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Why should I hire you over my other top candidate?

This question has been answered 11 times by professional recruiters and hiring managers. View their answers below.

Oh goodness, this kind of question can get your heart pounding if you are not fully prepared to make your case. Think of some unique and stand-out qualities that will stay with the interviewer, long after your interview. This reply is not the time or place to say that you pay keen attention to detail. Choose a specific skill that is a 'must-have' for the role, or focus on a pain point that you can solve by being hired. Rely on your past achievements to back up your reply. Make the interviewer feel as though they will not succeed without you!

Admin answer example
"I AM your top candidate, and your obvious choice because of my ability to streamline your calendar and find new vendors with better pricing, within the first couple of weeks of employment. I am well-versed in supporting C-suite executives and know exactly how to jump into this role with minimal training which means less downtime for you."
Basic answer example
"You should hire me over your other top candidate because, in addition to being an expert level user in the specific SAP module used here, I also have recognition specifically for the cost savings I have uncovered for my current company. You mentioned that you are concerned about overspending. I will ease that concern for you in the first 30 days."
Electrician Apprentice answer example
"I believe you should hire me because I bring the right blend of experience, I am familiar with they type of clients that you work with and I have top marks in my electrical courses. After meeting me and discussing my qualifications further, is there any particular reason why you would hesitate to hire me?" By asking this, you can keep the conversation going and overcome any objections the interviewer may have before you leave the interview. "
Fitness Instructor answer example
"I design exercise programs that are safe and tailored to my client's needs. I have a strong background in anatomy and specialize in injuries and training athletes. I have proven myself dependable in my past roles, always showing up on-time and following through." What qualities do you think this gym will appreciate most? Showing off your character traits and giving examples that show you can be relied upon are a great way to gain respect and show you can be trusted. It's not just about your knowledge and skill, you want to show that people enjoy working with you. Use your understanding of the company culture and values to help you answer this question. "
Manager answer example
"You mentioned today that the biggest pain-point for your business is currently the bulkiness of some of your processes. Streamlining process is my forte. This stand-out skill is one of the reasons why my current company promoted me to management faster than anyone in their organization's history. I look forward to delivering the same results to your organization."
Market Research Analyst answer example
"Consider the challenges of your future role. How will you go above and beyond to tackle the most difficult tasks? One way to show off your skills is to talk about your accomplishments from school or work. What did you do that made your last presentation a success? How did your research positively influence the visibility and reputation of a brand? Review the job description once more to help you highlight accomplishments that are relevant to the expectations. Talking about a successful project you put together with a team or how you excelled in your internship are great examples of that speak to why any sensible employer would want to hire you."
Marketing answer example
"In addition to meeting all of the must-have's for your role I also have an active social media following full of clients and followers that I can bring to your agency. I am an active vlogger on YouTube and a budding social influencer on LinkedIn. These days, effective marketing is all about social proof, and I have that."
Pharmacy Technician answer example
"Consider the challenges of your future role. How will you go above and beyond to tackle the most difficult tasks? One way to show off your skills is to talk about your accomplishments from school or work. Review the job description once more to help you highlight accomplishments that are relevant to the expectations. Talking about a successful project you put together with a team or how you excelled in your internship are great examples of that speak to why any sensible employer would want to hire you."
Retail answer example
"You should hire me over your top candidate because I have the data and numbers to back up my statements. I have been retail salesperson of the month for the past nine months straight. This award is measured not only by sales targets but also customer satisfaction reviews. I will elevate the level of customer service here which you mentioned is an urgent need."
Sales answer example
"Sales is all about competition, winning, and results. I have brought with you my numbers from the past twelve months so that you can see I mean it when I say that I can perform a hard close, I negotiate well, and my customers come back again and again. I am ready to prove myself here."
