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Have you had the opportunity to teach an important skill to a co-worker?

Example #1
"Last week our company introduced a new module in our SAP system. I could see that our contracted HR Assistant was having some trouble with the new module. I was familiar with it already, so I offered to help him learn the module. We spent his lunch hour for the next three days working on it. He perfected the module, and our company was so impressed with his dedication to learning that they are now trying to find room to hire him on a full time, permanent basis."
Example #2
"Recently, I trained our new Accounts Payable Clerk on the Salesforce CRM as well as our accounting software. She caught on quickly, and I made sure to let her know that I was available for questions anytime. I enjoy sharing my knowledge when I can."
Example #3
"I have taught many individuals new skills, as it's always been a part of my leadership role to mentor and train new and existing employees. For instance, over the last 30 days, I have taken ownership of a group of 10 recently hired inside sales representatives. I have taught them our company's telephone sales scripts and how to overcome some of the toughest objections in our industry. I find it very rewarding to teach new skills to others."
Example #4
"I'm proud to say that, even without any official management capacity, I often seize the opportunity to teach others at work. I helped contribute to the sales team's knowledge base, even from a marketing role. I try to take new hires under my wing to teach them anything from SEO to segmenting email lists. It's fun to share my knowledge and teach others, especially since I am always seeking out learning opportunities for myself. It's nice to have the opportunity to pus my knowledge forward."
Example #5
"I was a corporate trainer before being promoted to National Retail Manager, so I had the opportunity to train quite a few employees on policies, procedures, and processes. I developed some great teaching methods that included quizzes and hands-on learning opportunities."
Example #6
"Absolutely! In each of my two previous roles, I led a small team of sales reps. I worked with these team members on everything from appointment setting and overcoming objections to price negotiations. In my current role, I continually look for an opportunity to connect with new team members to ensure that I can be a helpful resource to them."
Example #7
"We had a new teacher come on board this year, whom I took under my wing. I taught her about the school's history, the workplace culture among the faculty, and I introduced her to the community, including the highly involved parents and the President of the PTA. It felt great to help her settle in."
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