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How would a coworker or a close friend describe you?

Example #1
"I believe my coworkers would describe me as dedicated, trustworthy and kind. When you call my references, I strongly believe that they will say the same things about me. I am a proud employee and promise to be a great first impression for your company."
Example #2
"I am mature beyond my years, which is a trait of which my coworkers and current supervisor often comment. I can see all sides of a story, and the wisdom to avoid jumping into a situation without gathering all of the required information first."
Example #3
"I have made some solid friendships through my time in University, and I believe that my fellow marketing students and friends would describe me as inventive, productive, and inspired. I also take risks in my projects, but I make sure that they are well-researched and calculated risks."
Example #4
"My best friend laughs at me often, because I am 'old-fashioned polite,' as she calls it. She thinks I came from an entirely different generation. I was raised to refer to my elders as Mr. and Mrs, and to always make eye contact, say thank you, and hold the door for strangers. I would also describe myself as thoughtful, and eager to help. I see all of these qualities as excellent characteristics to have when working in a customer-service oriented job."
Example #5
"My current coworkers often comment on my level of confidence, and willingness to jump into a learning situation. I believe they would say that I am keen, a quick learner, and confident. I believe these to be excellent qualities for a sales professional to have."
Example #6
"My friends know that I am outgoing, and always willing to speak to a crowd of people. While earning my degree, most students would dread oral presentations, but I would thrive on those types of assignments. I am also a creative problem-solver and willing to put in the extra effort needed to help someone succeed."
Example #7
"My coworkers have consistently said that I am easy to work with because of my pleasant attitude and my ability to work as a team. I pride myself on being positive at work and this tends to radiate to those that I work closely with."
Example #8
"To those who are unfamiliar with veterinary medicine, this may seem like an odd statement, but caring for family members often requires as much patience as caring for their pets. They are naturally afraid of a possible difficult outcome. I always try to speak kindly and offer time to answer questions. While every day does not offer as much free time as others, a few minutes can often make a big difference to a concerned family member."
Example #9
"My co-workers would describe me as being attentive to patients, knowledgeable and empathetic."
Example #10
"My co-workers would describe me as a patient-focused Physical Therapist that puts the needs of my patients first and foremost. With my current employer, I received the 'Patient Care Excellence' award last year based on survey data from my patients and that is the proudest achievement of my career."
Example #11
"My co-workers would describe me as being reliable, knowledgeable and empathetic to my patients."
Example #12
"My co-workers would say I'm flexible and willing to cover shifts. I have a positive attitude. I think they would also say I'm careful and focused to get the job done right the first time."
Example #13
"My coworkers would describe me as collaborative, willing to help, and technically savvy. I am advanced in these areas and look forward to taking these skills to work for your organization."
Example #14
"My coworkers say I'm easy to work with because I have a good attitude, even when I have a heavy workload."
Example #15
"Preventing contamination is one of the most important jobs of a medical laboratory technician. I follow all set safety and sanitization protocols before, during and after each test procedure. By doing this, I am doing my part to help prevent contamination."
Example #16
"Creative, well-liked, dependable, always willing to help out and knowledgeable."
Example #17
"Critical care seems to be a world of its own sometimes. We take care of some of the most fragile patients. I believe that someone who works in this specialty needs to be very compassionate and know how to exercise patience."
Example #18
"Yes, I do feel like I am capable of being a good team player. I enjoy working with others and want to always do my part to make the teamwork work."
Example #19
"My co-workers would say that I like to have fun with it’s appropriate and that I know how to laugh to keep morale high and tension low."
Example #20
"When hiring Front Desk personnel, I would look for people who are okay with being managed. I would also seek out those who appreciate the value of their customers. Lastly, I would look for those who are patient with others and themselves. These are the common attributes I see in the most successful people I have worked with, and characteristics that I continually work on improving."
Example #21
"John has told me that I am a hard worker, and he has told me that he really likes how I am always happy to be at work!"
Example #22
"I recently received a compliment from a colleague stating that they admired my ability to resolve conflict harmoniously. In my current role, I am well known for creating a positive environment based on open communication between teachers and our board members. I also work hard to create strong relationships with our student's families and the community. I have a gift for resolving the tension between others, and my personality is well suited for mediation since I am empathetic and understanding. I will certainly bring these traits to your school and help to support your productive and positive school environment."
Example #23
"My co-workers would describe me as being kind, helpful, hardworking and a quick learner."
Example #24
"My coworkers would say that I'm dedicated to my work and care very much about my patients. Everyday I bring my very best to work to inspire my jr. Anesthetists and others around me."
Example #25
"Patients who have poor coping mechanisms lack skills necessary to divert themselves from substance abuse and, as a result, often resort back to their addictive behaviors. When our team identifies a client who appears to have poor coping mechanisms, we immediately begin to introduce measures to help these clients cope. Helping clients identify stressors or triggers that may cause them to relapse is one of the first steps. When clients can identify triggers, we can then address ways for them to learn to cope, such as having a support system to call on when the stress becomes too much."
Example #26
"My coworkers say I'm easy to work with because I have a good attitude even when we are really busy."
Example #27
"My coworkers would describe me as being kind, helpful, hardworking and good with my patients."
Example #28
"I often hear from my coworkers that they are energized by being around me. I try to stay positive, even in the most discouraging situations. Maintaining an upbeat work environment is important when working with patients who are fighting to beat cancer."
Example #29
"I did my best to work well with everyone and I always put in 100%. My co-workers would say that I was consistent, dependable and driven."
Example #30
"My circle of friends is very close and we spend a lot of time together. I believe they would say that I am thoughtful, generous and kind. I am sure to surround myself with people who will challenge me and bring out the best in me."
Example #31
"My peers would describe me as an energetic, hardworking, knowledgeable Tech. They would say that I'm always willing to help others and that I love my job."
Example #32
"My co-workers would say that I'm dependable and helpful. I always make a point to welcome and help new staff. I believe they would describe me as warm and inclusive with my patients and team, alike."
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