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Do you have confidence in your communication skills? What is your communication style?

This question has been answered 18 times by professional recruiters and hiring managers. View their answers below.

Strong communication makes all the difference when it comes to workplace success. Never underestimate the importance of being able to express yourself adequately. Efficiently communicating through body language, and written or oral communication can make a huge difference in the relationships with your coworkers, your boss, and your clients!

Assure the interviewer that you are confident in your communication abilities. You can refer to any communications course or workshop that you have taken. Or, you can discuss a time when a manager told you that you had excellent communication skills! Reaffirm your answer by describing your communication style in a few words.

Some great options are:

- Professional
- Diplomatic
- Respectful
- Attentive
- Logical
- Energetic
- Objective
- Sincere
- Adaptable
- Mature
- Tactful
- Personable
- Perceptive
- Sophisticated
- Consistent
- Conscientious
- Ethical
- Trustworthy

Basic answer example
"I have always been a strong communicator; however, after I took a weekend long communications workshop last year, I can confidently say that my communication skills are above average. I would describe my communication style as respectful, energetic, and sincere."
Critical Care Nurse answer example
"My communication style in both my professional life and personal life is to be factual and honest. I've found that this achieves the most effective results."
Health Educator answer example
"I'm the type of communicator that encourages open communication. I like to show my clients and coworkers that I'm approachable, knowledgeable and want to help others."
High School Teacher answer example
"My communication style with the parents of my students could best be described as informal, and conversational. I want parents to be comfortable coming to me with their concerns and questions."
Manager answer example
"I do have confidence in my communication skills. I have always had to speak in front of teams, some small, some large. I am comfortable speaking to groups, and I tend to get positive responses from my audience."
Marketing answer example
"I had better have confidence in my communication skills, seeing as I am in marketing! But yes, I do. I would say I'm rather direct, but try to gather as much information as possible before approaching an issue. Once I have it, I am direct and to the point. I find it gets things done effectively and without any convulsion."
Nursery and Greenhouse answer example
"I enjoy teaching others about what I've learned about plants. I want to help them understand the reasons why it's important to provide the specific needs of each plant. I listen to their questions and try to break down answers in a way that they can easily understand, no matter their level of experience."
Nursing answer example
"The interviewer knows your abilities, now they want to know how you interact with your colleagues as well as patients. Tell the interviewer what makes you an excellent communicator. Show off your communication skills by offering an example that paints a picture of your abilities. Here's an example, "I am articulate and I pay attention to social cues and body language. I am sensitive to the needs of others and cautious about sharing information that may not be appropriate for families or patients to hear at certain times."
Pharmaceutical Sales answer example
"I've found that a clear and direct approach with my clients and coworkers has been my most effective communication style."
Pharmacist answer example
"I've found that clear and direct communication​ works best for my coworkers as well as patients."
Psychiatric Technicians answer example
"My communication style with my patients is assertive. I'm an effective, active listener. I state limits, expectations, states observations and I don't label or judge others."
Retail answer example
"Communication is everything! When my last company acquired another business, there was a great deal of change going on at once. People felt uneasy and out of the loop. I recommended implementing various communication methods to help everyone learn what was going on in a timely fashion and introduce transparency into the mix. People were happy to be apart of what was happening at the moment."
Sales answer example
"I'd say that communication is one of my most significant assets. As an English major, I have trained academically in productive written discussion and verbal arguments. I also have given over a dozen large and small group presentations, including a keynote speaking engagement in front of several hundred attendees, so I would say I'm comfortable presenting. In the workplace, I have been a part of teams both in a subordinate and leading role, and I would describe communication as one of my skills in the office as well. I am professional and respectful, yet I am also able to meet the audience where they may be. For instance, I have experience dealing with anyone from a truck driver or warehouse employee to the CEO of an organization and can adapt my tone and presentation style, written or oral, to the audience."
Shift Leader answer example
"She would say that I'm very concise and clear. I give directions to my team by stating the outcome I need and by when. I also check in to see if they understand how to do it. That way, if something isn't done, I can hold them accountable."
Study Abroad Advisor answer example
"Speak honestly and to your advantage. If you are direct, talk about how this facilitates efficient communication. If you are a bit more passive, talk about how this facilitates a more harmonious work environment. "I prefer to communicate as directly a possible but also empathetically. I think it's important to be straightforward to avoid misunderstandings, but at the same time being too direct can hurt people, so over the years I've learned to listen thoroughly first and speak directly to my supervisor's, colleagues', or students' needs."
Teacher answer example
"I'm a powerful communicator. I am a great active listener, which helps me be effective in communicating with both adults and students alike."
Technical Support Specialist answer example
"This question is best by showing your flexibility based on the customer's communications. Your communications style needs to be complimentary to the customer yet adaptable (quickly) to different situations. As an example, an Irate customer will need some soothing, assuring that you are listening, care for their satisfaction, etc.. Another customer, indicating more positive communications may not need the same type of communications. "
Ultrasound Technician answer example
"When talking with patients, I'm always sensitive and understanding. Most of my patients are dealing with some sort of illness, and they are already uncomfortable. I try my best to make them feel at ease."