Veterinary Assistant answer example
"Veterinary assistants deal with the physical challenges of the vet clinic. You will be wrangling large dogs to get them to sit still. Dealing with an aggressive pet takes strength and persistence. If you haven't been in this situation, think about how you would deal with it? What are some ways you can apply your skills to this situation? The vet doesn't have time or energy for a vet tech to get scared or frustrated. Let them know you would stay calm and cautiously handle the animal. Tell them about any techniques you have learned that would be useful in this situation. "

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Why should I hire you over my other top candidate?
Because it matters to me.
I have developed a lot of experience over the last couple years and believe I would be the the right person for the job. I always work hard and have a real passion for fitness.
Friendly, enthusiastic, approachable, keen to learn and develop myself.
I have potential to help them in keep their body healthy, smart and strong.
I believe I have a large skill set and vast knowledge within the field of fitness. I am compassionate, energetic and have a passion for fitness.
I have the drive to be the best in this gym, and the organisation. I may not have the years of experience, but I have the enthusiasm to place me above them.
Because I am capable, hard working, funny and awesome.
I believe I can bring my enthusiasm to your business, I am a loyal and trustworthy employee and will give 100% of my dedication. I will work any hours needed and try not to be late.
I am completely dedicated to fitness and my whole lifestyle is based around this. I would put in 100% effort all of the time and I absolutely enjoy being in this environment.
Because I know that I can deliver more that they probably can, I also have the knowledge and experience to do it, I know that I have a lot to learn and and I am willing to undergo training to be more qualified for this position.
I believe that I can offer a unique perspective as I have been the one who has sat at home unhealthy and miserable not feeling good and I am proof that it can be done with a little hard work and that a gym is not a place to be intimidating.
The multitasking experience in sales, management, training, team management, positive attitude, and result derive individual I am.
Because I know how to manneg clint.
My enthusiasm for fitness and caring nature for people to enjoy and learn proper ways of exercising.
Because, I am dedicated and hungry.
Because I am not you average fitness instructor. Anyone can make someone fit. I like to know why this person wants to make this change in their lives and I get to know them on a personal level so they trust me with what I am doing. When you have certain level of trust you want to do your best so I get the best out of my clients.
Because I have some quality then others.
Because I am passionate about the fitness and health industry I have been on a weight loss journey myself and made nutritional changes as well.. I have the qualification in nutrition and working towards a qualification in personal training.... I want to be able to provide support to woman so they can too achieve there fitness and weight loss goals.
I have the work experience and the academic qualifications to be the best person for the job.
Because I am found of doing this with heart.
I am doing innovation in workout and familiar with new equipment and workout plans.
Because I'm hard working, ill give 100% & I want to be the best I can within this company.
Well I can't speak about skills and quality's of the other interviewees. However my skills have a lot more room for growth. I am also very enthusiastic about sport, which will lead me the learn faster.
I am easy to work with. I am not afraid to work hard and put in the extra hours. I am willing to learn from others and have no problem with getting corrected on my mistakes.
My own personal story of why I am in the fitness industry is something quite unique. I managed to lose around 3 stone, really improve my fitness levels and work out consistently 4-5 times a week. Due to this, my passion for the industry is second to none.
Because I would work sock of in this place, im all way on time (time keeping) . All way looking for differnt way to train people, last week I went out of my way help someone who couldnt speek enghlish so I try my best to help her.
I'm hungry for the opportunity, eager to learn how fitness industry function and ready to put what I have learnt into action.
At one point of my life, with my marriage, finances, etc. I went through a deep depression. This time of my life had made me gain over 20 pounds, and I felt awlful. I was not active anymore. Until I joined the Biggest Luser that one year, and saw how exercise and keeping right could make a difference, it changed my life. I hope that from my story, I could do the same for others, as I know how it feels like.
I am more confident, funny, smartand dedicated person.. An ill be punctual in timing.
Am punctual, Am a good motivator, Am a fitness freak,
Because I need this job more over others. This is my start up. And I do my best for my clients.
I am a punctual,100%ill put my hard work.. Funny and awesome.
