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Rachelle Enns
Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter who helps everyone from students to fortune 500 executives find success in their career.
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Why should I hire you over my other top candidate?
Example #1
"You should hire me over your other top candidate because, in addition to being an expert level user in the specific SAP module used here, I also have recognition specifically for the cost savings I have uncovered for my current company. You mentioned that you are concerned about overspending. I will ease that concern for you in the first 30 days."
Example #2
"I AM your top candidate, and your obvious choice because of my ability to streamline your calendar and find new vendors with better pricing, within the first couple of weeks of employment. I am well-versed in supporting C-suite executives and know exactly how to jump into this role with minimal training which means less downtime for you."
Example #3
"You mentioned today that the biggest pain-point for your business is currently the bulkiness of some of your processes. Streamlining process is my forte. This stand-out skill is one of the reasons why my current company promoted me to management faster than anyone in their organization's history. I look forward to delivering the same results to your organization."
Example #4
"In addition to meeting all of the must-have's for your role I also have an active social media following full of clients and followers that I can bring to your agency. I am an active vlogger on YouTube and a budding social influencer on LinkedIn. These days, effective marketing is all about social proof, and I have that."
Example #5
"You should hire me over your top candidate because I have the data and numbers to back up my statements. I have been retail salesperson of the month for the past nine months straight. This award is measured not only by sales targets but also customer satisfaction reviews. I will elevate the level of customer service here which you mentioned is an urgent need."
Example #6
"Sales is all about competition, winning, and results. I have brought with you my numbers from the past twelve months so that you can see I mean it when I say that I can perform a hard close, I negotiate well, and my customers come back again and again. I am ready to prove myself here."
Example #7
"You should choose me for this role because I am already an active figure in this community. My children went to your school, and I have even been on the parents' association here. I am a major proponent of community development and fundraising. I can encourage more parent participation and community involvement, which are two areas you mentioned you needed to develop."
Example #8
"I always enjoyed working with computers and computer programs. Even though I enjoyed reading about the human body and how it works, I wasn't sure if I would be comfortable working on the clinical side of the medical field. So, I decided to choose a career
that gave me the opportunity to use my computer skills while contributing to the medical field at the same time."
Example #9
"I noticed your company works with Chinese students who want to study overseas. I've lived and worked in China for 10 years and am experienced with helping them apply for schools abroad. I think I can bring a multicultural advantage to this organization."
Example #10
"In my current role I spend at least one day per week reviewing the SOP's that need updating. Last year, in collaboration with my executive team, I created a list of processes that I believed needed anything from small updates to complete overhauls. I continue to work my way through this list. Once I have completed a project, I will send it to the appropriate stakeholders for editing and final approval."
Example #11
"When I need to decipher a credible source from a non-credible one, I will look at the type of publication first. If the source is a personal blog, I will take the time to dig deeper and find something from The New York Times or Business Insider, for instance. I am always open to finding new sources so, if there are any that you prefer to lean on, I would love to hear more."
Example #12
"I would tell someone who is considering urology to read gather as much information as possible about the specialty, about the schools that offer urology instruction, and to chase their dreams until they catch them."
Example #13
"I believe you should hire me because I bring the right blend of experience, I am familiar with the type of industrial projects that you work with, and I have top marks in my electrical courses. After meeting me and discussing my qualifications further, is there any particular reason why you would hesitate to hire me?"
Example #14
"I design exercise programs that are safe and tailored to my client's needs. I have a strong background in anatomy and specialize in injuries and training athletes. I have proven myself dependable in my past roles, always showing up on-time and following through."
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