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Why are you the best candidate for this position?

This question has been answered 17 times by professional recruiters and hiring managers. View their answers below.

Bragging about yourself in an interview can be tough to do, but this is your time to shine! Which characteristics and career accomplishments have made you a stand-out candidate? Perhaps you have received some academic awards or have been given special accolades in your most recent position. There is nobody like you, and now you need to express that to the interviewer.

Accounts Receivable Specialist answer example
"Interviewers really want to hear that one unique thing that sets you apart from the rest of the applicants. We suggest talking to your past co-workers or family members to get their input about what your one unique thing is. Their perceptions will give you great insight into answering this question! Simply share with the interviewer your one unique thing, and expand by telling the interviewer that others have told you this is your strength! Here is an answer example, "My greatest quality is easily my attention to detail. I am very accurate on all my statements, invoices, inventory counts, etc. I do have weaknesses! But I can say with confidence those are my best traits."
Admin answer example
"I am the best candidate because I have the right type of administration background, education, and experience. I know that I can jump right in and get going with very little training time."
Baker answer example
"I feel that I am the best candidate for the job because aside from my very strong advanced pastry techniques, I am also able to manage the social media marketing side of your business. I would come with very fresh ideas on how to increase your customer base."
Basic answer example
"I am the best candidate for you because I have a consistent history of exceeding my targets and goals for the past three years. I have been promoted two times in the last year which is nearly unheard of in my current company. In addition to these successes, I have excellent cold calling skills which I will put to work immediately after being hired by your company."
Elementary Teacher answer example
"I've heard that this school has a lot of discipline problems, is that right? Well, I'm a very empathetic person, and I'm also very firm. So that means that I'm very good at classroom management because students like this need to know that their teacher is in fact acting in their best interests. They can sense whether someone is genuinely interested in their well-being or if this person is just telling them what to do because those are the rules. My classroom management skills would help maintain order in this kind of environment which means that we have a much better chance of getting them to improve."
Line Cook answer example
"I am qualified for the role as a line cook and love your restaurant! There is nothing better than doing what you love for a place you admire. You have a great reputation in this area and I aspire to contribute value long term to your success as a restaurant."
Machinist Mechanic answer example
"Consider some of the qualities required that are listed in the job description. How do you embody these? Also think of ways you have gone above and beyond. Leadership, initiative, problem-solving, awards, achievements... these are all excellent to share when given the opportunity to show off your skills. Elaborate on how you will add value for this position in a way that others can't. How will you be an asset to the company? "
Manager answer example
"I have the necessary experience, skill sets, and high level of ambition to add great value to this department. I come well trained in inventory management, team leadership, and productivity methods. In addition to this, I have led teams up to 50 individuals with minimal employee turnover."
Marketing answer example
"In my current role, I have worn every hat in the marketing department. I manage the website, social media marketing, planning and running promotions, and all written copy that is published by the company. Because of my involvement in so many different areas of the company, I feel that I can bring a unique advantage and insight that other applicants won't deliver."
Nursery and Greenhouse answer example
"I am knowledgeable about plant propagation with a variety of species, from trees and shrubs to fruits and vegetables. I have two years of experience in my own personal garden, a bachelor's in biology and a year of experience working in a greenhouse. I enjoy working in an environment where I am constantly learning and being challenged. I'm also a people-person and love talking to customers to help them better care for their plants."
Patient Services Coordinator answer example
"Now is your time to shine! TeWhat sets you apart from the rest of the candidates? What is unique in your work history that will make them say YES and not NEXT? Can you type 65 WPM? Are you an expert on their financial software? Are you a new set of eyes or have 20 years of experience? You'll need to do your homework on the company in order to answer this question. Find out what their population and specialty is and how you fit into the equation. "
Quality Control Inspector answer example
"I feel that I am the strongest candidate for the job because I bring everything that you are looking for in your next QC Inspector. In addition to possessing these qualities, I also speak three languages which allow me to work well with many of your temporary foreign workers."
Sales answer example
"I smiled when I read the job description because it was as though you had written it with me in mind. I know that I am the best candidate for this role because I have three years of exceeding my sales goals, inside and outside sales experience, and I know the industry. Also, I was the fastest promoted in my previous position and have led the rollout of new markets in my current position, making me ideally positioned for helping you continue to build your sales organization, markets, and exceed financial metrics."
