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Customer Service Interview

| Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.

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What skills do you believe you possess that help you deliver excellent customer service?

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Customer Service Interview Questions

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    What skills do you believe you possess that help you deliver excellent customer service?

      To deliver excellent customer service you need first to recognize the skills that you have and play off of those. If you are naturally not a smiley person who give hugs, then being a smiley person may come off as fake. Think about your natural personality and how you can use those characteristics to deliver stellar service on the job.

      Some skills you may have are:

      - Patience
      - Empathy
      - Adaptability
      - Knowledge
      - Thick skin
      - Networking

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I believe that my networking skills truly add to the customer service that I deliver. If my client mentions another need, there is a good chance that I know somebody in the local market who can assist. It's great to help out other businesses through client referrals as well, and the client never forgets your willingness to step outside of your zone to help."

      Rachelle's Answer
       for a Admin interview

      "I have a great amount of patience which has helped me an incredible amount when it comes to delivering customer service that exceeds expectations. My customers feel free to lay out their needs, pain points, and grievances, knowing that I am fully present and ready to help."

      Rachelle's Answer
       for a Manager interview

      "I possess a lot of empathy for my clients and their particular situations. I deal primarily with CEO's and understand the immense pressure they are under when it comes to decision making and delivering expectations to their very own customers. This ability to see their side helps me to deliver extraordinary service."

      Rachelle's Answer
       for a Marketing interview

      "In marketing, to be effective in customer service, one must be ready to pivot and adapt at any given moment. When a customer is unsure about an approach, I will offer other suggestions until something feels right. I am rarely stuck on a single idea; yet, I present multiple options. These options give a perceived value that makes my customers come back again and again."

      Rachelle's Answer
       for a Retail interview

      "As a retail sales associate, I believe in the importance of having thick skin. I come across a huge range of clients with varying needs in a day. Some are polite about approaching the situation, and others are not. This resistance to stress and poor attitudes is one of the reasons why I excel in the area of customer dispute resolution. I can put my feelings aside and get down to the basics of what my customers need from me to be satisfied."

      Rachelle's Answer
       for a Sales interview

      "I have an incredible amount of knowledge in the area of software sales. This skill helps me to create unbeatable options for my clients while also showing them that they are in good hands with me. People will buy from those who know to help and the ability to service their every request."