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Tell me about a time when you took charge of a situation but the outcome was disappointing?
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Tasked with a project for the entire corporation, a large collaborative effort was needed to complete the project. At the halfway point of the project it was decided that the corporation was no longer going to move in that direction and instead were going to change efforts. The work that had been done prior was simply discarded. It was disappointing that the project was dropped, but was hopeful that sometime in the future it can be resurrected and completed.
Arranged a party function for kids .. A magic show but kids were more interested in games and pool.
Unfortunately never happened.
I took on the responsibility of organizing a group of ladies to serve as hostesses. My communication was not effective with all members in the group. I learn from the experience to make sure that each part of the team, had clear understanding on their roles.
I recently wrote a business plan for the development of the neuroscience service line complete with power point for presentation and the plan was declined by the senior leadership team on the basis on recent merger.
I was put in charge of an event last minute due to a family emergency with one of our counselors. I had little time to plan and prepare and felt that it effected the outcome of the event. I was disappointed in myself for not feeling confident regardless of the time spent planning.
When we ran out of a certain product and I had a try to recommend something closer similar to it but the client still didn't want to.
When we put RM in action plan and instead of correcting himself he took that negitively.
Small situation, but my first season as a Media Director, I needed all 42 on-roster athlete to report back to me with highlight clips in order to create a media tool.. The captains reported. There was four of them.
Client fell and sent to ER due to suspected CVA. CVA confirmed and client passed away.