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Do you have confidence in your communication skills? What is your communication style?
Arrange a time to talk to the person to get the details ironed out.
The prior nurse forgot to inform me about a patients condition. We reviewed the miss communication the following day.
Define pro-active and give me an example of a time when you behaved this way.
I can work independently or as a group depending on what task are put before me. My work style is versatile to the need of the agency.
My work style is diplomatic.
Busy with my work and reseach if less case lords.
I am very friendly and welcoming to patients. I speak calmly to every patient to ensure they feel comfortable during their exam.
I enjoy talking with people and I feel that I can understand different types of people and accomidate that to make them feel comfortable.
I pride myself on my interpersonal communication skills. I use eye contact and concise wording to convey my intent. I like to smile at people because most times, they will smile in return. Makes my day a little better.
I believe my communication skills are above average. I describe the exam to them and ask if they have any questions.
Professional, use a language that they can understand, also go above And beyond to make the patient confortable during the examination.
I am very good at communicating with my patients. As I m working in Canadian set up for last couple of years that has enhanced my communication skills.
I like to think of myself as an effective communicator. I try to keep as much peace and tranquility as I can for all parties involved.
Very well get along with people very well very social.
I think I have great communication skills, I love people and I always want to help them in any way I can.
I believe that I can communicate this them effectively.
I can help patient feel comfortable in my hands.
Above average. I encounter many non english speaking patients and find using simple words so they understand is best.
Very knowledgeable and providing a great deal of patient counseling.
I believe the most important thing to remember when communicating with patients is that not everybody is in the medical field. I like to explain things to them in easy terms they will be able to understand without insulting their intelligence.
Professional and easy going.
Excellent; I have worked with people from all walks of life and from many different nationalities in my lifetime. I think listening and reading body language is key in how you should address someone. Being professional, polite, courteous and respectful are musts.
I like to make eye contact, so they know that I am really paying attention to what they have to say. Also concise wording to convey my intent. I always have a smile on my face to show my positive attitude and concern.
Very well. I always listen to what they have to say about their story.
My communication skills with patients is very good. When I interned the patients remembered me and liked to know how I was progressing in my education.
My biggest concern is that the patient is comfortable. I am an extremely kind person and show the patient that I am there for them. I communicate efficiently while maintaining a level of compassion. Not hesitating to answer any and all questions that I can.
I believe through communication with each and every patient is just as important as performing a through study. My number one priority is making sure that the patient is fully aware of the procedure and that they are comfortable.
My communication skills good. I speak very fluently and try to articulate to patients as best as possible.
I feel as though I am an easy person to talk to. I am confident in my work and empathetic to the patient's needs.
I can interact with patients very well. In my dental assists ting job, I had to talk to patients all day long. I think I am kind and have a softer, less treating tone. I am understanding and appreciative of their concerns and assure them that I will pass them on to the doctor.
I talk with smile.Keep eye contact and give information and instructions so that they feel comfortable.
Very good, I love talking and conversing with patients.
I believe I communicate clearly with patients.
My Communication Skills with my patients are detailed and filled with security.
I have never struggled with talking to people. I think the hardest part is knowing if the patient will understand what is going on so I like to describe as a I scan and I think this is helpful.
I have excellent communication skills. I have a way of putting people at ease.
My communications skills with patients is excellent. For example, I have over 13 years of experience from my current job that I utilize in the healthcare setting that helps me with commuincating.
I can handle different scenarios and pressure brought on by patients in a professional manner.
Very direct, and clearly spoken.
Fair, depends on the patients reaction to me been in the room.
Excellent. I introduce myself to the patient, I explain the procedure to them, and I make sure they are comfortable throughout the process.
