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Tell me about a time when you tried to encourage a fellow team member. Was the encouragement well received?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Team member was having skill issue, gave him enough training and gave him full encouragement. Encouragement was received in positive way and the result was perfect.
I had a co worker who needed a lot of encouragement when students chose not to attend our university. She was an allumni and felt offended when they didn't see our school as the right choice. I was able to encourage and motivate her by explaining reasons why it was a benefit that the student hadn't chose our university. When she was able to see the benefits and how they outweighed the decision the student had made, she was encouraged.
I would explain the task, show how the task would be easier done a certain way by hands on demosration which should encourage them to do well.
I am always honest when providing feedback and I am able to have crucial conversations in a non-threatening but encouraging format.
They were very negative so I can turn that frown upside down and made them smile and told them just because were out of the product doesn't mean we shouldn't recommend another project.
When we were training team members at my old workplace, I had to encourage the employees in training by teaching them how to clean out machines and ring up customers. My manager really appreciated my help.
There was an employee who was struggling getting to learn our system we had. I kept telling her that she will get it after time and whenever I had free time I would sit with her and coach her.
I had a team member that had been reprimanded by the principal at the school I was at in Russell County. They had a pocket knife in their drawer that was used to open mail. The principal reprimanded them and wrote them up for it being there. I talked with him for a long time about how I am sure she was only looking out for the well being of the students and that he knew he was a good educator and just to focus on doing his job.
I win their trust that what we are doing is for the betterment and the teamwork was there.
I am an assistant manager. The store needs to sell a certain percent of sales on just fragrance. It undermines many associates, a simple confident boost like "you can do it" was enough encouragement.