrative assistants that we hire, from time to time, during peak seasons. It is a challenge because it's re-training a new person everytime the agency provides us with a new temp."
Teacher answer example
"In my current classroom, we have a bit of a power struggle between a few of the students. It is a challenge to navigate, and I have tried a variety of seating arrangements as well as group meetings involving the Principal. The next step will be parent involvement which I am planning to avoid."

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User-Submitted Answers

What do you find to be the most difficult aspect of leading your current team?
When you get the staff member trained up and they wish to leave. Especially if it has to do with illness of themselves or a family member.
If everything clearly explain, why, when, than shouldn't be any.
Working as a whole and where all have to give their max for the benefit of the organization.
Noncompliance by employees.
Gaining for confidence of the employees. Make them feel secured in the organisation.
Aligning the objective of the company with self objectives.
Finding enough time to get to all of my people goals each day. It is my desire to get into classrooms regularly, spend time with the children and also attend to the administrative demands of the job.
I believe that most difficult aspect of leading is making time for feedback and staying in a coaching role to give that feedback. I think that I will always be fine tuning that role.
When there is a rogue employee in the mix. Most often, when sufficient time has been spent to foster quality relationships, everyone functions effectively and efficiently for the good of the team, but every so often there is the lone wolf who likes to do their own thing regardless of the decisions made by the group. When this happens, I try to appeal to their conscience of letting their team members down or having others feeling disappointed in them for not meeting expectations - this is after delving into the possibilities of why they are not able to meet the same expectations that the rest of the team are.
Trying not to feel bad when you have to disaplain someone or correct them when they have done wrong.
When employees do not value their co workers.
Conflicting personalities, employees that put themselves before their profession.
When they don't listen or cooperate with their task given.
Member fails to judge their actual skills and capability and sets higher benchmark for them selves.
Being tough sometimes.. I hate being tough but they need discipline too.
Transforming people with all different backgrounds, opinions, ethics, and ideas into a team and creating an environment where they work well as a collective group and team.
Put their agenda ahead of my own.
Getting the whole team on one accord and to be for each other and not against each other.
Time on getting them to trust me.
Being attentive to all of their specific needs such as shyness or stress levels.
Ensuring that they learn to salute properly.
Workers who lack motivation and uninterested in the end goal.
Do they believe in their job enough that what we do on a daily basis is about recognizing that we are relied upon as the specialist. That we are the best team that exists to provide their patients the most optimal outcome.
Using phones at work place nowadays every one have phone and emails and they are in social media they ignore work and attention on phone you need to give them challanges to avoid phones.
Rentention. I want to see individuals succeed.
When employees repeatedly come to you with problems ( often the same one) and are not open/willing to process solutions.
Getting everyone on the same page and maintaining morale.
Making everyone happy. Some decisions are made because that is what is best for the organization. However, I always provide clarification on why the decision was made and set clear expectations for performance.
Handling conflicts between employees.
I want to keep everyone of one accord and I know that will not always be the case. I will strive to make it happen as much as possible though.
Conflicts between employees.
The most difficult aspect of leading is remaining composed and under control when things are not going so well for the company or team. Remembering to be the strength and hopeful positive beacon for others is a responsibility of a leader.
Being so close in age with employees and they see me as a friend rather than a manager.
Again finding people who have the same passion as I do.
Well, I believe when employees do not value their co workers and not try and work together as a team is one of the most difficult aspect of leading employees for me but, with help from management I believe everyone can come to agreement.