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Tell me about a time when you went out of your way to help someone.

Example #1
"Our basketball team made regionals this year, and we were playing our final game when my opponent tripped on the court and sprained her ankle. I was the only one to notice right away, so I helped her to get up, and to the sidelines. My coach was impressed that I was so aware, and willing to help someone from the opposite team. It felt nice to be kind and do the right thing."
Example #2
"I spent this summer volunteering clean up for the city parks. I had a woman come up to me, distraught because her dog ran away. I dropped what I was doing, and helped her search for her pet. Luckily, we found him about 10 minutes into our search. She was thankful, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to help a stranger."
Example #3
"This year I volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters. The young girl assigned to me was having some difficulties at home and did not know how to talk to her mom about them. We talked our way through the scenario, and I helped her brainstorm a variety of ways to bring the situation up to her mother. I love volunteering with this organization and plan to continue my involvement for years to come."
Example #4
"During my internship, I was stationed with the Director of Marketing for a local digital advertising agency. I noticed one day that the receptionist was very overwhelmed, due to an influx of calls coming in from a very effective ad campaign. I jumped in and helped her by answering the other line. It was a good experience for me and showed my team that I was willing to get out of my comfort zone and be a team player."
Example #5
"I worked for my parents' business this past month because they were short staffed. I did not ask for any compensation - I simply wanted to help them out for a bit because that is what family does. I believe it's essential to help people without any expectations in return."
Example #6
"In school this year I noticed one of my classmates sincerely struggling with one of our modules on e-commerce. I asked her if she was interested in some additional tutoring because this is an area of strength for me. She agreed, and for four weeks we met every Tuesday and Thursday, going over concepts and case studies. She passed the class and was very thankful for my assistance. It felt great to coach someone and, at the same time, my knowledge strengthened."
Example #7
"I recently signed up to be a young adult mentor in my church. This initiative is a new mentorship program my church community is putting together. I am still waiting for my mentorship match, but it will be a teenage girl who has asked for a reliable mentor. I am thrilled to get started with this effort. I want to mold people's lives positively, as both a teacher and a stand-up member of the community."
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