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When have you worked among a diverse group of people?

This question has been answered 25 times by professional recruiters and hiring managers. View their answers below.

The interviewer would like to know that you are accustomed to working with a broad range of people.Are you accustomed to working with a very large or diverse team of individuals? Assure the interviewer that you can handle an environment that offers diversity.

911 Dispatcher answer example
"I have worked as a 911 dispatcher in such a huge range of situations. Every call is different and I am well accustomed to adapting myself to each situation. The level of help or service that I offer has never wavered depending on race, culture or social standing."
ABA Therapist answer example
"I have worked with diverse groups of people most of my career, including my time in University. I am most comfortable, and happy, in this type of environment because it offers a great learning opportunity."
ABE Teacher answer example
"I have worked with diverse groups of people most of my career, including my time in University. I am most comfortable, and happy, in this type of environment because it offers a great learning opportunity for everyone involved."
Academic Advisor answer example
"In my current role, I work alongside a very large group of individuals who represent much diversity. Together, we manage our business and effectiveness very well."
Actor and Actress answer example
"I have worked with diverse groups of people most of my acting career, including my time in University. I am most comfortable, and happy, in this type of environment because it offers a great learning opportunity."
Admin answer example
"In my current role, I work alongside cross-functional teams regularly. Together, we effectively run the day to day needs of the business."
Admissions Counselor answer example
"In my current role, I work alongside a huge group of individuals who represent much diversity. Together, we manage our business and effectiveness very well."
Animator answer example
"I have worked with diverse groups of people most of my career, including my time in University. I am most comfortable, and happy, in this type of environment because it offers a great learning opportunity."
Attendance Clerk answer example
"I have been working as an attendance clerk for past six years, and in this time span I have worked with, and for, people from several backgrounds. I feel very comfortable with diversity and adapt easily to new situations."
Basic answer example
"I have worked with diverse groups of people most of my career, including my time in University. I am most comfortable, and happy, in this type of environment because it offers a great learning opportunity."
Biomedical Technician answer example
"I have worked with diverse groups of people most of my career, including my time in university. I am most comfortable, and happy, in this type of environment because it offers a great learning opportunity."
Concierge answer example
"I have worked with diverse groups of people most of my customer service career, including my time in university. I am most comfortable, and happy, in this type of environment because it offers many opportunities for continued learning."
Elementary Teacher answer example
"The last class that I taught really didn't have much diversity because the students were all mostly from the same area. I have received diversity training and I'm very fair and consistent in the way I treat everyone. Regardless of anyone's culture, children universally respond to a teacher who listens carefully and adapts to their specific needs. I treat everyone as an individual."
Law Enforcement answer example
"I am very comfortable working with a diverse range of individuals. Currently, I volunteer at the local homeless shelter and it's as diverse as you can imagine. I come across the most wonderful people and it makes for very memorable conversations."
Manager answer example
"I would say that pretty much every company I have worked for has valued diversity. Working with people from all walks of life help shed different perspectives and identify potential problems faster."
Marketing answer example
"I have worked in a diverse environment my entire marketing career. A successful marketing agency should embrace diversity of all kinds. It's what spurs creativity and genius ideas!"
Mental Health Counselor answer example
"This question indicates that you will be working with people from all walks of life and differing ethnicity. Let them know you are comfortable with a wide variety of clients. Give an example of how you have worked with different populations, whether during your internship, school or in a previous role. "
Model answer example
"I have worked with diverse groups of people most of my modeling career. In creative environments, you must be able to handle an extensive range of personalities. I am most comfortable, and happy, in this type of environment because it offers a great learning opportunity."
Pharmacy Technician answer example
"I have no problem working with customers from all walks of life. I understand that everyone's different, and I can adapt easily to different personalities and communication styles."
Preschool Teacher answer example
"I have worked with students from various backgrounds ever since I started teaching, five years ago. One of the most memorable was when I worked with a child who was a recent immigrant from Sudan. Her English skills snowballed because I would spend an extra 30 minutes with her before school started. She was such an eager and fast learner, I will never forget that rewarding experience."
Private Tutor answer example
"Be open and honest with the interviewer sharing your experiences with students from culturally diverse backgrounds. Everyone's experiences will be different, and the interviewer will use your response to better understand the training you should be provided for the environment if you are hired for the job. Share your experiences tutoring other students, coaching sports teams, assisting in classrooms, and even babysitting experiences describing the culturally diverse backgrounds. It will help the interviewer understand your experiences, and it will create a gauge for the interviewer to prepare a great training plan for you!"
Reading Teacher answer example
"I have worked as a reading teacher in both private and public schools. The private education facilities naturally see a more affluent family demographic where the public system has exposed me to a wider variety of populations. I am open to working with all types of populations and am not adverse, in any way, to diversity."