Surveillance Operator answer example
"I am very reliable and flexible, which means that if you need me to cover for someone's shift when they get sick or something, I will be there for you. I'm also very attentive and responsive. One time, there was a physical altercation between two guests and I was the only one who noticed it on the monitor. I reported it to security quickly and they were able to arrive on the scene to prevent further injuries."
Teacher answer example
"I am ready for a change and have always targeted this district as my dream one. I am passionate about teaching, about the language, and about making learning fun. I know that I will be a valuable asset to the school and district by breathing life into the program. I work well with others and am constantly innovating, so I look forward to doing that in your premiere district."
University Administrator answer example
"Before your interview, you should create a list of your strengths. Write down your accomplishments in your past roles that relate to this position. Knowing your accomplishments and strengths in this role, will not only help you answer this question but will help you answer several more throughout your interview. The reason we recommend writing down your answers is that it should help trigger accomplishments in which you may have forgotten. Here is an answer example: "I am the best candidate for the University Administrator role as I am a team player, approachable, organized, have a great eye for detail, am adaptable meaning I can multi-task while keeping things on track to achieve key deadlines and most of all love all things administration. With all this in mind, I will be there to pick up on anything that comes in last minute without getting flustered and ensure that I always play my part in ensuring as a Department we always meet our targets and work activities."
Veterinarian School answer example
"Example Answer:- "“I have the experience and the attitude to excel in this position. I have almost two years of veterinary experience, which I have gained in collaboration with my school, where I was exposed to all aspects of Veterinary Medicine and worked so hard the first year that they invited me back for a second summer and gave me more responsibilities. I have a reputation for getting things done — and with a smile on my face. That’s because I love working in the Veterinary industry and am excited to learn and get experience in every way possible.”"

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Why are you the best candidate for this position?
Prioritising, dealing with e-mails, phone call and personnel requests from employees, working as a team, working well as an individual, get.
How to learn and use changing computer softwarehow to talk to customershow to handle escalated situationshow to work as a teamhow to meet goals and set new ones.
1: Knowledge of the various assets needing maintenance or repair 2: Understanding of how the assets operate 3: Knowledge of where to locate needed material that is not on hand 4: Became a certified backflow tester 5: Obtained training in various mechanical equipment such as forklift and the bobcat.
A motivated, humble, productive, efficient individual with excellent excel skills, public speaking skills as well as a strong communicator.
Great at multitasking, good at communicating with other team members,
Someone who is dependable and personable. This position requires someone who stays calm and cool under pressure while exuberating confidence in themselves and fellow teammates.
Someone who is competitive and outgoing.
I am a motivated and hard worker. I pick up on new skills quickly and am always willing to help my fellow team members if they are having problems.
An ideal candidate is innovative, willing to learn, a great communicator and most importantly someone who wants to "protect the house."
I have a passion for cooking, willing to learn and grow.
I im higly motivatred, enjoy coming to work and making a joyfull working enviorment. Aswell as a patient person who works quietly but demenstrate high efficiency.
I have great people skills and inter communication skills which a=i gathered from my two previous jobs that had direct contacts with the general public.
Because I know the work and I dont need to be trained, i'm punctual, I am a hard worker and i'm always willing to go an extra mile.
My strengths as a person will enable me to finish veterinary school successfully. I have courage and a dedicated mind set. My courage has helped me to explore new horizons and has made me to a well rounded person. My dedicated mind set helps me to push myself to the best of my ability and to succeed. I believe these two qualities, puts me in a desirable position to be chosen over the other person.
I have proven over the last eight years that I am devoted to this field. I have proven that I can move to a different country and be successful.
I have been dealt a lot of hard curve balls in my life. This is not to diminish anyone else, as we all have instances that define our character. However, I am quite certain that the majority of people are not as determined as I am. As hard as life is, and it is very difficult at times, success in life is not how hard you can hit, its how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. I can say with certainty that I am determined in my goal of veterinary, quitting is not an option, and neither is defeat. Could I be held back, sure, could I fail a course, it is possible, but I will not be defeated. Could the other candidate say the same?
