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Answering Customer Service Questions

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What is the difference between customer service, and customer support?

Example #1
"I understand customer support to be a larger term than customer service. Someone can be a customer service agent without being able to offer ample support that a client may need. It's important to offer both; however, a member of the support team will likely be better trained with special technical skills."
Example #2
"I offer customer service to everyone that walks into the office. This service includes helping them get where they need to go, offering them water, and making their next appointment. I view customer support as an additional offering. Support is a term I save for when a task is aimed at helping the client overcome a problem."
Example #3
"Customer service and customer support are often confused. I have two teams. My service team will gather the data, and my support team will deploy the actual solution."
Example #4
"I believe that customer service and customer support go hand in hand, but they are very different concepts. Support requires more technical based skills and service is based more on company values and delivery."
Example #5
"I am very well versed in both customer support and customer service. Customer service is more issue related such as helping a customer who wants a refund or is upset about their experience. Customer support is more geared to rewards programs, add-ons, perks, and promos."
Example #6
"In my experience, customer support is more related to services that offer ongoing support to the customer, such as technical solutions. Customer service is more the day-to-day interactions with a customer when they need a resolution to a specific situation."
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