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5 Things to do Before Your Interview

5 Things to do Before Your Interview

You can already feel your heart racing. Your mind is spinning with questions and your palms are beginning to sweat. Is there anything left you can do to ease your pre-interview woes? The best way to enter an interview is to be prepared and relaxed. Calm your nerves by following these five easy steps:

1) Research the company.

Don't just look over the website; explore every tab, article and link! Know as much detail as you can about the company and the person interviewing you. If there are videos about the company culture on their website, watch them! Learn about their mission and values. Reading employee reviews on or can also be a helpful resource.

2) Review the job description.

Do you feel confident that you can handle the responsibilities? If you come across any areas where you feel that you lack experience, compare your resume to identify any transferable skills. Even if you haven't worked in that particular field, you can draw from your past experience and skills. Customer service, technical abilities and attention to detail are all skills that transfer across multiple industries. Look at the job description in terms of the skills and qualities it will required to accomplish each task. As you look over your resume, notice the similarities. What qualities have you displayed throughout your past roles?

3) Prepare questions for the interviewer.

Grab a small notecard and write down some of the facts about the company along with questions you'd like to ask. Base your questions on some of the information you find in your research, like their community involvement or their commitment to the environment by going paperless. Questions about the role? Write them down. Double check to make sure the answers are not outlined on the website or the job description.

4) Examine your weaknesses and past mistakes.

Nothing like thinking about your failures to boost your confidence before an interview! Truthfully, if you can talk about what you learned from your mistakes and how you are working to strengthen your weaknesses you are way ahead of the game! Focus your attention on those weak areas and take some time to write out how you can improve. Reflect on that huge mistake you made and write down what you learned from it. You will feel much more confident once you tackle those tough questions head on.

5) Know where you're going.

Map out your route to the interview. Better yet, take a little trip to be on the safe side. It is far better to know exactly where building B, suite 200 is located beforehand than to run around frantically and find yourself late to the interview, dripping in sweat. You also need to budget time for traffic. Find out how long it will take and leave yourself an extra fifteen minutes to make sure you're on time.

How do you feel now? Still stressed? Take a deep breath. Relax. You're going to do great! If you take the time to follow these steps, you're on your way to nailing that interview. Be confident in your skills! Obviously the company sees your potential. Now all you have to do is convince them you're the perfect fit. Rest up so that tomorrow you can give it your best shot!