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Do you prefer group discussions or one-on-one meetings?

Example #1
"I believe that group discussions and one-on-one meetings should be facilitated, according to the situation at hand. I prefer to have group meetings because they can turn into amazing brain-storm sessions, but I do understand the importance of more intimate conversations as well."
Example #2
"I prefer one-on-one meetings when corrective action is required. Group discussions are best when making plans for a project. I believe both types of communication are essential, but each approach must occur in their appropriate timing."
Example #3
"I am more of a one-on-one person in my personal life, an approach I tend to lean towards in my management style as well. I prefer making a genuine connection with each of my team members individually. Group discussions need close moderation, so they remain on track, but there are great advantages to group discussions as well. Ideas tend to flow better, and they can foster an environment of camaraderie."
Example #4
"Among my marketing team, we are all about group discussions. It's important to us that we have great discussions where we can brainstorm, make progress on projects, and be creative. I am comfortable having one-on-one discussions when necessary. For instance, I will choose a private conversation when corrective action is in order."
Example #5
"There are a time and place for all discussion types, which is why I would say that I do not lean one way or another; rather, I am discerning about the type of meetings that I call. As a leader, I am comfortable in a group or one-on-one setting."
Example #6
"As a manager of a sales team, I prefer group discussions or 'team huddles,' as we call them. In these group meetings, we can make plans for upcoming months while also discussing ideas on how we will meet our targets. I like to reserve one-on-one sessions for individual performance plans or taking corrective action with underperforming team members."
Example #7
"Group discussions have their value, but I know the importance of connecting with my students on an individual basis as much as possible. I can comfortably facilitate either approach."
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