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Answering Job Satisfaction Questions

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Tell me your favorite, and least favorite, aspects of your current or most recent position.

Example #1
"Every company has areas for improvement. My least favorite aspect of my current position is that I have very little autonomy when it comes to making decisions surrounding client relationships. The best part of this job and part of the reason I have stayed there for six years is that my coworkers are amazing and there is a strong environment for professional development."
Example #2
"As an HR Administrator, I loved working with people, and I enjoyed making a difference in the direction of their careers through the guidance I provided. It was a very corporate environment, and sometimes things took longer to happen than I would have liked. A slow pace is what I like least, especially when people are waiting for you to pull through for them."
Example #3
"My favorite aspect hands down are my customers. I love helping them. My least favorite is the lack of funding for travel to visit our customers in their facilities and show a higher interest in their operations."
Example #4
"My favorite and least favorite points are one in the same! I love that technology and marketing methods are ever-changing; however, it can be frustrating to master particular advertising algorithms just to have them change on you again in 2 months. Continued education is important, but some months it feels nearly impossible to keep up."
Example #5
"I would have to say my least favorite part of this position is the fact that I have to split the leadership responsibilities and duties with another assistant manager, mostly because I'm eager for the chance to take the lead on my own. That said, on the flip side, I have learned so much by sharing these duties. I have learned to work not only cooperatively but incredibly efficiently and collaboratively with someone who is so very different than I. I have learned from her management style, her years in the industry, and how she relates to people that I feel I have grown tremendously as a person and manager."
Example #6
"I find my biggest struggle to be that I have very little support from upper management, so I am often left to figure it out on my own, even when it is a time that I should have a supervisor involved, which can be frustrating. At the same time, I love the autonomy and creativity that this position affords me. I can set up my day, and client calls or visits, however, is most useful for me, which is such a breath of fresh air and has led to higher sales volume than if I were to be following a strict formula or script. I've grown tremendously at an accelerated pace in this role and with a hands-off approach."
Example #7
"I would say my least favorite part of the job is that I currently have to prove every year that our department is worth keeping. I am all about having to prove you still deserve your position, tenure or no tenure, but to have to continually battle to get the district to see that budgetary cuts or not, this is an incredibly valuable, significant offering from the region, especially in 2017, is exhausting. That said, I am looking for a district, much like 205, that values the world language program, notably its inclusion in the elementary grades. My favorite part of my job is my students, of course. I love what I do- I wake up with a spring in my step and a smile on my face that I get to do what I do every day, and it's because of the students. I love Spanish, I love teaching, and the icing on the cake is my fantastic, excellent, eager students. "
Example #8
"Every place has areas for improvement. My least favorite aspect of my current position is that I have very little autonomy when it comes to making decisions surrounding our priority cases. The best part of this job and part of the reason I have stayed there for 6 years is that my coworkers are amazing and there is a strong push for professional development."
Example #9
"The part of being a QC Inspector that I enjoy the least is probably the mass amounts of paperwork that I need to complete on a daily basis. I do understand that it needs to be done, however; I very much enjoy being face to face with my team. It feels like I make a bigger impact that way."
Example #10
"My favorite projects to work on are (X projects listed on the job posting) because I have extensive experience completing such projects. For instance, in my last position as (X position title) for (X company), I completed similar project (... detailed information regarding these projects). I thoroughly enjoyed working on such projects because (X reasons why these were your favorite projects, such as enjoying being the leading managing a team, and so on)."
Example #11
"I try to start each day by setting mini-milestones for myself to hit throughout the day. I'm fairly competitive with myself, and I benefit from breaking larger tasks into smaller chunks. I've found this to help me start the day on the right foot and frame the rest of the day well. If that alone isn't enough, then I'll allow myself a 5-minute break to do whatever I like before needing to get my head back in the game. When I come back, I center myself in the bigger picture - why I'm doing this work, what excites me about it, and what type of coffee I might reward myself with when I've finished this particular project."
Example #12
"I think one thing I might dislike is XYZ but then I also know that its an important part of our job and since I love being a slot attendant I do that part happily."
Example #13
"Besides the interaction with patients, one of my favorite things to do is view a patients heart, heart chambers, valves and vessels. The way the heart works has always interested me and inspired me to pursue this career."
Example #14
"My favorite project was working on an independent film that went to the Cannes Film Festival last year. I learned so much from the other older editors and photographers on set, yet I was the one who was tasked with editing all of the sound, which later won the film Best Sound and Tracks at the festival."
Example #15
"I am most passionate about engaging with the different personalities in the classroom. You do not know what you do not know and they teach me how to be a better trainer all the time. You also don't know what you know and I find great joy in sharing information and knowledge that will position people up for success in their careers."
Example #16
"I am a big proponent of time blocking and utilizing my calendar to keep my days and expectations organized. I use tools such as Google Calendar, and Slack to keep myself and my team on deadline. Every morning when I arrive at work, I review my day to make sure that I can meet everyone's needs and expectations. If I need more time to reach a deadline, I will stay late to ensure that my daily targets are on track."
Example #17
"I dislike working with navigation systems the most. It isn't my strongest suit, and I much prefer working on the electrical components. I can still perform these tasks but would benefit from additional training in the future."
Example #18
"I believe if we think about it, each of us could remember at least one disagreement with a friend or co-worker. Although I consider myself to be pretty easy-going, I am also very passionate about my patients and the care that they receive. I have been aware of disagreements between other co-workers, but really like to think of myself as more of a peacekeeper. I feel like professional people should be able to discuss things logically and come to an agreement that is satisfactory for everyone involved."