Retail answer example
"In retail, diversity is everywhere, and I love it! I have always worked in diverse environments, and I am thankful for that."
Teacher answer example
"Teachers and students offer incredibly diverse workplace opportunities. Exposure to diversity is a must in the workplace, especially in an educational environment."
Welfare Eligibility Worker answer example
"As a welfare eligibility worker, you will need to be comfortable working with people of all races, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. Share an example of a job you held working with a diverse group of people. "When I was working at the homeless shelter, there were people of all nationalities and backgrounds. It was interesting to hear their stories and get to know them. I really enjoyed being able to support them through their difficult time."

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When have you worked among a diverse group of people?
I have encountered with a lot of different people while serving attendance. From parents being upset, things not being done in a timely manner, to school reach calls going to the wrong people and also mail.
I have experience as a registrar and have been in contact with all ages ranging from high school graduates to working parents.
As I mentioned before, always stay calm in any situation. Always try to calm the person down and find out what the situation or problem is and assure them they will get their question or problem resolved.
When I worked with WW, I had to handle many different people, with many different questions, at the same time. I also went into companies and was able to adapt to many different work environments.
In all my past work experiences I have dealt with people from various social and economic backgrounds. It's part of daily life, really.
Well I've worked with special needs children and their parents I've developed IEP's for each student of mine and have meetings early with parents describing our academic goals and their academic goals for their children. I've dealt with parents crying and upset with how their children are acting, in which we resolved with a specific plan of action for both teachers and parents.
There have been numerous occasions where I have had to handle tough situations in a Professional manner. Parents always need to be informed of child behavior, even when the parents are not pleased with the information. From serious medical emergencies to programs fee policies, I am constantly answering questions and using a telephone. I communicate with all types of personalities and special needs.
I worked for years in the mental health field where I have dealt with individuals with many different personality types, I am able show respect and work with everyone.
The fact that I have worked at different places as a teacher. I have come across different students and not only students but also environments. I worked in private.
Working in a wedding environment, one is constantly confronted with a variety of people running on emotions. It is my job to control the situation and get the vendor, bride, family, or guest to calm down and find a solution to the problem. Often it is really listening to a person vent.
I started at Durham as a substitute in the office during the first week of school. They had hired a new receptionist, but she couldn't be there during the first week of school. I hit the ground running, by helping people enroll, answered questions about requirements, and answered the phones as well. Of course I didn't really know any of the answers to their questions, but I wasn't afraid to ask questions and find the answers. I knew that I was there to help facilitate a smooth new start to the school year, and did whatever I could to help make that happen. The receptionist came the next day, and I think she was overwhelmed, as she didn't return. I worked the next week and then they asked me if I wanted the job. I worked with a first year AP as well as a seasoned AP. I have had parents thank me for explaining the attendance and 90% rule to them and I have Another year, the power was out on the first day of school and we had to work through that... It was a challenge, but we explained to the parents and students what we were dealing with and we.
The beauty of humans is the difference in background and behavior. I have the patience and willingness to help the parents and students as much as I can.
Prioritize things, when you are in a school setting anything can come at you at any given time. Student walks in and isn't feeling well and at the same time the 9th graders are still waiting for their bus to show up, and you have a parent at the counter brow beating you because her sons grades are inaccurate and it needs to be fixed now or else it could be difficult for him to persue his favorite college. Always prioritize, make sure the student isn't going to get sick right there suggest he go lie down in the clinic. Ask the parent to please wait for just a minute while I call transportation. Meantime get the appropriate party in the office to help rectify the schools mistake on the report card if that is the case nonetheless start their with her concerns.
Working at NARA I dealt with many different aged, religion, race, and background. I have a rule to treat everyone as I would want to be treated no matter what. NARA is a rehab where I heald many different positions that required me to adapt quickly to my environment or audience. I could need to speak to parents about getting their child into the Nak-Nu-Wit program if it was determined that the youth had a drug problem. I could need to run the front desk of the administration building covering for a lunch break or absence.
I can always adapt to any situation, I have always worked in different environments, different situations, and can adapt to anything, I'm a peoples person working with the public is what I do.
When I worked in retail I always met different types of people and always was in different situations. One example was when I was working in retail I had to clean out the fitting room, this customer from a different country was used to changing in the aisle of the fitting room, customers felt very uncomfortable with her changing freely in that way, so I had to go into the fitting room and talk to her explaining why she had to step into a room and change. She seemed a little thrown off, but she did respect that other people felt uncomfortable and changed in the room.
As a Office Aide in a fast paced setting I feel that I am able to adapt to any situation. There are times when I may have to send a memo to the entire school within the hour, and I have gathered the tools and/or persons needed to ensure the deadline was met. Being part of a heavily populated school environment the parent demand is always very high. I am always sure to effectively help the parents while completely my tasks on a tight deadline.