I am familiar with Frogmore leisure centre, lots of friends here, motivated to be here every day, most confident when in the gym. Highly motivated to succeed in the fitness industry.
I've been coming to this gym for the last 9months. I've tried out many of the classes and got to know many of the members as well as staff. Although I'm only starting out in the fitness industry, I'm very interested and keen to learn. I think this would be a good place to train and help me build up my knowledge and experience.
I have a lot to offer, through my life experience, friendly and approachable attitude and outgoing personality.
My energy, I love people I love helping people I love to motive and bring the best out of individuals.
I am passionate about fitness and helping to change lives, built up knowledge to prosper in this role.
As I am a true believer in keeping fit and that it helps you through your life and I have many sport experiences.
I have a passion for this job and I am hard working and innovative.
I am a general exictable and friendly individual. I see the positives to everything and always keep my morals up. I'm also hardworking and will try my absolute best in any situation. Moreover, I have a keen interest in fitness and wish to interest others into this industry.
I have all the qualifications for the position, I have the experience in customer service and dealing with large groups of clients, Iam self driven and are a extremely hard worker.
You should hire me everyone someone else because I am highly motivated and self-driven to always achieve my best for myself and your company. Alongside this I have plenty of practical experience and a broad understanding of fitness.
My work ethic is excellent. And I'm not afraid to swallow my pride and learn something new. My commute will be in minutes, and I'm not worried about extra hours.
I'm passionate, driven and determined. I know first hand what it is like to lose weight and I can empathise with the clients more so over someone else who has always been slim or fit.
I believe I will be a valuable asset to your team .. I work hard I am reliable and a team player also I have the ability to connect with the public.
Because I'm the best ,I know my job . And most important this is my passion. I love my job.
Fitness is my passion, I love working with people, I am a hard worker and very down to earth.
My multifaceted experience in movement from my physical background in both dance and martial arts as well as working in a health in other areas.
I am such an enthusiastic person who always strives to do there best, im a hardworking girl who always shows up and always gives 100% I love meeting new people and getting to know the atmosphere of different places.
I have more than 7 year experience.
I am more determined and more likely to stay long term at your business.
Because im what you need for your gym.
I come from a multi sport background and bring huge enthusiasm and commitment to my place of work. I truly look forward to engaging with people and working individually and as part of a team in order to get success. I am not afraid of failure and am quick to seek advice if I feel I could have done something better. I have a genuine interest in exercise and fitness and will be constantly training myself along with my clients.
Persons name position held / job title hours / contract conditions (casual/part time/full time) time spent in this position / job previous study previous jobs in the industry study or experience requirement they might have for a young person new to the industry average starting salary in their industry (optional) examples of salaries in their place of business (optional) Positives and negatives of working in this industry other interesting questions about the day to day job.
I want to training clients and to see them go through the transformation of getting healthy and changing their body shapes would be great. I am patient and hard working and don't mind putting in the extra hours. For me to wake up in the morning and to go the gym to work would be the ultimate.
I am doing innovation in workout and familiar with new equipment and workout plans.
I am hard working always wanting to better myself, once I have achieved one goal I set my eyes on the next goal to constantly develop to be the best that I can be and I like to enthuse that in others to help them reach their desired goals.
I am a true learner. And commitment towards delivery of output.
I'm looking and analyzing the situation and review from start to end, before taking the decision.
Due to my economics and quantitative qualification and research experience background I believe that I am the right candidate. I have good analytical and problem solving skills. I work with accuracy and good team member.
I found I am fully eligible for the profile. I have a skill like ability to motivate. And inspire the team. An exeperience to deliver against the target.. Detemine and buliding relatioship with the customer. And ability to develope new sales leads, most.
With my 5years of experience in the field with a proven track record and my educational qualification, I believe I am the right fit.
Because I feel like my educational qualification and skills I possess matches to the job profile, you offer.
Because of I am basically statistics and marketing back gound I have much in interest in this field I have strong analytical skill so that I strongly fit for this job.
My research and marketig experience.
