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Tell me about a time when you tried to encourage a fellow team member. Was the encouragement well received?

1 of 30 Leadership Interview Questions and Answers Written by Rachelle Enns

Updated August 5th, 2018 | Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.
How to Answer

The interviewer would like to know that you can successfully motivate others without it coming across as condescending. For this question, use a scenario when your encouragement was well received and resulted in a positive change or outcome.

Professional Answer Examples
Answer example

"Our business development lead was stressing out last month because she was only 88% to quota with just two days left in the month. I sat with her after work, and we brainstormed some great ideas to implement for quick results. She ended up closing the month at 104% and had an amazing ramp up to the next month. I believe that encouragement can come in many forms. In this instance, she just needed someone to bounce ideas off of!"

Answer example

"I tried hard to help a new team member promoted from the production line to the office. She was very good at understanding production and quality, but her computer skills were lacking. She struggled with answering emails, understanding meeting requests and monitoring her calendar. She was getting frustrated quickly, but I encouraged her to stick with it and ask for help. I think she appreciated the encouragement."

Answer example

"I have scheduled meetings with all of my team members since taking over as manager three years ago. These are meetings to discuss what they are doing right, and how they feel about their growth and performance. When my team members feel encouraged, they are more reliable and work harder."

Answer example

"We had a new hire on the marketing team who was shy. This marketer had great ideas but was tentative about bringing them up. We spent some time together off the clock, running over her ideas and how to best approach our boss, and just building up her confidence in speaking up. It was in her best interest and that of the team as a whole, plus it was an important career lesson on self-advocacy."

Answer example

"We had a newer retail sales member on our team who wasn't reaching his targets at first. I took him under my wing and encouraged his efforts, gave him some tips, and provided guidance anytime he needed it. After three months he was surpassing his sales targets!"

Answer example

"A teammate was going to quit due to various frustrations. By putting SMART goals into place that would allow him to understand how he'd get to hit his targets, he changed his attitude at work and ultimately received a promotion. It was great to see him turn around so well."

Answer example

"I often work on encouraging my fellow teachers who feel discouraged when a student isn't performing. It's one aspect of my current school that I enjoy - we all lift each other up when it's needed."

Written by:

Rachelle Enns
Rachelle Enns is a job search expert, executive headhunter, career catalyst, and interview coach. Utilized by top talent from Fortune companies like Microsoft, General Electric, and Nestle, she helps professionals position themselves in today's competitive digital marketplace. Rachelle founded Renovate My Resume and Executive Resume Solutions, two companies focused on helping job seekers get their edge back. She helps everyone from new graduates looking for their first placement, to CEO's who want more out of their career. Rachelle coaches students to executives on how to master the toughest interview questions and how to handle the most bizarre interview situations; all with confidence and poise. Rachelle trains other career coaches, recruiters, and resume writers, globally. A big part of her job is also spent coaching HR professionals on how to bring the human touch back into their interview and hiring process.
First written on: 12/08/2015
Last modified on: 08/05/2018