I am an extremely goal oriented and driven person with an education featuring use of the latest and most cutting edge technology since I graduated college this year. I would assume that the other person is older than I am and has been out of school longer and some of their training is now outdated. I would pick me since I have the mindset of a student wanting to continue education, not someone who has been out of the academic world for more than year. If they are the same year as I am, I would assure you that I have a more diverse background than anyone else due to my military upbringing, which not only instilled in me a sense of discipline, punctuality, and integrity, but also allowed me to experience the entire United States from a young age. Working in Colorado where there are many military bases, I'd say this gives me an advantage for working with people stationed here from all over the world, as well as accommodating the diverse civilian population in the metropolitan areas.
That I will succeed in this program. Not because I am better than the other person, but because I can guarantee you that I am more driven and motivated to succeed than they are.
I have extensive experience in the animal health industry that sets me apart from most candidates. I have met thousands of veterinarians and have gained so much insight into the field. My first role in this company was to research the vet market and after learning all of the pros and cons to this field, I can confidentally say that I will contribute to the success of veterinary medicine.
My experience in a lead faced environment.
Iam fast, good and teamworker.
I am all all about commitment, getting the job done, doing it right ,
Discipline determination and ability to work under pressure.
As a chemist, I have been exposed to learn the properties and chemical components of matter and their chemical reactions strategies.
Tell me why you are the best candidate for this position.
I am very organized, and punctual. Something any order clerk should be. I know a lot about your company, and would love to work here.
Administration Assistant.
I have perseverence and the ability to follow through to a resolution.
Hardworker, Punctual, Workaholic.
My experience and expertise.
I am an hardworking, tenacious person.
My skills/knowledge and dedication. Also, I am always willing to learn and receptive to change.
Through the accounting experience I have gained, I would be able to perform to my optimum capability.
I have good knowledge on receivables, know the complete process and have a good working experience makes me feel I am the best candidate for this position.
I am a highly effective analyst that is motivated by challenges and drives quality for superior results.
Apart from having required functional and soft skills like analytical ability, attention to detail, inter personal communication skills, I possess ability to seek challenges and thrive on them, I am easily adaptable to environment and quick and eager learner capable of filling the gaps with vision and best practices.
I have the experience you are looking for, and I am motivated by challenges. And I take pride in completing projects.
I've got 10 years experience in this job.
I have a love for challenges. They keep me motivated! I am a quick learner. I was able to learn and retain all of my accounting knowledge in just a few short months, and I am still learning. I am reliable, and hard working.
My knowledge and expertise I have to offer.
Self motivated, good listener, pay attention to detail, ambitious, very organized like to work with a team.
My years of experience and knowledge. I take great pride in my work. I have the eye for detail, have people skills, multi-tasker, and a quick learner.
I am a hard worker, I work well independently and in a group. I am knowledgeable of this position and believe I can be an asset to the company.
I have just finished a 4 year job working with an Accountant that taught me hands on how to do creditcard procurement and reconcilliations.
I'm very detailed oriented and focused. I'm a quickly learner and my ability to adapt to change.
My skills, experience, qualification and personality makes me the best candidate for this position.
Customer service skills and ability to discuss options.
With over four years experience in accounts receivable and general accounts managing entering and retrieving information from the computer system and with a great ability of being precise as well as many more skills I am a great fit for this position.
I have relevant experience in salary I know the steps of ddistribution of payuroll, when paying s.
I possess the skills and abilities that this position requires. I can give my best to achieve the goals. I make sure that I achieve the targets on time.
I have good accounting knowledge. I have relevant experience in accounts and finance. I will give my best work to complete the task within SLA.
I cant confidently say that I am the best candidate given that my previous work experience is not related to the position I am applying for, but I can say that I am the perfect fit for the job if your looking for a person who has a positive outlook and enthusiastic approach to work, dedicated and willing to train and guided to do the work efficiently. When I left my job as a barista, I left it with pride and satisfaction knowing in my heart that I always did my best.
I've had numerous of years in this field and I feel I would be a good fit for this position.
I bring years of experience 99% accuracy I am honest dependable and I genuinely care about the work I do.
My experience in AR for 6 years provided me good command in credit control process.
