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Do you consider yourself a quick thinker? Tell me about a time when your quick thinking saved the day.

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    Do you consider yourself a quick thinker? Tell me about a time when your quick thinking saved the day.

      How to Answer

      Someone who is a quick thinker will:

      -Quickly pick up on new ideas
      -Be fast and more natural to train
      -Be able to process large amounts of information more rapidly than most.
      -Look at potential solutions rather than dwelling on the problem or roadblocks.

      Does this sound like you? The interviewer would like to know if you consider yourself to have these qualities. Think about a time when you showcased your ability to think quickly and on the spot. Walk the interviewer through the situation, the action you took, and the impact your solution made.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I consider myself a quick thinker because I can process information quickly while reverse engineering a problem; getting straight to a few potential solutions. I do not like to dwell on problems so I have trained myself to focus on what I can do right now, and at the moment, to solve a problem. One example of my quick thinking was when a customer called in to cancel their order. I am not in sales, but the sales rep was out for the day, and I knew the customer needed saving. I started a conversation with them and asked what we could have done differently. Through a series of questions and getting to know them, I was able to smooth over the miscommunication. I uncovered a way that we could solve another one of their pain points. Although I am not in sales, my quick thinking saved the client from canceling and ensured that we maintained their valuable account for another year."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I recently read 'Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking' by Malcolm Gladwell. I learned a lot of amazing techniques and skills to help boost my ability to think on my feet. While in school, I had many instances where assignments were due on the same day, amid exams to boot. This book helped me learn to adapt my unconscious, using mental processes that help me to think rapidly without storing unnecessary information."

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      "During an assessment of a patient, I knew something was off. He looked altered and much worse than the day before. A doctor urged me to transfuse him and did not come by to even assess the patient. I knew this was something more, so I elevated it to my charge nurse. We ultimately got a specialized doctor to assess the patient, who determined that the patient needed emergency surgery."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Wow- your diligence and observance likely saved a life. This is a very important example of your quick thinking. Are you aware of the outcome for this patient? If so, it may be nice to discuss the final result as well.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "When I was a mentor in a juvenile detention center I constantly had to be on my toes in order to handle groups of 15+ kids. One time we were doing an activity that was planned for the day but none of the kids were getting into it. I quickly changed the game to one that was more high energy and everyone responded well. This shows that I am able to not only think on my feet but read a room of people I am unfamiliar with."

      Stephanie's Answer

      This response is an excellent example of how you used quick thinking to save the day; the specific example you provided is great.

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