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How would you sell a product that you did not believe in?

Example #1
"I am very choosy regarding the companies and roles to which I apply. For that reason, I would have to say, that I would not sell a product that I do not believe in."
Example #2
"Integrity is everything to me. I could not sell a product or service to a trusting customer unless I knew it would benefit their life in some way."
Example #3
"One of the reasons why I chose to apply to your organization is because I have used your products for years, and stand behind them 100%. I would not sell something that I did not believe in."
Example #4
"There is always something positive in every product or service offering. Part of my job as a marketer is to uncover those features and draw attention to them. With that said, I do not take on clients with a primarily bad product or service because I feel it is my responsibility to draw attention to the things that the public will truly want and need. I like that your company runs by the same philosophy which is one of the reasons why I applied to work for you."
Example #5
"I have worked for a couple of stores where their clothing quality was low. It was hard to sell these items to customers because I knew they would come in with returns, complaints, or be disappointed in how they spent their money. I tried to focus on the products that I knew were more durable, when selling, but to be honest, it didn't make me happy to do so. This experience is why I am seeking a role with a company I can stand behind."
Example #6
"A significant part of being a successful salesperson is to sell your clients only on items that they need, and that you know will benefit them. I have only worked for companies that I can stand behind. This level of integrity drives everything that I do. I look forward to joining your organization and never having that dilemma because I admire everything your company puts out to its customers."
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