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Tell me about your last manager. What did they do to motivate you?

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By: Rachelle Enns

How to Answer

This question is a two-part inquiry where the interviewer first wants to see how you speak about your most recent manager. The second part is that the interviewer wants to know how to motivate you on the job best. Be sure to always speak highly of your previous boss, no matter the situation. Even if you did not appreciate their management style, this is the time to dig deep and think of at least one positive.

Professional Answer Examples
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"My last manager had an open door policy which was refreshing. She encouraged questions and new ideas. I appreciated her management style because it instilled confidence in me."

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"My last manager liked to laugh and joke around which made the day seem lighter even if we were stressed out. We were serious when required and had pressing deadlines, but she tried to focus on the lighter side for the most part. This light-hearted attitude always kept us motivated."

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"My last manager was tough when it was required and gave kudos when it was deserved. It was a tough love type of relationship. It helped guide me to become self-motivated. I did not need to wait for feedback from him to keep going on a day to day basis. Also, as a manager, I now know that consistent feedback is important for my team members."

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"My last manager was one of the greatest creative minds I have ever worked for. I learned so much and was motivated to come to work every day. When I am in an environment of constant learning, where things do not become stale, I stay incredibly engaged."

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"I was motivated by my previous manager through opportunities for earning bonus' and in-store credits. She knew how to make us competitive but still keep the competition friendly. It was a fun environment, and I was sad to see her go when a competitor poached her."

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"In my most recent role, I spent a lot of time working on the road, so I did not see my manager all too often. She kept me motivated through words of encouragement and openly recognizing any wins, big or small that I experienced along the way. She was also very quick to provide positive customer feedback which I enjoyed."

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"The principal whom I now work for is quite hands off and allows a lot of independence in the classroom. I like this because it shows me that she has an appreciation and trust for my teaching methods. I am best motivated when I know that I have the room to work with my ideas and vision for my students' learning."

Written by:

Rachelle Enns
Rachelle Enns is an executive head-hunter and job search expert. Utilized by top executives from Fortune 100 & 500 companies like Fitbit, Microsoft, General Electric, Nestle, and more, she helps professionals position themselves in a competitive marketplace. Rachelle founded Renovate My Resume, a company that focuses on helping job seekers get their edge back. Renovate My Resume creates stand-out resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and professional summaries for new grads, all the way to corporate executives. Rachelle spends much of her time training career coaches, recruiters, and resume writers. She also holds interview workshops for students and interns, globally. For great tips and tricks, follow Rachelle on Instagram @_rachelle_e or @renovatemyresume.
First written on: 06/01/2015
Last modified on: 06/29/2018

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Tell me about your last manager. What did they do to motivate you?
Motivated me to take the certification exam.
I didn't have a manager, however I have a supporting family and friends that will have my back and that is all I need.
That he understood his employees individually and motivated each one by there personality.
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