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How would your references describe you?

9 Answer Examples | Learn how to answer this question from professional recruiters

How to Answer

You have likely given the interviewer a list of references already; however, if you have not, be sure to bring a list with you to your interview. You should provide the names of at least two people who can give you recommendations, preferably individuals to whom you have reported. If you do not have any work experience, you can also refer to professors, high-school teachers, a pastor, a mentor, or even the parent of a friend who may know you well and can provide a character reference. If you have volunteer work, you can point the reference towards that experience as well.

Some ways that your references may describe you:

- High-integrity
- Accountable
- Reliable
- Punctual
- Accepting of feedback
- Confident
- Well-educated
- Honest
- Results-driven

How would your references describe you?
Answer example

"In my references list, I have included my three most recent managers. I believe they would all describe me as highly-driven, commission motivated, and willing to help. I put a lot of effort into teamwork, ensuring that my teammates feel supported while we work together to achieve a common goal."


"My references would describe me as accountable, and willing to take feedback. When I first started as an executive assistant, I had a lot to learn, and truly wanted to make an impact for the company. For that reason, I became a sponge when it came to gaining new skills, and gathering information. I ask if I do not know the answer, or take the time to research it myself. Also, if I make a mistake, I own up to it and learn from the situation."


"My references would describe me as entirely reliable, results-driven, and focused on company goals. I have some wonderful references who will attest to my dedicated personality and character in the workplace. It is important to me that I act as a solid mentor and example to the team members that I lead."


"I am best described as creative, collaborative, and unique. I love to present new ideas to my team during brainstorm sessions. When a new client comes in and is open-minded with their marketing strategy, I have a great time thinking up ways for our team to take the best of our individual skills and create a mind-blowing campaign."


"When you call my references they will let you know that I am punctual and reliable. I am the one they ask to cover a shift when someone cancels at the last minute or falls ill. I have no trouble offering overtime or staying late to ensure all of the new stock is received. I certainly emulate all the qualities of a team player and engaged team member."


"If you call my references, they will let you know that I am competitive, self-motivated, and outgoing. I am unafraid to make cold calls, and I will not take the first 'no' as a final answer from a potential client. I like to win so if there is a sales contest present, I will push myself extra hard to win it. This extra push may mean working overtime hours, adding more cold calls per day, or following up more diligently than expected with prospective clients."


"My references will describe me as reliable, honest, and curious. I am curious in the sense that I love to dig deeper into an idea, conduct a great amount of research when an important question arises, and I love to read. I have not missed a day of work this year, and have never been late. I am agreeable but honest, meaning if I do not agree with something, I will ask questions until it makes sense to me. If I feel a new policy is not good for my students, I will speak up professionally and respectfully, to let my leadership know how I feel."

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"I am confident that my references would describe me as reliable, always in good spirits, and always empathetic. I have brought a list of references for you to call, as well as one written reference, for your review."

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"My references would say that I am a hard worker who thrives on challenges and who works tireless to meet deadlines. They would also say that I am a committed and reliable individual who remains highly respectful and professional at all times."

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