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Name for me one task in your current job that you wish you could perform more often.

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    Name for me one task in your current job that you wish you could perform more often.

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      Chances are, the task that you discuss is one that you perform the best. Because we all prefer to do the things we are good at! The purpose of this question is for the interviewer to uncover some of your greatest strengths. Think about your favorite days at work at what they entail. Maybe you love being on the phone with customers, helping them solve product-related issues. Perhaps you most enjoy training a coworker on the company's new software update. Or, maybe giving outstanding stakeholder presentations brings you to life! Whatever your answer, be sure to show enthusiasm for what you do.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I thoroughly enjoy many tasks in my current role; especially making client site visits. I like to see my clients in person so that I can learn how their business operates and make more targeted product and service recommendations. I feel I can be more hands-on and helpful this way."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I love to learn and conduct research. If I could perform one task more often, it would be the database searches and analysis that my boss has me perform in Salesforce. I like taking our client information and breaking down trends in their buying patterns and then presenting the sales teams with targeted opportunities. Most businesses thrive when they can better understand their customer data and trends, and I enjoy being a part of that research."

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      "I enjoy studying the market trends, looking at the business month's sales performance over the month, year over year. And anticipating what will happen next and therefore making an action plan. In real estate, the action plan is finding the right price to buy or sell a home and writing the best offer."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Nice! It seems you have a lot of enthusiasm for research, analysis, and market data.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "We were faced with complicated, multidimensional issues or problems in our company that was not limited to our own teams. My position was to practice with the Kaizen events to drive perfect solutions. I am always eager to facilitate the Kaizen events. This involves market demand planning, MR supply chain, the operations team, business and operations leaders, and the market supply chain delivery team. We follow the VSM process, define the current state and future state while identifying any hindering gaps. We also remove non-valued activities and finally as a team we are able to achieve our phase 1 target."

      Marcie's Answer

      What exactly is a Kaizen event? Perhaps clarify this in case the interviewer isn't aware of this terminology. Also, consider talking more about why you enjoy facilitating these kinds of events. What do you like about doing that?

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