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In what type of situations is it better to stretch the truth in order to sell a product?

1 of 15 Honesty Interview Questions and Answers Written by Rachelle Enns

Updated on August 19th, 2018 | Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.
How to Answer

The interviewer would like to know if you would stretch the truth to sell a product. Of course, you already know that it is not okay to fib to make a sale. Talk to the interviewer about your ability to sell without stretching the truth.

Professional Answer Examples
Answer example

"I feel that if you need to stretch the truth to sell a product, you probably aren't a natural salesperson. If you know what you're doing and understand your product, there should be no need to stretch the truth. Honesty is always the best policy."

Answer example

"When selling a product or service, describing features and benefits is the best approach. It is not in the best interest of a company or a customer for anyone to stretch truths."

Answer example

"I am not in the habit of stretching the truth. I believe that fact-based decision making is the best route for everyone. I would not want to make an important decision with the information that was loosely based on fact, so I would not do the same to my customers."

Answer example

"As an advocate for truthful advertising, I think it would be appalling to fib to gain business or client approval."

Answer example

"In my opinion, there is never a situation where you should stretch the truth to sell a product. Selling a product should include asking more questions of the client and talking a little less."

Answer example

"Being in a high-pressure sales environment for the past ten years, I have seen it all! Stretching the truth never bodes well in the end. I am upfront with my clients at all times and confident enough in my product line that I can always find the right fit for their needs without lying."

Answer example

"Stretching the truth can be damaging to a student. I would never do anything to compromise the position of trust that I am in, as a teacher."

Written by:

Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown, is the creator of MockQuestions. He has over ten years experience creating interview questions. His website has helped over 10 million job seekers in their interview preparation.
Rachelle Enns
Rachelle Enns is a job search expert, executive headhunter, career catalyst, and interview coach. Utilized by top talent from Fortune companies like Microsoft, General Electric, and Nestle, she helps professionals position themselves in today's competitive digital marketplace. Rachelle founded Renovate My Resume and Executive Resume Solutions, two companies focused on helping job seekers get their edge back. She helps everyone from new graduates looking for their first placement, to CEO's who want more out of their career. Rachelle coaches students to executives on how to master the toughest interview questions and how to handle the most bizarre interview situations; all with confidence and poise. Rachelle trains other career coaches, recruiters, and resume writers, globally. A big part of her job is also spent coaching HR professionals on how to bring the human touch back into their interview and hiring process.
First written on: 01/07/2017
Last modified on: 08/19/2018

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