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We have had concerns with employee theft recently. What would you do if you caught an employee or co-worker stealing?

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The interviewer would like to know that they can trust you to report theft and dishonesty in the workplace. Some businesses have trouble with employee theft, and they need to make sure that they are hiring someone who is honest and trustworthy. Talk to the interviewer about the steps you would take if you caught a co-worker stealing.

Admin answer example
"When I work for an organization, I take pride in the work we are doing. With a focus on delivering value to a company wherever possible, I would feel obligated to report a co-worker stealing from the company. I will refer to any policy or guidelines available and speak to the manager in charge of the department where theft is taking place."
Basic answer example
"I am sure that you have an internal policy for employee theft so I can assure you that I would follow the required steps to report the theft. I am a trustworthy person with a strong track record of honesty with my previous employers."
Bookstore answer example
"I am sure that you have an internal policy for employee theft so I can assure you that I would follow the required steps to report the theft. I am a trustworthy person with a strong track record of honesty with my previous employers."
Manager answer example
"I would most likely confront the employee first. Sometimes perception can be wrong, and I would not want to accuse someone of theft falsely. Upon confrontation, if my suspicions are validated, I would then start the process of corrective action."
Retail answer example
"If I caught an employee stealing, I would report the incident immediately. As a retail manager, I understand the value of employee honesty."
Sales answer example
"Theft is never acceptable. If I suspected an employee was stealing from the company, I would report the incident immediately. Do you have a process or guidelines in place for this type of reporting?"
Teacher answer example
"I have heard of teachers stealing supplies, book, and other resources. I have never witnessed this myself but rest assured, I do not find this acceptable. Any theft taking place would be immediately reported."

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We have had concerns with employee theft recently. What would you do if you caught an employee or co-worker stealing?
I'm a new comer.
Dancing forces you to make connections with your co-workers, once I was dropped by a co-worker and he didn't apologize to me at all, well I told him that it bothered me that he didn't care and he then apologized.
A customer was becoming upset due to the store policy, and I couldn't get it through to her that there was nothing I could do. I had to call my supervisor to settle her down.
I never worked this is my first experience.
I keep myself calm evertitme even though suituatiion go worse and I did not get frustrated anytime in my job.
Too many people wanting too much of information at the same time can be a bit daunting... But keeping calm and taking one person at a time always helps.
A customer got drunk and he even yell at me. But I still had to do my job.
I've never had another job.
I Have not had a job before this.
Definitely the time spend in the coolroom alone, thinking what am I doing here.
In my last role I would say that nothing really annoyed me in but sometimes you didn't always feel that you had support from the people above you or they didn't necessary listen to your ideas.
Once I was frustrated when I had an idea to move some sheets around in the place of some towels, but I didnt say anything. The next time I came in it had been moved, and someone else got the credit, rightfully, because they made the move. I learned better communication, when you feel like you should speak up say something.
Basically just a miscommunication between myself and the customer. I was basically trying to explain the customer what the problem was with their product and he wasn't understanding a word I was saying.
I haven't had a job before.
Customer giving attitude for no reason.
Someimes, things just don't go according to plan. Sometimes despite setting out to have an effective work day something will throw a wrench in the works and at times that can be frustrating, to not have a task go smoothly for one reason or another. But such is life. We have to learn to take the curveballs and adjust accordingly.
My last job was working with children, which is frustrating due to their intense amounts of energy! It was also a very rewarding experience to see the children grow, learn and experience their first friendships with the other students. So, while it was a high energy, multitasking job the above reasons made working there completely worth it.
The managers at my last place of work, had poor communication skills in the department, I found myself having to complete a task, then have the other manager telling me I should be doing another.
I had a student that I just couldn't figure out. She lost a bit of motivation and started getting a bit upset at it. We got through it though and after I managed to figure out how she learnes the best she has just kept on improving.
When I get overwhelmed and if I have a hard day because I'm not doing everything correctly or in the way that other people are doing it.
I have never been in a such situation.
People were not committed to their job.
I sometimes get a little frustrated when I have a really big job that's very repetitive, like shredding a whole box full of paper. It took a very long time, and I had to keep emptying the bin when it got full. It wasn't very stimulating.
Employee not put a garbage bag in garbage can.
It wasn't often for me to get frustrated at my previous job but there had been times when the kids I had been working with wouldn't listen to me and do their work.
A customer came in at 5 minutes to closing and someone was waiting for me to pick up my car from the shop. I stayed and completed the task- a did not understand why would someone come in that late, but I got it. She either did not want to wait or got busy with something and need to get this done. There is always a justifiable reason and I am so greatful that I am a patient and understanding person.
When my ethical values collided with the work culture. It is difficult to work in a place where you cannot be honest while working.
I never became frustrated at my last job, my last job was awesome. I can never remember being frustrated.
The clashing of my ethical values and work culture. There are times when I personally feel that my job focuses more on result without considering the moral aspect of the job and it frustrated me because I felt like I wasn't totally being honest with them.
My previous job was at Mcdonalds, so it involved alot of customer interactions, I would say it is frusterating but you have to be patient. I had to deal with a customer who was upset over expired coupons.
The director and assistant director had a difficult time communicating to each other. I started communicating in a log book in a well exposed spot for the staff.
Having to deal with obstinate people. However, this is simply part of the job - and so I don't let it bother me. In previous jobs, it is being unable to be myself due to the nature of the environment and the tasks carried out. For example, hospitality. However, I have found it so much nicer to work in a bookstore, because, like many people, a bookstore is almost like a sanctuary. I can be myself. I can talk about books!
I had a professor who sent me back and forth to ask questions from the business office about donation money and guests from an event for Empty Bowls. Instead of simply calling them and figuring out what she needed to know in ten minutes, I ran back and forth asking questions for an hour, and worst of all, the business office workers had no idea what the professor was talking about.
A co-worker who doesn't take there job seriously.

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