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Answering Leadership Questions

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Rachelle Enns
Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter who helps everyone from students to fortune 500 executives find success in their career.
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Do you demonstrate leadership qualities even when you are not in a leadership role?
Example #1
"I naturally take on a leader and mentor-ship type of role with my co-workers. In one instance, I had a new coworker who was having some troubles fitting in. I took her out for lunch and talked to her a bit about the workplace culture and semantics surrounding the various departments. I wanted her to stay and enjoy her employment with us, so I took the responsibility of ensuring she was settling in well. I believe there are always opportunities for leadership - you have to keep your eyes open!"
Example #2
"I aim always to demonstrate my leadership abilities, even though I am a junior administrator. I always strive to set a good example for my peers and take charge when needed."
Example #3
"I have been in a managerial and leadership role for most of my career which means that the actions of a leader are now naturally ingrained in me. I am leading by example in all that I do, inside and outside of work."
Example #4
"I demonstrate leadership ability on a daily basis by effectively managing my projects and clients independently. It shows that I can take the lead on a project without having to be walked through every small step."
Example #5
"I feel I'm always leading by example, with or without any managerial authority. I always come in a bit early and stay a bit late, pitching in and going the extra mile whenever possible. I feel this makes you just a good teammate and human, not to mention sets you up for a strong career trajectory. That way, when the opportunity for a true leadership role presents itself, I have positioned myself to be top of mind for the promotion."
Example #6
"It's so important always lead by example; you never know who is watching. That applies to stepping foot in the office lobby, or on social media when you have your Facebook profile linked to your company or an after-work event that is serving alcohol. No matter what the situation or where you find yourself, to be a true leader, you need to pretend like your CEO is potentially watching. If you want to be taken seriously as a businessperson and leader, you have to be leading at all times. This lesson is something I learned very early on, and I put into practice daily."
Example #7
"As an elementary school teacher in a small town, I have to be very aware of my actions at all times. At work, while volunteering, grocery shopping, or going for a couple of drinks - I have my leadership hat on."
Example #8
"Just last month I was asked to lead a shift when my superior officer was unexpectedly away. I took charge for two days, and the experience was quite positive. I believe the biggest success factor was that I tried to emulate his leadership style and did ask his help when I wasn't sure what to do. I feel this experience prepared me for a leadership role. I am excited to take on a team lead role again."
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