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What is the kindest thing a boss has ever said to you? How did the compliment make you feel, and did you agree with the praise?

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    What is the kindest thing a boss has ever said to you? How did the compliment make you feel, and did you agree with the praise?

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      This question is another version of 'What is your biggest strength,' since the basis of the inquiry is to find out the best qualities that others see in you. The final part of this question is to know if you are the type to accept compliments and if you are capable of seeing your strengths and greatness! It's always good to be a humble person, but are you able to take it graciously when people say kind things about your work ethic?

      Rachelle's Answer

      "It can be hard for me to accept compliments at times. I am a naturally humble person; however, it does feel nice to earn verbal recognition for a job well done. Recently, I completed a client project one week ahead of schedule. My client was so impressed that they called and gave me a rave review. The review touched on my prompt communication, my phone and email etiquette, and my strong level of organization and time management. It felt so good to have my hard work recognized that I couldn't help but smile ear to ear. I then used this positive feedback as a basis for my pitch to take on larger clients with more significant project budgets."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "The nicest thing a boss has ever said to me was that they could wholeheartedly trust me to do my work. I am a very focused individual, and I take pride in everything that I do; whether the task is large or small. This compliment meant a lot to me and motivated me to continue delivering my utmost work, even when nobody was around to see the effort."

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      "The President of my division asked me to join a team that only myself and one other sales rep would be on. He said that the way I conduct myself, and my ability to think objectively and strategically would be a huge value to have on the team. This felt very good to hear and made me feel that my hard work was paying off."

      Rachelle's Answer

      What an awesome compliment that must have been! This speaks a lot to your character. Well done.

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      "My boss when I first started in the first 12 months, said "You have gone above and beyond on your territory, you have ran with this role, you're an excellent rep. as a result of your hard work in a short space of time you have won these new accounts. I am going to put you forward for the rep of the year." The praise I totally agreed with, I work really hard and made me feel so good that my work is what was expected and that I went above and beyond. I knew I was a great fit for this team."

      Cindy's Answer

      Nice! A great compliment and proof of your success.

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