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How will you guide your team in terms of personal development?

Example #1
"I plan to guide my team in personal development by offering unique learning opportunities. My current company has a learning portal where employees can log-in and learn a variety of new skills, from software to leadership. It's an excellent resource. Do you have anything like this in your professional development arsenal?"
Example #2
"I will guide my team members by meeting with them individually and creating a personal growth plan for the year. It's important to me that I understand the desires of each staff member and help them to achieve their professional goals."
Example #3
"As a manager, I fully understand the importance of investing in my employees. For that reason, I will provide at least two off-site learning opportunities per year for each team member. This experience may be a conference, a trade show, or a seminar related to their role, goals, and of course - the company's mission."
Example #4
"I like to guide my team with learning opportunities. Marketing is always changing, and the rules for digital marketing change overnight. My current agency has an online learning portal, including subscriptions to two online universities. When a team member shows great initiative or has a significant win, we will allocate credits to them to take a course of their choice. These types of continued learning opportunities add significant value to both the employee and the company."
Example #5
"Many of my employees are recent graduates or students who work part-time. I like to guide their personal development by suggesting books to read or listing influencers to follow. Even if they can listen to a helpful podcast while they study, or drive to work, all of the information will add up and will help them to succeed in their careers and personal lives."
Example #6
"I work with highly competitive salespeople, so one of my favorite ways to help them in their professional development is through in-office contests. I will have up for grabs, tickets to conferences or seminars of industry influencers. These tickets go to the top performers. My team loves these opportunities, and it also boosts their performance!"
Example #7
"It's important that I invest in my students regularly. I do not have a large classroom budget, so I often look for book donations from used bookstores so that I can gift new literature to my students. I guide my students' development by encouraging them to discover their world through words."
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