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Have you ever been asked to leave a position?

Example #1
"Earlier in my career, I did lose my job about two months into the role. The reason was that of cutbacks; however, if I am honest - I am not sure that I was meeting their expectations when it came to learning their SAP modules. After the experience, I took a couple of SAP-related courses to improve my skills. I quickly found gainful employment again, and this company is still a positive reference for me."
Example #2
"My very first job ended in termination because of transportation issues. I was admittedly late more than I needed to be. As a broke student with an unreliable car, I thought that reason for lateness was understandable, but it was not. Looking back, I should have been more proactive by taking city transportation or riding a bike to work! Of course, I am completely reliable now... the new car and all!"
Example #3
"A few years ago I chose to step down from a position after the company announced major cutbacks. The result would have been a layoff at some point, and I wanted to leave on a high note. I quickly found a new role and maintained a solid relationship with the company even afterward."
Example #4
"Earlier in my marketing career, I had a significant client tell my marketing director that he did not like my work. The director panicked, wanting to keep her client, and decided to terminate me. In retrospect, I was in a bit over my head with a client that had such significant marketing spend. I do wish that the director would have used the feedback as an opportunity to mentor and coach me, but I do understand that is not everyone's approach. I took the experience as a learning opportunity and took another role with a smaller agency, shortly after."
Example #5
"I can get along with nearly everyone; however, I had one manager who was like oil to my water. We did not mesh, and despite my trying to hide my dislike for her personality, it remained pretty obvious. I was the junior associate in the role, so I resigned knowing that the personality clash was hard on the team. My termination likely would have been the result, had I stayed. The manager pulled rank, and I was smart enough to know that. There are no hard feelings there as I still met my quota and was beloved by our customers."
Example #6
"I took an incredibly cutthroat sales role, right out of University for which I was most definitely not ready! It was a door-to-door residential alarm sales position. Someone was fired weekly, for not hitting targets. I made it eight weeks which was a record at the time, as most associates didn't even make it past week three. When I look back at the experience, I chuckle and how panicked we all were to make a sale. It was an eye-opening experience that I will never regret having."
Example #7
"As an educator, I have never been asked to leave a position, or even become close to termination. I did get fired from a paper delivery job when I was nine though! I may have cut some corners in my delivery to make it for Saturday morning cartoons! All kidding aside, I am a very loyal and respectful teacher and plan to bring my high standard of work with me to my next opportunity. I have solid references ready for you as well."
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