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If you were hired for this position, what are the first changes you would implement?
Most organizations want to avoid on-boarding someone who will make immediate and significant changes. Big changes are hard on staff and usually result in knee-jerk reactions such as mass turnover. It's always best to explain to the interviewer that your plan is to first observe in order to gain a better understanding of the organization's culture and team dynamics. Focus your discussion on building a strong rapport with the staff. Discuss that you will address any urgent and glaring issues immediately; however, assure the interviewer that you will implement major changes only after you have a thorough understanding of the organization dynamics.
Answer examples
"If I were chosen for this position, I do not believe that major and immediate change would be the answer. My first action would be to have a one-on-one meeting with everyone on the leadership team. I would want to learn what their greatest challenges are, and how I could alleviate those difficulties. From there, the trickle effect will be strong and we will see an increase in sales and employee engagement. Only after that would I consider a stronger approach to change."
"I always prefer to observe the every day activity within an organization before making significant changes. I plan to make an impact quickly; however, I don't want to jump the gun and make costly mistakes."
"I like to train in current processes before making changes. I know that my first question would be to ask what is not working. If I can see a quick fix to try, I would try it, but I would likely still need to learn more about the business before making any changes."
"Being the newest person to the organization, I'm always wary of making any big changes off the bat. That said, I'd definitely look at what has been done for 2017 calendar for marketing initiatives and how they impacted sales and sit down with the team to understand the goals for next year so that I can make my best recommendation on how to be impactful in the coming year."
Sales answer example
"It's important to first understand the company culture, dynamics, values, and individual players, not to mention the short- and long-term goals of the organization prior to making changes. That said, I would wait for my own on-boarding process to complete, then shadow the key players on my team, as well as across the organization, to understand how the pieces fit together. Also, I think it's really important to not only observe but also listen to the team that predates me and hear what they think is or is not working. Only after an active learning, watching, and evaluating period would I begin to effect big change."

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User-Submitted Answers

If you were hired for this position, what are the first changes you would implement?
I wold like to see more time to coach the partners that are struggling in areas I would also like to see more staff.
Mindset of the existing employees.
I would like to sit down with the 'Principal' and with his guidance determine the role that he would like me to have as an assistant principal. Then I would like to meet the staff.
None immediately. I believe it is prudent to watch, listen and get a feel for new surroundings and how people interact, what the morale and culture are like. Then, as issues become evident, slowly start to integrate changes as the need arises.
I would like to learn the role and then look at what we can improve on.
Change needs to be adapted slowly after relationship has been built.
Positive result which is needed for project, any one not working due to will issue will be warned .
None until I have a full grasp on the current dealings.
First and foremost I would need to know the store/ the people im working with.
I would like to see everything more organized .. I believe it is already but that is the way I m.
I don't believe I would change anything immediately. I think it is important for me to learn your processes and procedures and why they are in place prior to me trying to impart my ways.
I don't know if what changes need to be made but if some need to be made I will try to find the best way to change it.
I don't know if what changes need to be made but if some need to be made I will try to find the best way to change it.
To ensure the team is functions as a coherent team.
I will like to meet targets.
Wouldn't make no immediate changes would observe first.
It's rather difficult for me to recommend changes until I get a sense of the business environment, the people, and the processes involved. From what I see from my research, and knowing the leadership already in place, it's hard to envision drastic changes needed.
I would work with the principal in developing a positive behavioral school wide plan, and ongoing development of implementing the RTI process.
The staff working together with me to uplift the organization growth.
I would analyze the metrics set forth by the pharma company and determine if there is a potential for improvement. If there is, I would explore what improvement process would be the best, then execute that PI plan.
I would not make any immediate changes in the beginning. I would like a chance to review the current process and make small changes if needed.
I would not expect immediate changes, and if there were going to be any changes it would be implemented after building a relationship with the team and outlining our objectives and expectations clearly for everyone.
I would like to see more enthusiasm and bring pride back in doing your job, which I feel would also assist in maintaining a higher level of professionalism, attractiveness and beautification to the school. Those are some immediate changes I would like to see.