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Entry Level Interview Questions
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Why do you have an interest in this profession?

How to Answer
Now is an excellent time for you to share your passion and knowledge about the career path you have chosen! Interviewers want to hear about how you became interested in the field. Maybe you volunteered at an animal shelter and realized you wanted to become a vet technician. Sometimes we learn that we want to get into a career field through the experience of others, and their stories. Whatever your answer, be sure to emit passion and excitement for the role, company, and overall career path.

Answer Example
"I used to work customer service in a call center. My favorite part of the job was talking to customers and helping them solve their problems. I learned that I'm good at communicating on the phone and I liked building relationships. I started researching other careers where I could use these skills which is where I discovered the field of recruiting. I am excited to apply my skills and interests to this junior recruiter position with your agency."
Admin Example
"My penchant for organization, planning, and executing events are my biggest drivers towards carving a successful career in administration. My end goal is to become an Executive Assistant to a company president with some event planning mixed in. My sister is an event planner and EA, and her job seems incredibly satisfying."
Manager Example
"I have always been the type to take charge, troubleshoot issues, come up with solutions, and then implement them. I knew from a young age that being a leader was in my blood. I need training, of course, and some mentorship in the area. With those tools, I know I will be a proactive and fair manager."
Marketing Example
"To be completely transparent, I was unsure of what I wanted to major in when I arrived at college. I was in a first-year general studies program when my advisor recommended taking a personality assessment to help give me further guidance. My creative side was always apparent to me, but after learning that I also had a penchant for project management, I learned about options that combined the two. This assessment helped guide me to my interest in a career as a content manager."
Retail Example
"Being around the public, meeting new people, and assisting them, are all tasks that interest me. I have worked in customer service based roles before, and I enjoy it. There is variety, and the learning opportunities never cease. Whether it's new upselling techniques, memorizing the features, and benefits of a new product, or merchandising for the new season, there is always room to learn."
Sales Example
"I am a talker, a relationship builder, and an infinitely curious about people and business. My inquisitive nature will lend itself well to a career in professional sales because I want to get to know people and their needs. I have had a side business on eBay since I was thirteen, selling vintage comic books. The high when I sold something was exhilarating. I love the thrill of the chase and want that feeling on a daily basis."
Teacher Example
"Both of my parents were successful teachers and, for that reason, I have always seen this career path as the best option for me. I saw how happy it made my parents and I always wanted a career as fulfilling as theirs."
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