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Answering Leadership Questions

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What do you look for, before giving someone on your team a promotion?

The interviewer would like to know that you are discerning when it comes to the types of people you further promote on your team. Share with the interviewer the kinds of skills, characteristics, and attitudes that you look for when rewarding employees.

Some things you may like to see:

- Self-motivation
- Reliable & dependable
- Strong work ethic
- Great customer service
- Goal-setting
- Consistency
- Helpful to others
- Positive attitude
- Needs little direction
- Team-oriented and collaborative
- Clear & effective communicator
- Flexible & willing to adapt
- Interested in professional development


Answer Example

"Before promoting someone on my team, I will read through all of the employee's performance reviews and ask for references from former managers. As far as skills go, I look for someone collaborative and reliable."


"I believe it's important to look at someone's level of collaboration and helpfulness. If the employee has shown leadership skills without a management title, I can be sure they will pull through as a solid leader and solid manager, once promoted."


"Management and leadership roles are too often given to people who are not true leaders. Many are promoted simply out of tenure, and I do not believe in this practice. What I look for when I promote a team member is a history of professional and self-development activities. I would rather promote someone who reads regularly, and wants to learn as opposed to someone who has been cushy in their role for many years without any growth initiative."


"In marketing, we often promote those who will show self-motivation and take the initiative without being asked. Much of what we do is independent project work remotely. Before promoting someone, I would ensure the person could handle the balance between working independently and collaborating with a team of creatives."


"It can be a challenge to find a reliable staff member in the retail industry. For that reason, I would first assess the person's track record when it comes to showing up on time, staying for their entire shift, and calling in sick. If they proved to be reliable, I would consider a promotion should they be interested."


"Sales organizations and departments require organized leaders, great motivators, and competitively minded managers. If I had a team member seeking a promotion, I would look for those qualities. Also, I would want to see a history of success and achievement."


"A promotion would rarely be up to me, as an educator; however, if I were hiring a teacher or promoting someone to a Principal role, I would look for consistency in behavior and higher education. Also, someone that the students respect and listen to."

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