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Answering Customer Service Questions

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If you could not make a customer happy, what would you do?

Example #1
"If I could not make a customer happy I would escalate the situation to my manager, or another coworker who was perhaps better with customer dispute resolution. I understand that you cannot make everyone happy at all times, but I will certainly try my best."
Example #2
"On occasion, I will have a customer comment that I am just the 'receptionist.' This type of comment gives me the impression that, even though I have a thorough knowledge of the company, they feel I am not high up enough to give them what they need. At these times, I will move the complaint up to my management team and allow them to handle the client. Not everyone is willing to listen to what I have to say, and that is okay with me, so long as I know that I tried my best."
Example #3
"If I could not make a customer happy, I would ask them what it is they needed to be happy. Sometimes asking a question that bluntly will force a reply that can then turn into a solution. A company will not make every single person happy, but it's always good to know that we did everything we could to attempt a resolution."
Example #4
"When it comes to creative types of roles I believe that there will always be clients who are unable to jump on board with your full vision. My current company spends a fixed amount of resources onboarding clients who appreciate our style but, from time to time, the odd client who is not a fit will squeak through. If a client does not like our marketing direction at all, we will refer them to a competitor. That is part of our guarantee and of course, we rarely ever need to do that."
Example #5
"You win some; you lose some and one of the first things I learned while training in retail was that you would have an upset customer at times, no matter how hard you try. In these instances, I will ask my manager to step in and help. Usually, a fresh face with fresh ideas will be enough to help a customer to ease up a bit."
Example #6
"I am passionate when it comes to making sure my client accounts are happy. A healthy and positive collaboration is an essential part of sales. If, no matter how hard I try, I am unable to make a client happy I will refer them to another account manager with a different personality or sales style."
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