I feel that I communicate well with my patients. I am currently taking a Spanish class to help to communicate with Spanish speaking patients as well.
I feel as though I can communicate very well with patients, I have the ability to distract them if needed with my words, or to share joy and happiness with them as well. As I said earlier I feel as though crisp and clear communication with a patient can lower even the most anxious of people down to a bearable level.
I have great communication skills.
I great the patient in a friendly hospitable manner, maintaining eye contact and clarity when I speak to them.
I am a great listener, will make them feel comfortable but also on topic. And help them understand there situation by being calm, and clear.
I have very strong communication skills that will allow patients to feel comfortable and understand all testing aspects.
Excellent, I think but then communication is the area that mostly contributes to majority of mistakes in the healthcare so I always look for ways of improving it by asking patients what they think or the best of greeting them is, like not long ago, I said to a patient, good morning, and they replied are sure, becoz, its not good morning for me. So now I say to all my patients 'hallo, and come in please.
Excellent! I love my patients and I want them to feel as comfortable as they possibly can when they're in my hands. I enjoy talking with them and making them feel safe.
I think I am clear in what I say. People understand me. I have a vast range of experience working with a diverse range of people, therefore I am able to relate and communicate at a level that different people of different backgrounds, religions and beliefs can understand.
Just picking a chat while scaning, enquiring about them.
I have a good communication skills with patients, usually I Start with socialization then I explain the procedure to the patient in simple way this will help me to let the patient relax and follow me during the test.
I would say I have great communication skills, I have had experience working in 3 different hospitals and I know that no every patient is not the same. I understand that patients are always right.
I would say I am calm and nice. Telling the truth and being friendly.
I am a very effective communicator. I try to explain the procedure in a simple way that the patient will understand.
I feel like I am a very good communicator. A big part of my job in veterinary practice was communicating with pet owners. I truly enjoyed this part of the job and felt like I was effective in relaying information. I currently communicate with my business clients on a daily basis.
I feel like I am a very relate able person who can communicate effectively with all types of patients.
I am very good with patients . I have been told that I make them feel very comfortable and happy. I am naturally a very happy person even on my bad days and greet every patient with a smile!
My communication skills are effective. I accomplish what I set out to do-whether it is to write a letter, compose a presentation or simply do a presentation to a group of children when I was planning on talking to adults,
I am very good at conversing with people and organizations convincing them and making sure that they believe all I say.
My communication skills are effective. I sete out to accomplish whatever I need to do. Whether it's preparing a presentation for a group of teens, when I was prepared to present to adults. Understanding the population and catering the presentation and materials to that population is key.
My communication skills are effective. I sete out to accomplish whatever I need to do. Whether it's preparing a presentation for a group of teens, when I was prepared to present to adults. Understanding the population and catering the presentation and materials to that population is key.
I'd say I have good communication skills. When I feel I am struggling to work along-side someone or someone in a certain setting has made me feel uncomfortable, I feel that I am able to approach them and express my feelings effectively and reach a way to move forward.
I believe I have great communication skills. I understand when to speak and when to listen, and understanding that each person communicates in different ways and to effectively communicate with them I have to understand that.
My communication skills are very effective.
I'm good at communicating with all genders, and clients that are willing to open and share. Those who are a little more difficult to reach, I start by using ice breakers.
I consider myself a "people person" and approach all communication, whether written or oral, formal or informal, with a belief that all parties bring their best intentions to the table. For me, this translates to an ability to be mindful of my reactions and think through responses effectively. There are some general rules of thumb that I follow when it comes to communicating. 1. I want to ensure what I'm saying is accurate and well informed and well articulated. 2. I am mindful of being a good listener, considering other viewpoints, and being respectful of opinions. This also includes seeking for and asking for input when appropriate. 3. I want to be motivating and clearly state the action I would like to be taken... Have I been 100% clear? I am fascinated with social media communications, and especially with newer applications, such as Yik Yak, Next Door, and Reddit. Both traditional and modern forms of communication are really important while working in our diverse and large county, so multiple communication methods are key.
