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Referring to the job description, what will be your least favorite part of this job?

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How to Answer

This question is an opportunity for you to discuss a little more in depth how you might handle some of the challenging aspects of the role. All jobs can have frustrating moments. To show you have some knowledge of the difficulties you may encounter, share one hesitation you may have, related to the job posting or job description.

If this is your first time in the workforce, you might not know all of the different problems to anticipate in the job or industry. If you're not sure, ask.

Referring to the job description, what will be your least favorite part of this job?
Answer example

"I believe that working on satisfying unhappy customers will be the most challenging aspect of this role. My experience in customer service has helped me understand how to listen, empathize and deal with conflict. I feel confident I can do the same in this role."


"Every job has duties that are not the most enjoyable. I try not to focus on that. But, if I had to guess, I would say the paperwork and organization of the file room may be the most tedious."


"You mentioned terminations and exit interviews in your job posting. I have never let an employee go but am sure that your HR department has strict policies surrounding tasks like that. I will be sure to follow those procedures exactly."


"Being new to my career, it is hard to say which aspects I will dislike. I do suspect that I will be most nervous about being performing client intakes; however, I am confident that your agency will fully train me before putting me into a client-facing situation."


"I would never want to enter into a job thinking that there are things I would dislike. However, as a realist - I understand that there may be situations that I don't particularly enjoy. If I had to choose a particular part of the role that I may dislike it would probably be the customer dispute resolution. I am confident in my abilities with dispute resolution, but I don't particularly love it."


"That is a tough question! I suppose memorizing your sales scripts is going to be the biggest challenge that I will face. Would you agree?"


"When I was a teachers' assistant, my least favorite part of the role was when I needed to act as a disciplinarian to misbehaving students. I know that every child is innately good and likely are having outbursts because of personal issues. I will be as empathetic as possible in situations where a student may need to be removed from the class or sent to the Principal's office, for instance."

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Referring to the job description, what will be your least favorite part of this job?
The work shouldn't divide unequally among the team member.
Like most human beings, I enjoy time off but if a person dislikes their chosen career perhaps they should make a change, I will admit there are going to be frustrating situations, issues and people but those moments will pass. It is our responsibility to learn from these events, not dwell on them.
I do not dislike anything about working. I love to work and give it my all.

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