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Rachelle Enns
Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter who helps everyone from students to fortune 500 executives find success in their career.
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Have you ever helped to implement a significant company change in one of your past roles?
Example #1
"Last month our company introduced a new software program called XYZ. I was already familiar with the program because I had used it in a previous role. I offered to do employee training on the program, and my boss agreed to it. I took a lunch hour to give my presentation and then offered myself as the subject matter expert, moving forward. The implementation went very well, and my boss was thankful for my help."
Example #2
"I made a suggestion last year that we install a higher quality coffee machine in our office rather than continue to purchase the disposable coffee pods. We calculated that the savings would be about $12,000 per year plus the positive environmental impact."
Example #3
"I led the initiative to implement lean six sigma into our quality processes. I had taken a training class on it and new it could be a useful tool for our team."
Example #4
"In a previous role, I took point on coordinating the migration of our website and e-commerce platform. The project required a lot of departmental cross-collaboration, working with an outside agency, editing, and testing the entire site. It was a several-months-long project, but ultimately it was completed successfully and led to a 67% increase in e-commerce sales."
Example #5
"I have experience in terminations and hiring which is always a big change for a small team like ours. I have to carefully assess our resources and make decisions that best suit the company and the consistent performers."
Example #6
"I reorganized an important part of the sales process in my previous role. The process went from a daily free-for-all where buyers were assigned randomly, to a streamlined process. By coupling sales executives with a team of buyers, not only did we create a team mentality that was previously not there, but the buyers became experts on their accounts. It was much more effective on a personal level as well as regarding dollars generated."
Example #7
"Our school went under major renovations last year, and we teachers had the opportunity to meet with the contracting company to tell them the areas where we would like to see change. It was cool to see our recommendations come to fruition as the renovation project came to completion."
Example #8
"In my current position, I reorganized an important part of the sales process. The process went from a free-for-all where customer service reps were assigned randomly to a streamlined process. Not only did this change create a more organized team mentality, but the reps felt more dedicated to the service calls assigned to them. Our customer satisfaction numbers increased by nearly 35% in the first three months."
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