I am able to present well. I am able to clearly write any observations I make.
I have great communication skills, its one of my strong areas. I help when and where I am needed. I don't mind speaking in front of crowds. I like to be on the same page with my supervisor and co workers.
I feel that I have always been able to be pretty clear with my communication and expectations for my students. At the beginning of the school year, I will map out our entire classroom expectations and procedures. I will present what is expected of my students in order to be successful academically and the students will establish "goals" that they will try to accomplish throughout the semester. Before we start a new unit, I always present to the students what their learning objectives are. If we are working towards an individual/or group project, I always provide a grading rubric to my students so they are aware of what is expected to be presented in their project. As for ways to communicate with parents/guardians, I will also have my course information available on my school webpage (whether it's school page or google classroom). This will be updated weekly to let parents/guardians know what to expect in the upcoming week(s).
I have an excellent communication skills in english.
I am very communicative men. I like to work with collectives and try to find for every one special way.
Good, I am open for deccussion and made decisions based on adequate Info.
I communicate very well when it comes to verbal and nonverbal communication.
Its up to the level of requirement.
It is good and efficient as I dealt with with international clients in my previous company.
My communication skills are very good in a way that I can talk to both colleagues and customers without any derogatory issues.
I have excellent communication skills, verbally face toface, messages note form ,
My communications skills are good, I deliver communications in different methods, verbally, written, text,
I have gained excellent communication skills from my various jobs and internships. I've learned to communication efficiently, and clearly to both coworkers and customers. It has enabled me to quickly handle any customer issues to the best of my ability.
My communication skills are my most important asset, as I have learned from experience that if you have no dialogue open then you will be working on catching up and or patching holes wherever there may be a fire that day.
Great, I make sure I am clearly understood and leave notes where applicable to help my colleagues understand a situation properly without having to explain myself.
Based on previous experiences with customers and coworkers, I would say that they are effective.
Getting better all the time. Communication is a funny, wiggly creature that morphs and changes into something new with every single person you come in contact. Knowing that, is half the battle. The other half, is being honest, and often, opting for more communication over less - though it definitely pays to know when to stay quiet. That's the thing about communicating, it's going to look different between every pair, or group of people doing it. But being able to read the situation, quickly, adapting your tone and words to fit with the situation, and then being real, being kind, and making sure you listen as well.
I try my best to give clear and concise information so there isn't any wonder or unsureness to my expectations.
My communication skills are excellent.
I am a quiet question, I believe the more knowledge a persona have the more efficient is the communication.
My communication skills are good.
My communication skills are very well as In my current role I am speaking a lot with clients and sales.
I think I do have a strong communication with children, parents and co-workers.
I have excellent communications skills. I make sure that what I explain everyone understands. I make sure that all staff gets a copy of all emails and memos.
Very good, like meeting different people from all walks of life.
I like to listen, and I like to understand what I listen. I like to think before I speak, before I type, and before I send what I type.
Although English is not my navy language, I can speak and write and very professional level. I may have an accent, but that is what makes special and unique.
I usually tell the customer what the problem is and what caused it. Keep them updated till the issue is resolved.
My communication skills are excellent. I can speak to virtually anyone on a professional level.
My communication style is verbal with a smile.

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