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Do you see yourself a leader? When have you led a team?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I do believe I am a strong leader in my organization. I have led a team on many occasions personally and professionally, in business, community as well as sports venues.
Yes, As I stated earlier, I have led several multidisciplinary subcommittees toward the ultimate goal of program certification. Not to mention I was the nurse manager of 80+ employees and was in responsible for staffing, employee issues, patient issues, and employee health.
Of course I do I will let the team my entire life almost.
Yes, always from last 26 years leading good team.
I do. I have led teams all my life. I was cheer Captain in College, President of a Student club in high school called Best Buddies, Student Ministries Coordinator in high school, children's Director in multiple churches and Recruitment Coordinator right out of college. Although I have led many teams, most often I moved into positions naturally, without trying to push my way to the top.
I do believe I am a leader. I am leading a team now.
Yes, I am a RN CM currently managing clients, RNs, LPN's, CNA's and RPCA's on a daily basis.
Yes, and I have trained wait, bus and kitchen salad & dessert prep for 15 years. We all benefit.
Yes I believe I am a leader and will stand by most of my convictions and work to get others to see my point of view. I have lead group of individuals in task oriented situations.
Yes. I have been captain of many a team sport.