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How will this position help you in your career?

8 Answer Examples | Learn how to answer this question from professional recruiters

How to Answer

Think about your goals for your new career. Consider where you would like to end up in the next three to five years. This position may be an entry-level role, but it could help you obtain the skills you need to get to where you want to go. Talk about what you are excited to learn in this job. Before your interview, review the job description and make a mental note of the skills you already have and the ones you would like to cultivate!"

How will this position help you in your career?
Answer example

" For example: "


"Business administration is an interest of mine, and I wish to work my way into an executive assistant role over time. Your organization has many departments and areas of interest where I could grow my administration career while also utilizing my education in business."


"Your management training program is world-renowned, and I have a couple of friends who have taken your MIT (management in training) route, to end up running branches of their own over time. I am ready and excited to be fully trained and molded into an effective manager."


"I am currently a full-time student, in the process of obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Communications. This part-time junior marketing assistant position will give me the exposure to the marketing industry that I need to start my career off right. I look forward to learning from experts like yourself."


"I have always had a penchant for fashion design, and I know that being around the notable labels that you carry in your store will be excellent exposure for me. I hope to grow from a sales associate into a management role, eventually becoming involved as a buyer for your store."


"Professional sales is a career path that I have had an interest in, ever since my very first sales job in elementary school, pushing Girl Guide cookies! Your sales training program is second-to-none, and I desire to learn more about building client rapport, negotiations, and closing a sale."


"As a recent graduate with my degree in Education, I have some know-how, but now I require the real-life, hands-on experience that successful teachers must have. Your school is well known for taking new teachers and developing them which is why I have such a keen interest in joining your faculty."


"Becoming an EMT will help me get closer to my goal of becoming a paramedic. I enjoy learning and I know that I will gain valuable experience that will help me in my career."

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How will this position help you in your career?
I think this is just start of my carrer and it will take me to new heights.
Most folks want to earn a high salary immediately. I was raised that in order to advance in life you usually need to start at the bottom of the ladder. One must first attend kindergarten and then work towards their diploma from that starting point.
First, I will have work experience in the technologies we're discussing. I will learn more advanced aspects of these technologies. I will be able to do more, and be a better mentor and advisor, and the latter are among my biggest job satisfactions.

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