Example #19
"I find that AP Style is my go-to style for more casual or general writing such as online articles. The rules are more basic and less formal. I will incorporate the New Your Style Manual for legal documents, as I do have some clients who require legal editing. When it comes to academic papers, such as my thesis, I utilize Chicago Style. I recently took testing on all three style guides, and AP Style was my strongest with Chicago Style coming in a close second place."
Example #20
"If I could change anything about my mandate as a Preschool Director, I would clarify and simplify some of the conversations around education funding. I hear a great deal of negative talk between parents and even some of the teaching community around the educational investment choices made at government and school levels. The more strategically we can invest in our children's' education, the better our future generations will be in the end. If I could make this change, I would start by showing families and education stakeholders exactly how we can elicit positive change through minor tweaks in the way we approach educational budgets and spending."
Example #21
"I really love nearly everything about being an air traffic controller. If I had to choose one downfall I would say that I would change the sporadic schedule. Some days I think it would be nice to have a regular 9-5 gig. However, that certainly isn't a deal breaker for me."
Example #22
"I like that my present job gives me the opportunity to express my passion. I work with a group of similarly-minded teachers who put a lot of effort into their teaching and genuinely care about their students."
Example #23
"There are a lot of great qualities in my current company. If I had to choose a few positives, would say that our medical benefits program is very strong, as is the mentorship role that many of the clinic's leaders take on."
Example #24
"When it comes down to it, I truly enjoy every part of being a line cook and working amongst a team of culinary professionals. Because we work in a fast-paced environment, it is important to work well as a team. When there are members of your team working out of sync or not keeping up, it can impact the overall service of the group. I have never minded pulling my own weight or the weight of others, but this can cause a strain on the overall effectiveness of the kitchen. When this occurs, I try to work with the members that are holding us back outside of the hustle and bustle of things, to help them train or equip them with the know-how to do their job at full capacity when it counts most."
Example #25
"I enjoy the community of my team and the satisfaction of preserving the land. Even after 15 days of manual labor in the sun, I am so happy with the work I've done."
Example #26
"My least favorite house chore is washing the windows each spring. Our windows do not easily pop out, and it takes a long time to get out the ladder and clean them from the outside of the house. I really like when the project is done because I enjoy having the clean windows. Cleaning them is just a necessity!"
Example #27
"I get a lot of satisfaction from watching the growing process from start to finish and seeing results after putting so much care into the plants. I also love working with my team at the garden centre and helping customers. It's a very friendly environment."
Example #28
"Currently, I work for a small security firm, and I love most of the tasks assigned to me. I have had the opportunity to grow my knowledge base in crowd management and conflict de-escalation. I have also learned a great deal about patrol and transportation. One factor that I would change is the lack of variety in tasks throughout the day. Being a small security firm, we have great clients, but they tend to come in through referrals and are often from the same industry. This factor is one reason why I am seeking out a new opportunity with a larger firm. I want more for myself and my career as a Security Manager. I am seeking greater challenges, bigger projects, and larger leadership opportunities with a diverse range. Your company is known to be progressive, and that is very exciting for me."
Example #29
"My favorite project I have ever worked on is an investigative piece for a newspaper that took me nearly 2 months to complete. While it took me a long time to complete it, it made a great difference into the lives of those in the community. I believe my dedication to stories will benefit your company."
Example #30
"Through my career so far, my least favorite part about the job is working swing shift on a weekly basis. Having done this for five years, my family has had to take a backseat to my career many times. While I've been able to do this with ease, I've missed a lot of important things in the lives of my children. In speaking with a current RT here, I love the fact that the department here works a month long stretch of a particular shift. Along with all of the other great things I've heard about working here, this appeals to my personal life in a huge way."
Example #31
"My favorite project I have ever worked on is being the lead screenwriter and editor of a college soap opera. It became the longest running television series at the college, spanning the entire four years I was at the school. I take pride in my consistency and ability to keep up storylines and stay interesting."
Example #32
"Many times patients say that they don't agree with a doctor's orders because they do not understand the order. If a patient were to tell me that they had a concern, I would ask what the concern is to make sure I approached the situation from a place of full understanding. If I can explain an order or procedure to a patient in a way that they can more easily understand it, I will. If I feel like the patient's concern is legitimate, I would speak to my supervisor and address the issue formally."
Example #33
"PKU is one of the tests done as part of a newborn's routine health screening. It helps determine the presence of phenylalanine in the blood, which should be broken down if metabolism is normal."
Example #34
"Working with upset children can be hard as a Radiologic Technician. Over the years I've learned a few tricks to sidetrack and cheer up a sick child but knowing they are in pain or scared has always been something I've disliked about the job."
Example #35
"There will always be aspects of a job that are not my favorite, and that is okay. Plumbing work is not always my favorite, but I will certainly do my best with it."
Example #36
"I like the camaraderie among our staff. It will be difficult to leave, but my current faculty is supportive of me taking on more challenges in a new position. We are a tight group and I hope to establish that in my role with my new team."
Example #37
"I have put forth a variety of efforts related to creating a culture around safety. Most notably, I have my ARTT framework in which everyone receives training and is held accountable. This framework is Awareness, Respect, Teamwork, and Training. Awareness, as I am responsible for understanding legislative changes in the food-service industry and relaying these changes to my team. Respect, because everyone must come from a place of respecting the customer and their health and safety. Teamwork, because without everyone on board with the best food safety behaviors, we put others at risk. Lastly, Training because when employees receive the skills and empowerment, we can deliver the ultimate in food safety."
Example #38
"At my last position we were understaffed. I'm fine working night shift but there were only three of us to rotate the shift so we all worked it quite often."
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