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Tell me about a time when you provided honest feedback to a coworker.

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    Tell me about a time when you provided honest feedback to a coworker.

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      There is an art to giving honest feedback, and the interviewer would like to know that you are capable of this tedious task. Great feedback means that you are specific, you make the feedback actionable, and you have a clear timeline for change. Discuss any formal training you have received on giving feedback, or a book you have read on the topic. Perhaps you use a particular methodology that works every time!

      Rachelle's Answer

      "When providing feedback, I like to use the 3x3 method, which I was trained on in my first management position. With this method, I offer up three strengths and three potential areas for development. I had a team member who was often late to work, or would call in sick. I let her know that she was well-liked by her coworkers. I told her that our clients complimented her customer service skills. I said I appreciated her willingness to help new hires. Then, I proceeded to let her know that her team felt disappointed, hurt, and lost trust in her whenever she would call in sick, leave early, or show up late to her shift. Together we worked on a 30-day perfect attendance plan. In the end, she did much better and, although her attendance was not perfect, it significantly improved."

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      "I had a coworker who made me feel uncomfortable by rushing my work, looking over my shoulder, and criticizing the speed at which I worked. I approached him privately and reminded him that this was my first office job out of university and that I was still learning the role. I told him that his micromanaging made me feel uncomfortable and only worsened the issue. He apologized and committed to helping me by showing me his methods for time management. Because I was honest and forward with him, we were able to find a much more harmonious way of working together."

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      "I had a co-worker who was learning new software that I was very proficient in. He asked me if I would check over his work before presenting it to management. I would check the completed work with him, highlighting some issues with the job, and teaching him how to improve his workflow and repair small problems. My co-worker appreciated me being honest and helpful in this regard, which improved our working relationship."

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      This is a nice example of providing feedback but also developing a trusting co-worker relationship.

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      "I sat with a peer after a performance discussion and asked if I could provide him feedback, he welcomed it. I gave him my comments and my reasoning for it. He understood where I was coming from. The next time we were in a discussion for a similar situation, he asked me afterward if he had been better."

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      Most people will appreciate the honest feedback, but you mentioned a key component here, which is first asking permission to provide the feedback. You show strong professional courtesy. Nicely done!

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