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What fascinates you about this industry?

Example #1
"What fascinates me about public accounting is its complexity yet the fact that every single business and person in the modern world needs some aspect of it. Public accounting is a recession-proof business."
Example #2
"As an administrative assistant, I can learn a great deal about the fundamentals of business, and in a wide range of industries. For instance, in my twelve-year career, I have worked for a downhole drilling company, an insurance company, and an automotive sales organization. My understanding of these industries is now vast. I have a broad understanding of multiple industries, and few careers can offer that type of perk."
Example #3
"What fascinates me about production management is that no one person has the same skill set, the same personality, or the same needs in the workplace in spite of having the same end goal. I love to get to know my team and their career desires and interests. We can work together to one common goal yet have very few other things in common. The diversity that I come across in this industry is incredible."
Example #4
"What fascinates me about a career in marketing is that we can all play to our unique strengths and, rather than seeming like we are not team players, it's something that is encouraged. In my current team, we have marketers who are simply better at some things than others. Rather than pushing us to all be great at the same things, we can offer up our unique strengths and utilize them to make every project great."
Example #5
"I am fascinated by how quickly trends change in this industry, what determines new trends, and how the turn-around happens so seamlessly. I am a huge fan of statistics and data analysis so I could read about these types of industry happenings all day. Manufacturing methodologies are also a big interest of mine."
Example #6
"A career in sales is fascinating to me because the challenge is never over. There are always new clients to acquire, new products to sell, and more commissions to being earned. I am a highly competitive person, primarily with my self, and being in sales - I never run out of opportunities to motivate myself or aim higher."
Example #7
"What fascinates me about being in Education is that it truly is a never-ending professional development opportunity. I love research and learning and am paid to do so! I can attend workshops and try new classroom strategies, explore new skills, and implement ideas all while being applauded for doing so. I am so pleased to be a teacher and couldn't imagine doing anything else."
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