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With the ongoing changes in this industry, how do you keep your knowledge current?

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    With the ongoing changes in this industry, how do you keep your knowledge current?

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      Employers expect employees to stay up-to-date on their respective field, and today's technology makes this reasonably easy! List several ways that you receive your industry knowledge and stay on top of trends. Tell the interviewer about those daily update emails you receive from professional organizations, conferences you attend, seminars you have taken, and professional organizations you of which you are involved.

      Lastly, it's a great idea to ask the interviewer what resources they refer to for industry trends. That question can start up a great conversation, and you may learn a thing or two as well.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "Every morning I listen to the podcast Rise & Grind because I find the information to be fresh, and valuable. In addition to this podcast, I also subscribe to a couple of industry blogs. One is ABC, and the other is XYZ. I greatly value the information shared among fellow professionals. What resources do you prefer to stay on top of industry trends and changes?"

      Rachelle's Answer for an Admin Interview

      "I am an avid reader. I read about the industry news through various resources online. I am a member of many key associations that allow me the opportunity to attend industry conferences, receive newsletters and network with top professionals in my field."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Manager Interview

      "I follow a multitude of management thought leaders on social media. I also read a lot of books. My favorite people to gain knowledge from including Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, and Tony Robbins. Which are your favorite ways to stay up to date on trends in management?"

      Rachelle's Answer for a Marketing Interview

      "I am a member of several professional associations and receive regular marketing e-magazines. I also follow multiple influencers on LinkedIn including Grant Cardone and Neil Patel."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Retail Interview

      "It's so easy to stay up to date these days, so I have Google alerts set for industry trends. In addition, social media is really a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of things. As silly as it sounds, Instagram lets you see what is trending, and who is trending, so that you can pay attention to upcoming styles on the runway that will hit stores in the next 12-18 months. I love to create some "look-alike" outfits in my department based on what big celebrities are wearing. It drives interest and sales for our department, and shows we are up to date on trends and news."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Sales Interview

      "I have Google News alerts set up for industry-specific keywords, am subscribed to multiple newsletters, and follow the three leading industry associations on social media. I also receive their quarterly updates. Also, I love to learn about the latest OEM trends and always draw on the experience of my industry contacts who have been working in the industry as long as I have been alive."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Teacher Interview

      "Like all teachers, I do continuing education hours both through the district in-service days, as well as seek out additional learning opportunities. At an in-service event a few years ago, I was introduced to TPRS, which teaches you how to teach language through telling stories. As a result, I've plugged into their community, and it's been a great resource for me. Also, we have bi-weekly departmental meetings, and I am currently enrolled in grad school to get my masters, beginning next fall."

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      Anonymous Answer

      "There are a number of conferences and lunchtime learning and other learning opportunities via various channels at the U.N., and I make sure to attend all training classes I am interested in."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Perfect! Taking advantage of learning opportunities that your employer presents you is a wonderful way to keep your knowledge current.

      "I make sure to attend all the relevant training classes available to me. My employer offers conferences and lunchtime learning, offering opportunities to gain knowledge in a variety of topics."

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      Anonymous Answer

      "It is important for internal auditors to maintain a current understanding of the latest global developments, regulatory and legal requirements, and assesses the relevance to the audit engagements and to the industry where the audit clients operate. To keep myself updated, I signed up for IIA publications for the internal auditing trends, and I leveraged the use of LinkedIn for any trending news about the industry and the company, I signed up for regulatory reports and emerging regulatory risks. I attended courses which are relevant to the upcoming regulatory and accounting changes such as IFRS 7."

      Rachelle's Answer

      You lean on a variety of reputable resources which the interviewer should be happy to see. Good answer!

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