I Adapt to a number of people now at work I earn there trust cause of how comparison ate I am with others from young and old.
My previous job was Internet Helpdesk. I would deal with a variety of customers. It could be someone who was very Tech Savvy to an elderly person just using the internet or setting up email for the first time. I would explain how to set up using simpler terms.
I’ve shown my ability to adapt by successfully working in several very different jobs.
Whilst working at St Caths I was working not only with children in the classroom but was communicating with parents and staff. This was always done with ease and is reflected in the reference from my previous employer.
My first job during college was working as a temp in a records management group. While there I was loaned out to several other departments to do varying jobs from data entry to researching through old files. With each job I had to adapt to the employee/supervisor and the new task.
I have worked with difficult parents, irate patients and I am very good at diffusing situations and finding solutions when it is needed.
I've woked with many different customers that were in extremely life difficult situations at my current place of employment. I deal with customers on a daiy basis that are at risk of foreclosure on their home due to loss of income, unexpected event such as divorce, death or a distabilty. I have learned to show empathy and concern for the many different people I deal with since they all different personalities and situations. This experience has provided me with ability to adapt to a wide variety of people and situations.
Working in a classroom with multiple personalities you must learn to adapt. as long as we communicate and have mutual respect for one another as well as culturally. Things change all the time they have moved me from classroom to classroom and I have adaptive to every situation well.
Well, I work in a dental office currently, which probably doesn't seem too grand, but my office is widely known among the company as the busiest and hardest working. On a calm day, we'll see around 50 patients in the office. I have dealt with Spanish speakers from other countries who didn't quite understand about dental treatment, and I've dealt with mentally ill patients who needed help filling out their paperwork. Even before I worked in my current office, I worked in a popular attraction in San Jose, Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, and even met people travelling from other countries to visit. Our busy days in my office do get very busy, though, and a busy day could consist of nearly 200 patients. Because our office is small, I've dealt with frustrated parents and such. I feel as though I would be comfortable whatever the situation may be.
I can listen to the parent or student and their situation. A lot of time you need to take in the factor of the students enviornments.
I worked in very busy offices and in offices that are more low key. When I worked for the Associate Dean at the Lancaster Theological Seminary, I was responsible for professors turning their grades in on time at the end of the marking period. There were a few that missed the deadline. I politely pursued converstation with them hand in their grades until they did. One of the professors joked and called me a tiger. Another instance would be in my current job in the cafeteria. There are changes to the menu that we have to be adaptable in how to charge them for their meal. Sometimes the school changes the lunchtimes due to an Activity Period. You just have to roll with the punches and get the job done.
I am slow to anger. I search why people are upset and not take it personally. Give them time and space to relieve themselves then pay attention to them and if possible and needed help them.
Our school district is very diverse. We have many cultures represented. My job will be to diplomatic when dealing with parents who disregard school attendance policy.
I am comfortable with working with happy and unhappy parents. I am able to listen and help them understand what we need and expect in any situation. I try to maintain a calm and composed manner which makes it easier to respond to escalated situations.
I am very empathetic, a fantastic listener and am very patient. Working in Special Education, I utilize these characteristics every day. Each student is very different, and has different strengths, as well as weaknesses. I try to make sure that they have a comfortable learning environment by making sure they know they can be themselves. I know that everyone is different, has different backgrounds and different reasons for why they might behave or interact in a certain manner. I try to do my best to make sure they know I understand where they are coming from. Sometimes these situations are stressful, or an emergency setting. Staying calm, focused on the situation allows me to make sure we make the most of the situation.
I have encounter many cituations where parent come and make complaints in referance to bullying. Parents making complaints agains teacher. Uhappy with not being called when their child was injured and how I camly listened to their concern and addressed their situation.
I have worked in many different situations, with many different people. I've worked the night shift doing data entry for an insurance company in Florida. I've worked in a small 15 employee financial office doing many different tasks: from receptionist greeting clients and answering phones to an assistant helping put together files and sending in annuity applications; I've worked in a church office that also had a small private school and have assisted in the many different aspects or running both; and now, working as a clerical and instructional aide substitute with the school district, I have had multiple job titles: from assisting in SDC classrooms and helping file in the special ed office, to filling in in the attendance office, filling in as a middle school receptionist, helping out with preschool registration, and working as the primary contact with the SES program. I've also worked as the Principal's secretary at one of the school locations for 2 1/2 weeks. In each of these positions, I've been able to learn new procedures quickly and adapt to the working environment. I think having a pleasant demeanor and being able to get along with coworkers at each location has been beneficial.
I have worked in quiet a number of call centres where you get a wide range and different people and I have survived, and I still work and responsible for 3 offices with more than 5 people in them.