I am qualified for this position in that I have broad knowledge of quantitive and qualitative research.
I am good at analytical skills, innovative, ability to handle the pressure, team player and good quantitative skills.
Educationally, I am a postgraduate on Industrial management. I have learned about the methodologies of market research from few of the best Ph.D fellows in India and am well versed with IBM SPSS software for statistical analysis.
I would say I'm not under-qualified for this job.
I can give you a free ham and a couple of bottles of wine in exchange.
I have the skills, knowledge & experience to justify the position and can say we all need to update ourselves which comes by continuous learning.
Degree in Marketing at University of Auckland undertaking advanced marketing research in my final year of study.
I have the skills you need. I believe am the most qualified for this job.
I am eligible with my analytics thats it, I dont compare with others, I believe in my brain and thinking.
I am post graduate and have interned in Nielsen India and had research as my spl.
I have done bachelors in engineering and masters in MBA
Yes, I do have practical and theoretical knowledge of market research.
I am basically a marketing student with so and so certifications. You have the requirement and I have the talent.
I am qualified for this position because I understand as a creative business person the importance of marketing to people in a way that appeals to their senses while taking into account whether they would prefer a quality product at a higher value or if they want something that merely gets the job done. I enjoy working hard while learning what makes people tick. Although, I do not have a long line of marketing experience I feel like I can take the valuable skills that I have learned from my own experience and find what appeals most to consumers.
I have experience in market research activity for last 5 years and I am excelling in this area.
I have experience in market research activity for last 5 years and I am excelling in this area.
I have a same educational background as this designation requires in addition to that my marketing skills, as I like to interact with people and stay with the market trend and the way I can change myself with the requirement of the situation makes me different from others.
I have done post graduation in the field of marketing with honors and has done certification in marketing metrix and ROI from UC Berkeley.
I have computational background in my PhD and I have done a few analytical work in my current position. I would like to expand that more by taking on this position.
As I am marketing student I feel like my educational qualification and problem solving skills matches the job profile you offer.
I have Acquired a Scientific Language with the help of my academics and past jobs which has always resulted Lucrative for likewise jobs.
I believe that I am qualified for this position as I have executed analysis for WFJ for a year and I am familiar with how our business is doing. I am also pretty comfortable with the data and being able to compile presentations that tell a story and that someone an external an overview about the business.
Being a mechanical guy, my degree speaks way different from what I actual am. I always had a soft-corner for such jobs that would keep me connected to the market instead of just a desk job.
Marketing specialization with hands on experience in market research.
I have over 15 years experience as a research analyst and creating actionable reports and measurements that aid in the strategic decision making process.
Am qualified for this position because of my past marketing experience, getting the analysis on different reports I requested and analyzing them and seeing what can be better about the ads, or ad placement. b. I have grown a ton in my current role, and my passion for marketing has increased immensely. My sociology background and my marketing background with different companies have allowed me to see different perspectives of marketing and different ways to make a difference or a change with advertising certain products.
My previous experience match with the current need for this position.
This position is very well aligned with my past work experience as well as my education. I've worked in a research capacity in several jobs, as well as an academic environment. I also have significant experience in communications roles as well as organizing events, workshops, etc.
I am qualified for this position because I am goal and career oriented and risk taker.
My education qualification and my skills are the main key for this position.
I have done research on multiple companies including the Compass Group, ZTE, Hauwei and others.
I have an economics degree and experience.
I am willing to commit 100% of my time and effort to completing the necessary qualifications in order to be as knowledgeable as possible. I'm willing to go the extra mile for my customers so if there is anything I am not able to confidently explain to them I will always look into whatever it is to ensure the information I pass on is correct and the most appropriate advice to offer.
I stand out among other applicants because I have this quality of being calm in handling irate clients or patients. I have passion, dedication and love of my work.
I stand out with other applicants because I have this quality of being calm in handling irate clients or patients, I have the passion dedication love on my work and if I work I consider the company as my own.
Customer service skills.

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