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Tell me about a time when you tried to encourage a fellow team member. Was the encouragement well received?
Team member was having skill issue, gave him enough training and gave him full encouragement. Encouragement was received in positive way and the result was perfect.
I had a co worker who needed a lot of encouragement when students chose not to attend our university. She was an allumni and felt offended when they didn't see our school as the right choice. I was able to encourage and motivate her by explaining reasons why it was a benefit that the student hadn't chose our university. When she was able to see the benefits and how they outweighed the decision the student had made, she was encouraged.
I would explain the task, show how the task would be easier done a certain way by hands on demosration which should encourage them to do well.
I am always honest when providing feedback and I am able to have crucial conversations in a non-threatening but encouraging format.
They were very negative so I can turn that frown upside down and made them smile and told them just because were out of the product doesn't mean we shouldn't recommend another project.
When we were training team members at my old workplace, I had to encourage the employees in training by teaching them how to clean out machines and ring up customers. My manager really appreciated my help.
There was an employee who was struggling getting to learn our system we had. I kept telling her that she will get it after time and whenever I had free time I would sit with her and coach her.
I had a team member that had been reprimanded by the principal at the school I was at in Russell County. They had a pocket knife in their drawer that was used to open mail. The principal reprimanded them and wrote them up for it being there. I talked with him for a long time about how I am sure she was only looking out for the well being of the students and that he knew he was a good educator and just to focus on doing his job.
I win their trust that what we are doing is for the betterment and the teamwork was there.
I am an assistant manager. The store needs to sell a certain percent of sales on just fragrance. It undermines many associates, a simple confident boost like "you can do it" was enough encouragement.
When team member falls behind their task most likely will feel in confidence for completing the task and as a result feels discourage and left out. In this situation best things to do is trying to understand the main reason for it and walk through with the employee and by doing so try to build their confidence up and prove them that they are the member of the team and they can complete the task they are given.
Team member was very upset over how vacation time was done. She thought she had more and she was upset because she was not told upon being hire how vac time was given. I pull the policy for her and we went over the policy explaining to her that she did not receive any time the first 3 months of employment she started acquiring her vacation at 1.54 hrs per pay period at the 3 month mark. She was not happy that the people who had hired her did not explain this to her but she was very pleased that I had helped her unstained why she did not have the amount of time she taught she had.
I had to encourage a team member once because she had gotten into it with another team member and I they both revived my encouragement well.
Had a incedent and was discouraged. Told him to focus on being better and not the problem.
This past summer I coached a fellow teacher through a grant writing process. She had good ideas but struggled to put her ideas in writing. I helped her vocalize her ideas, which we casually outlined. Then she wrote her proposal on the white board. We then looked at the grant and highlighted the pieces that were called for in the grant. She we very impressed with her newly aquired grant writing skills. My role was primarily that of a listener and encourager. She did all the work.
I feel passion... When the encourage me...I feel strength from my heart and mind.
When he going down on confidence. I would stand by lift the confidence and boost up the morals.
I had a credit controller in my wider team who did not respect her manager. Her manager was the team leader of 3 people including the credit controller I encouraged. I consulted with her manager to gain her view on the situation as they both had not got on in a respectful manager/colleage situation since day 1. I sat down with teh CC in person in a 1 on 1 and asked her to talk to me about why she didn't respect her manager. We then came up with a plan which we put in place to try and build a relationship. I found out that her motivation was to be a team leader in 2-3 years. I then encouraged her to think from the perspective if she was the manager. Additionally I encouraged her to think about how she should respond and if she wanted further career progression what she needed to do to prove that to the business.
I had to encourage a team member to change something on a form we all had to fill out about are goals he wrote some things that was not pertaining to his goal but felt strongly about I had to persuade him it was in his best interest to just write down some general goals to show that he was to satisfy management and he agreed.
I offered my partner encouragement to handle job tasks without feeling so overwhelmed. The feedback was well taken however, the person more upset feeling as though he or she was not fit for the position. Expressed self esteem issues with engagement of others.
Make them understand what is missing and what are options we have to achieve it. I just choose the best one.
Years ago, I hired and trained an employee. I encouraged him through customer service. Years later he became the top marketing medical equipment provider in the area.
A team member needed encouragement on a failed assignment. I encouraged the team member to talk it out, and asked, how would you do it differently next time.
New staff probationary period. Consolidating their learnings with company procedures. It was received well.
I actually had to encourage a new employee recently when he received his insurance benefit package and was down and frustrated about not knowing which one to chose, So I suggested a few things to him. And then he new just what to do and felt much better.
Last week, I was speaking with a colleague and she shared frustration about her role on the team and consistency of others performance. I took the time to listen to her concerns and was able to point out her positive impact she has had on the situation, and although there was not consistency yet, this was not a reflection of her skills but rather an ongoing need of the team to develop specific skills.
It was a bit of an awkward situation as the team member was my superior. They had come to me for advice as to how to proceed with the team to which I was a member. I answered honestly, stating my opinion/analysis of the given situation, and offered encouragement as to how to move forward. The encouragement was well received and the incident passed without any further malaise.
I will speak to them in a friendly manner and ask them to stay positive and open minded. I will also use humour. They would laugh.
My encouragement was received positively when I encouraged a colleague to take a risk and teach in a way that he was not comfortable with.
My encouragement was received very well .
I worked in a temporary position for royal Mail and after a few days noticed one of our group member was not doing his fair share of work. I was the team leader for this group of 8. After carefull thought and consideration I decided it best to have a private word. I was careful to give him his assignment last leaving us alone to talk. I discussed the how the team was performing and his contribution. He felt he had not been contributing as well as he could of explaining he had difficult with certain tasks. I arranged it that over the next few days we would work together until he fully understands and is skilled up in the areas in which he finds difficult. I assured him I am there to help and encouraged him to come to me anytime he needs help. He felt much more confident and working alongside me where I was able to help with any thing he didn't understand helping with any questions.
By letting that person know that their not alone and that they should strive for what they want and not give up.
Years back, while working with Medical equipment, I was training and helping a new technician. My encouragement was expressing how we should be making our customers feel like we can make their day better. Compliment, information, whatever it takes. When we walk away, we know we have made their day a little better. How was it received, today he is a marketing representative for medical equipment, setting records for the company and looking to eventually do his own line of work in the medical field.
At work yesterday. It was well received.
I once had to ask a lady friend to "put it in your mouth". She did, and moaned.
My encouragement was not taken postitvie AR first and then after some teaching of why we would acceive what we needed the encouragement went a long way.
Last week as his morale was down due to weekly sales meet - been with calls with him nearly five continuous days - received with great joy and high morale.
A team member way back in elementary had family problems and never felt like doing any school work, so I gave him a nice one on one chat, and he went from D's and F's to B's and C's. After a while, he started to shape up and got straight 4.0's. He went to different schools after elementary, i've never seen him ever again.
He should feel that he can do well otherthan all other guys in that team, he sholud get to know his qulalities.
The staff was frustrated and needed advise, so I encourage the staff member to just do one at a time and try to organized the task a certain way in which it will better her operating of her job.
Very well. I listened to the individual and we discussed what they wanted to do, where they wanted to be and what they were going to do to get there.
I Had a great server who was scared to take bigger tables.
When they weren't meeting there target no problem as I help them to get there targets.
I he face some issue on his work like he bored or sick and when he do grate job.
I help teachers with computer issues on a regular basis. Many of our more seasoned employees are very hesitant to attempt new things ie) google classroom. When assisting someone with computer needs I never take over the keyboard so that they can stay in the learning mode. My encouragement is welcomed, and I am more than happy to revisit lessons with my colleagues.
With compassion and understanding. Well recieved.
As assistant principal, I have found myself in a supportive role on many occasions. Most recently I found myself encouraging a teacher who was frustrated when she was not seeing the test results she expected to see. I used her data to celebrate progress in almost 80% of her students. They had not met standards like she had hoped but they had made significant improvements since the last unit assessment. I encouraged her to celebrate progress and continue to work towards closing the gap.
There was a time when my supervisor had received a poor performance rating. I had encouraged him at the time take a step back and see the bigger picture to understand why he may have been given the poor review and perhaps try to see the other perspective and understand the impact it has on the entire organization. It was well received and since then I have gained a new found respect for my coaching ability from my director.
I encouraged a team member who was new to team he needed it the most to bring out his skills.
A team member thought that had failed an assignment. It was received well and I was thanked for the support.
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