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Creative Thinking

1 Interview Questions & Answers

Rachelle Enns
Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter who helps everyone from students to fortune 500 executives find success in their career.
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Tell me about a project you worked on where a conventional approach was not suitable.
Example #1
"In 2009 our economy suffered, and a lot of businesses were struggling to keep their doors open. At that time, a conventional approach was to take out additional ads on the radio or TV. Social media was starting to become a major advertising outlet - and it was free. I launched a social media campaign that was very successful. We were able to generate new and repeat business while coming in under our advertising budget."
Example #2
"As an executive assistant, I often have to pull strings, ask for favors, and assume that no is never an answer that I should take. I will bargain with vendors and come up with highly creative solutions at times to make a plan come together. I love the fast pace of it all and the challenge that comes with supporting a high-level executive."
Example #3
"I recently worked on a project that was ahead of its time and federal guidelines. If you want to achieve something you never have before, you have to do something you have never done. We took an unconventional approach to federal research and licensing technology through the Office of Technology Transfer in a way never done before. It was a necessary step to achieve the bigger picture."
Example #4
"I was on a marketing team where we had to alter our processes to meet our customer's environmental impact challenge. We had to completely change the way we built their advertising plan, keeping zero waste in mind. It was a fun challenge where our entire campaign was digital."
Example #5
"Our company has ten stores total. Head office announced a merchandising contest where we all had to come up with a theme and execute it, in the shop front window. Our team decided to take a very unconventional approach and gained inspiration from Anthropologie's memorable store experiences. Our eclectic style won and we all earned a $50 in-store credit, along with bragging rights."
Example #6
"A conventional approach is rarely suitable for sales - ever! I love to come up with new ways to get my weekly calls in, and I create new phone scripts for myself to keep things interesting for myself and my clients. The original sales scripts provided to me were not effective or creative, so I chose to make my own."
Example #7
"I often have to work around very tight budgets where a conventional approach is not even an option. When we need supplies, I will ask the parents if they have items they can donate to the school. I will partner with local businesses to see if they have any items they could donate. And, my friend who owns a bookstore has committed to donating five new children's books per month. It makes for great collaboration and networking in the community."
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