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Are you applying for other jobs?

Example #1
"I recently started my search and had found some interesting job postings related to my accounting degree; however, your role is the position I am most enthusiastic about."
Example #2
"I have had my eye out for the right opportunity but am not applying to just any random administration position. Your role stood out to me because of the industry you are in as well as the additional responsibilities in social media management."
Example #3
"I am applying to other roles. It is important to me that I gain employment as soon as possible; however, I am using discernment when it comes to the interviews that I am accepting. I am very pleased with the opportunity to be here today and look forward to learning more about your position."
Example #4
"Because I have just started my search, my applications are limited. However, there has been strong interest in my resume so far. I do have a couple of other interviews for next week. With that said, I am excited about your unique experience because you offer more face-to-face client interaction and the role is more project management focused."
Example #5
"As you know, there are a lot of retail positions open at the moment. I am choosy where my applications go as I need this next step to be a long-term opportunity. I fully believe you are the company that will mold me to succeed in my career, and gives me opportunities for advancement, as I prove myself, which is why I applied here."
Example #6
"I have not been actively seeking a new role but am passively looking at new opportunities that pop up on LinkedIn. Your posting was a recommended job, and it caught my eye. I have put out a few applications in the last while but am not pursuing anything that doesn't excite me."
Example #7
"I am not applying for jobs on a regular basis. Your school is on my short list of schools that I would be thrilled to work for so when I saw your opportunity; I knew I had to give it my best shot! Thank you for having me here today."
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