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When have you spoken up for cause, knowing that it would directly look unfavorable on you, because it was the right thing to do?

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Updated on August 19th, 2018 | Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
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How to Answer

Every manager wants a team player who will not resist company policy or argue about every detail of the workload. However; time may come when you need to speak up about something, and it may not look the best on you. Talk to the interviewer about a time that this may have happened to you on the job.

Professional Answer Examples
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"I spoke up to our management team regarding mandatory overtime by the back-of-house staff. I did not believe that the expectations were balanced, so I chose to speak up. I remained respectful, of course, and supported my thoughts with facts and truths. They heard me out, and some significant changes were made afterward."

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"Yes, I typically consider the big picture of all situations before I account for myself. If something makes sense for the organization and the people it serves, I will find a way to translate that to the team, even if it goes against the grain. We can then discuss as a group and come to the right conclusion together."

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"For the most part, my company abides by all labor regulations. In the case of overtime, they did not abide by the regulations, and I had to speak up for my team. The company was not happy about it because it cost them a lot of money but, in the end, they realized that they were in error."

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"We had a client with a slogan that was so borderline inappropriate that I could not keep my mouth shut about the matter. My boss advised against bringing it up, but I could not, in good conscious, not tell them the ramifications of keeping the slogan. Thankfully they took my advice and changed the slogan, but it was a risk."

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"I spoke up for a coworker who was unjustly fired after being set up for stealing. The person who was stealing was trying to deflect and pinned it on her. I caused a bit of a fuss, and thankfully head office listened to me. It may not have been the wisest decision, to stick my neck out like that, but it was important to me."

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"Our head office shorted our entire sales team on homes sold. It was not well received when I collected the data, presented it to corporate, with backing data. They ended up having to pay over $60,000 in past commissions. The sales team was happy, and we received our outstanding commissions. I do not regret putting myself out there for the cause."

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"I outwardly stick up for students that I know are being bullied. Many teachers want to stay out of these situations, but morally, I cannot turn a blind eye."

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Rachelle Enns
Rachelle Enns is a job search expert, executive headhunter, career catalyst, and interview coach. Utilized by top talent from Fortune companies like Microsoft, General Electric, and Nestle, she helps professionals position themselves in today's competitive digital marketplace. Rachelle founded Renovate My Resume and Executive Resume Solutions, two companies focused on helping job seekers get their edge back. She helps everyone from new graduates looking for their first placement, to CEO's who want more out of their career. Rachelle coaches students to executives on how to master the toughest interview questions and how to handle the most bizarre interview situations; all with confidence and poise. Rachelle trains other career coaches, recruiters, and resume writers, globally. A big part of her job is also spent coaching HR professionals on how to bring the human touch back into their interview and hiring process.
First written on: 01/07/2017
Last modified on: 08/19/2018

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