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Tell me about a time when you effectively delegated tasks.
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I have been a project lead many times on events and activities. Although I am the lead, I know there are others that are better at certain tasks necessary to complete the project/organize the event. So I reach out to them and ask them for their assistance and expertise to create the best outcome we can have.
From the time I was given the opportunity to lead a group of people.
Leading 5 different sub committees to achieve a certification is one that requires input from several contributing parties. I generally chose the individuals who I feel would best complete the task in the specified timeline.
I find the task that is most appropriate for the employee who has the skill set to form that I find the task that is most appropriate for the employee who has the skill set to form that task.
In order to plan events, complete our call lists, or give all the tours we had on campus, I had to delegate tasks daily. I truly believe in raising leaders within a team to grow. I think delegating is a way to empower the workers you have.
I receive request and assignments from my immediate supervisor and my division manager. I review the request and match the assignments with the level of knowledge and skills that each employee possesses.
When I took over store was F and need lot of cleaning and I have month for inspection I made different teams and we pass with 90
In a recent visit I sent a client to the hospital and as I was assess the client I had the in home nurse contacting the doctors and family to let them know that the client was being transfer to the hospital and his current condition.
I always try to delegate task effecttively.
It was my first time in Cali as a media director. I was assigned a task to get news reporters at a practice which required press releases, media guides, and things I've never done. A lot of phone calls and emails to local journalist later, I got the company in Sacramento News for the first time. I only had 48 hours to complete this task.