I enjoy working with numbers, dates, billing, etc... And researching the logistics of such items. I am a hard worker, I am dependable, thorough and learn quickly.
I am a quick learner, and I can learn by myself too. I have the ability to keep calm and think how to proceed when an issue occurs. I am very organized as well.
My education, my background and my strong ability to adapt to situation.
I'm very dependable and catch on quick.
I have the skills to get the job done in a timely manner.
Someone that is professional, organized, detailed, honest and completes tasks on a timely basis.
My 20 years experience and track record of reducing DSO, and increasing cash flow.
I am dedicated to work on my best abilities.
I might not be a person for any words, but I have been working here at jacques scott for exquisitely eight years and if given the chance, even on probation I will show you I can do the job.
I have a good command on receivable management. I know how to manage the receivable effectively. I have been working on receivable management since last 5 years. In all my past jobs I recovered all debtors within a credit time period,
I believe my skills and abilities match what you are looking for and I can make an impact and bring benefit to the company.
I have good negotiation skills and communication ability for successful collections gained through my experience 6 years ago in tourism international organizations also I have very good command in credit control and AR process as now I’m responsible of more than 10 operators.
A person to roll up their sleeves attitude.
I am the best candidate for this position because I have the exprience the abiltiy to pay attention for detailse working under guide lines.
I have the related accounting skills and am able to interact with customers with a view of collecting money especially outstanding balances.
Highlilght your skills and experience.
My attention to detail, dedication to a position and my desire to do my best in every situation.
Why should we hire you.
I feel like I have all the experience that you are looking for.
I have over five years experience in multi-state payroll tax administration and I have led my team to process over 35-thousand W2s and 1099 forms annually. I bring high-attention to detail, data analysis skills and experience with researching changes to tax and payroll legislation. Typically, employers use a third party vendor for printing payroll, which limits some experience. I did everything in house, timesheet to the printing of the checks.
Because my experince is good for this job.
I am do well in job.
Previous experience and qualifications, I work hard and dedicated I also bring more than required outcames in a business.
I have experience in this feeled and a good personality,I listen and communicate with clients in a good manner, I ensure that a client needs have been met to the satisfaction of both the client and the business.
Someone with skills and experience, someone with absa values.
I possess adequate analytical and problem solving skills.
I am a young chartered accountant and pay attention to details . I also analyse annual reports .
When I was selling legal policy, in each call I had to explain and madesure that the clien understands everything. T not forgeting to be a smooth talker and a good persuader.
I'm an energetic woman that strives had to survive. I'm dertamined and dedicated to things I do,I'm a hard worker andcan well under pressure.I'm a fast learner and a good listner.
Its a southafrican bank that offer financial services.
I have expressed the need to improve by aquiring the neccessary skills, have gathered neccessary experience to put myself above others, lastly I showed great intentions to get into this position by being here for this interview.
I cant answer to this question because to the word best I have show my capacity and abilities first.
Provious org I have give my best position. Why means provious org is loss going on. That no of people terminated so, that time choose best cantidat in our organisation me @ some people. That why this org is I give best posotion I will give.
I love travelling and am able to be in a place where the company ask me to go, and am capable of making new friends and make the branch wider.
I'm fresher. So I think this is better place to learn a lot.
I am very cool and leadership person.
Because I have ability to work in any suitation, I have more confidence in my communicational skills.
It is a big company.
I do my level best to satisfy the company and clients, I communicate effectively I adapt easy to change, I have expertise for this post.
As a hard worker my qualifications and the experience that I have makes me the best candidate.
Someone with abilities of understanding the business needs and getting to solve them effectively and efficiently.
I am a go getter, Idont believe in I cant, Ido however believe that I can. I feel as though I have a lot more to offer as I am currently in a sales role, Ialready am employed for Absa therefore the transition will be smoother. I love engaging with people and I am able to manage myself. I
My skills and development that I have achieved in my working environment and due to my studies to assist the strategic plan of your company and always tend to do my best and more.
That I have what it takes to fill the requirements of this job, excellent costomer service skills and problem solving skills.
I am young, ambitious and flexible when it comes to my career. I am eager to learn and apply all I can apply to this job.
I am willing to learn, work hard, be involved and grow. I am hard working, dedicated, maticulous and trustworthy.

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