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When a leadership opportunity presents itself, are you excited to jump in, or do you feel nervous? Tell me about a time you acted as a leader without first being asked.

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    When a leadership opportunity presents itself, are you excited to jump in, or do you feel nervous? Tell me about a time you acted as a leader without first being asked.

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      It takes courage to volunteer yourself into a leadership role. This statement is especially true if you are newer to your career or have not reached a formal leadership position. However, the fact is that most hiring authorities look for leadership competency in their hires, no matter the role. Take a moment to discuss a time when you took on a leadership role, and what you learned from the situation. You can also talk about ways that you develop your leadership skills such as through books, podcasts, and articles.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I enjoy acting as a leader, whether it be formally or unexpectedly. I am an outgoing and confident person, and leadership comes naturally to me. I listen to the podcasts of great business leaders such as Ed Mylett and Gary Vee, where I learn a great deal about active leadership and integrity. When I worked for Company ABC, my manager would travel a lot as she was responsible for the operations of three business units across North America. I became the unofficial manager when she was away. Team members would come to me when a customer issue needed resolving when a sale needed closing, and even when a piece of tech needed troubleshooting. I enjoyed taking on the responsibility as it taught me more about teamwork, communication, and prioritization."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "While attending university, I had many group projects. I found that more than half the time I would naturally fall into a leadership role within the group. I believe this is because I am an active listener, I am highly organized and easy to approach. I enjoyed being viewed as a leader and look forward to more opportunities for leadership in the future. To prepare, I have been reading leadership books such as 'Good to Great' by Jim Collins."

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      "I like to jump in! I have extensive knowledge about our CRM system known as Veeva/Salesforce. More than my colleagues and so I wanted to help with that. After all, this is the system that allows us to be successful in our call inputs. So I would always support my colleagues free willingly with how to input eg customers into the system which bettered their work and day. As a result of how well this worked, I opted to become the national CRM champion for the company. Based on my collaborations with my colleagues, the role was created for me and I was responsible for helping my colleagues on eg how to create virtual calls during covid."

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      Nice use of the STAR format. This is a complete and accessible answer. Nice work.

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      "Sure, when a leadership opportunity presents itself, I see it as an opportunity for growth and development. I take on challenges with enthusiasm. I volunteered to train my colleagues. Because my VP was busy traveling so much, I offered product training material for my fellow CS and he took me up on the offer."

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      It sounds like this was a meaningful leadership opportunity! I suggest adding a sentence or two highlighting the outcomes of this contribution. How did this impact your colleagues?

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