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How would your references describe you?

8 Answer Examples | Learn how to answer this question from professional recruiters

How to Answer

You have likely given the interviewer a list of references already; however, if you have not, be sure to bring a list with you to your interview. You should provide the names of at least two people who can give you recommendations, preferably individuals to whom you have reported. If you do not have any work experience, you can also refer to professors, high-school teachers, a pastor, a mentor, or even the parent of a friend who may know you well and can provide a character reference. If you have volunteer work, you can point the reference towards that experience as well.

Some ways that your references may describe you:

- High-integrity
- Accountable
- Reliable
- Punctual
- Accepting of feedback
- Confident
- Well-educated
- Honest
- Results-driven

How would your references describe you?

"My references would describe me as accountable, and willing to take feedback. When I first started as an executive assistant, I had a lot to learn, and truly wanted to make an impact for the company. For that reason, I became a sponge when it came to gaining new skills, and gathering information. I ask if I do not know the answer, or take the time to research it myself. Also, if I make a mistake, I own up to it and learn from the situation."


"In my references list, I have included my three most recent managers. I believe they would all describe me as highly-driven, commission motivated, and willing to help. I put a lot of effort into teamwork, ensuring that my teammates feel supported while we work together to achieve a common goal."

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"My references would say that I am a hard worker who thrives on challenges and who works tireless to meet deadlines. They would also say that I am a committed and reliable individual who remains highly respectful and professional at all times."

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"I am confident that my references would describe me as reliable, always in good spirits, and always empathetic. I have brought a list of references for you to call, as well as one written reference, for your review."


"My references would describe me as entirely reliable, results-driven, and focused on company goals. I have some wonderful references who will attest to my dedicated personality and character in the workplace. It is important to me that I act as a solid mentor and example to the team members that I lead."


"I am best described as creative, collaborative, and unique. I love to present new ideas to my team during brainstorm sessions. When a new client comes in and is open-minded with their marketing strategy, I have a great time thinking up ways for our team to take the best of our individual skills and create a mind-blowing campaign."


"When you call my references they will let you know that I am punctual and reliable. I am the one they ask to cover a shift when someone cancels at the last minute or falls ill. I have no trouble offering overtime or staying late to ensure all of the new stock is received. I certainly emulate all the qualities of a team player and engaged team member."


"If you call my references, they will let you know that I am competitive, self-motivated, and outgoing. I am unafraid to make cold calls, and I will not take the first 'no' as a final answer from a potential client. I like to win so if there is a sales contest present, I will push myself extra hard to win it. This extra push may mean working overtime hours, adding more cold calls per day, or following up more diligently than expected with prospective clients."

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How would your references describe you?
A customer was not happy with there food because it was out of date and wanted to return it. I said no problem and exchanged the product for a new one.
Hard working student, always getting things turned in on time.
My references describe me as a hard worker.
I am a very dependable and hardworking person.
As a very dedicated and passionate person. I am always on my tasks and always on point.
I am going person always keep a smile on my face to to work.
My references would describe me as hardworking and reliable. I am friendly and love connecting with others.
Kind hard worker has a great attitude ready to work.
Organized, open minded, cooperative, kind, caring, helpful.
Out going, hard working and passionate, and dedicated.
They would describe as a hardworking and fun guy to be around.
They would tell you that I am a very motivational person, I'm very goal driven, and when I want something, I work hard to get it.
I think they'd describe me as hard working, trustworthy & responsible.
I collaborate everyday with my peers and enjoy coming together together to solutions that work for everyone and take in different perspectives.
They would say that I would be a great fit for the position. I always take advice and tasks from my supervisors. I have a positive attitude and very energetic. I tend to get my work done before my shifts are over and I work well with others.
As a lovable and likeable person someone who wants to make a change.
As a nice, caring, hard working, dependable and trustworthy person.
They say I am very good person, I am always attendant school on time.
Hard working, organized, helpful and a good person.
Fast Paced. Always looking for new ideas and projects. Calm but energetic.
Hardworking. Honest and a quick learner.
Hard working, organized, helpful and a good person.
Whole store merchandising helping customer with any queries card and cash transactions hanging and tagging stock deliveries.
Amazing energy, perfect to work with, take directions well and can lead when necessary.
They would say that I am a very polite person, and I love to talk and interact with others.
My references would decribe me as a active, outgoing, yet mellow person.
They would describe me as friendly and helpful and focused and won't stop until I get the job done.
My references would describe me as outgoing, on time, responsible, and funny.
Super nice personality and very generous and compasionate.
My references would describe me as a liable, hard working employee.
Good work ethic. Show up on time and never late. I am loud.
Reliable, easy to talk to and hardworking.
Probably as a fun high spirited person who always is there to help avg looks at the good in people.
I am organized, responsible, helpful, I great person.
They will describe me as a hard worker and always having a happy personality.
When it come to my career path it fit perfectly because I graduated with a AA in Social Psychology meaning that I love to work with people.
I believe they would describe me as witty, intelligent, quick, and fast learner.
My references would describe me as loud, fun loving, a good overall person, and someone who likes to get the job done right the first time.
Energized, caring as well as kind and ready to do anything. Always alert and fixes a guests problem as soon as she can.
As caring person to everybody, once you know me I have many things to say, and doesn't give up.
Hard working, good with customers, works well with other employees, establishes and present herself well. A good representative of the company.
They would describe me as a hard worker and I am determined. I am able to bring a lot of positive energy to the team.
Persistent, a little shy but very hard working.
As a responsible hard working young lady.
They would describe me as a determined person who's a hard worker and doesn't give up.
Honest, Caring, and Punctual. Always on time and schedule oriented. I care with all of my being, so when I put myself in something its usually my all.
A strong worker, who is motivated, who stays on task, & who gets his work done throughly.
Likable, Prompt, Task oriented, Easy to get along with, likes a challenge.
They would describe me as a loyal, respectful, friendly, dependable person who likes to help others.
I am responsible, dependable, and my commitment of how I am commit to my work.

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