One example would be my previous job at the Aircraft company I was responsible for various jobs in which included inventory of aircrafts parts the data entry of parts as well as tacking them and matching the serial number before wrapping and packing them for shipment. Updating my worksheet with all the parts numbers and packing slips with tracking number. Also I would like to include that when I worked in tax field I was interacting with multiple clients and had to attend to them in a fashionably fast passed manner to get them in and out quickly and performing great customer satisfaction.
When a parent comes in frustrated about their students attendance unexpectedly, I tend to put all of my attention toward the parent and then after they are done talking ask any questions and tell them that I would be more than happy to help with this matter.
Working in a preschool environment, I am exposed to different situations on a daily basis. I can walk into work and have a brand new family who is there for their child's first day, a parent is waiting in the lobby to make a payment along with finding that one of my classrooms is in need of help from another teacher. In this situation I would prioritize. In this situation, I would welcome the new family and ask them first if they wouldn't mind giving me just a couple of minutes to help my paying family first (since this only takes a moment). While I am taking payment from family, I can pick up a phone and call a classroom to have a teacher go help my teacher in need. By handing these situations first, I am able to give my new family my undivided attention in walking them to their classroom, meet their teacher and give the time to get settled.
I am a very reserved girl always to myself but if you open up to people not necessarily personal stuff but to mingle you find that their is always someone you can relate with or understand.
No. I love meeting and chatting with all different people.
Not at all. I enjoy talking to all kinds of people and feel that it is a talent of mine.
Oh no, I love meeting new people and working with many different types of people.
No of course not. I love people and communicating with them and maybe making new friends.
No. I enjoy being around all types of people and experiencing their personalities and what they bring to the table.
Not at all. It's something I enjoy at times, being able to meet different people is always a good experience.
Nope. Diversity creates creativity.
When do I start?
Not at all! I love new people, and being able to converse and make new connections!
I have lived overseas many years.
I like to help all patients in the same manor providing each patient with healthcare advice which is suited to their individual needs.
It is fine I like working with everyone.
Empathy behave and concentrate on patient condition..
I get more patient and focus on get the patient properly served.
Already answered.
Patients are always to the disadvantage because of their health issues and I always treat them with patients and kindness.
Well I like to work with all kinds of people divesity.
I treat every patient with the same respect that all patients deserve.
I like to work with anyone, I will provide my services for incoming patients.
I treat all patients with the same level of care. I try to help others in the best way that I can. I treat everyone with respect.
I focus on my job so if I have a difficult coworker,I try not to let it bother me.
I have never worked with indigent patients, but I can assume that they liked to be listened to.
What do you think you can bring to this pharmacy assistant position.
I will do the best of my ability.
I feel good about the service I give to every patient.
I have nothing against them so I will treat them like I treat the other patients.
It feel good in helping patients helping solve problems.
I like helping each individual according to their needs.
I have no problem with them. Whether the person is rich or poor I treat them the same. They are all customers so I should treat them all the same good customer service.
Fine, everyone has needs, some more than others, as part of the profession these patients need more than the healthy man on the street.
Is okay I can handle them.
I feel bad for them and wish I could do more for them.
I have no problem working with patients.
I have never before but I love learning new things whether is be difficult or easy.
Well every person needs help at some point in they lives and is alw2ays good to help rather than judging and find out resources to provide help or direct them into the correct directions where more help and advice can be provided.
I dont have any problem with it.
I have no problem working with indigent patients. Plus, I'll treat all of our patients equally.
Patients are naturally curious and sometimes worried about the amount of medication that are prescribed to them. It is important to listen to their concerns patientyl and answer all queries. The medical team must be notified about the patients concerns.
Fine because I know that I would do my best to help that patient with whatever he/she need.
I believe that all people should be treated fairly, and that nobody is better than anyone else, despite their socioeconomic status.
Very okay. They must be able to get some drugs that are affordable.
I feel like everyone gets the same amount of service regardless.
It makes no difference to how they should be treated and personal opinions need to be put to one side and everyone should be treated in the same fair manner regardless of age, ethnicity, class etc.
No issue, I've dealt with it all.
Fine because I know that I would do my best to help that patient with whatever he/she need.
Its not a problem I come across them daily now.
Fine. Obivously I will be working as an assistant to help people anyway, so I think to some degree each customer will be indigent, as they are reliant on you to provide a service. I would just treat them all the same, all with the same compassion and empathy.
I am open to working in any typeof environment and with different types of patients. I am comfortable enough to know I can handle them.
I feel indigent patients are in need of care-giving as much as anyone else, and I do not have an issue with working with them.
Occidental College prides itself on diversity, so the last five years of my life have been spent learning alongside a culturally diverse student body.
My practicum experiences, ESL tutoring, teaching at the International School of Brussels. I have learned the importance of learning as much about the cultural backgrounds of the students that I am teaching in order to better understand what their understanding are of how things work at school, the language that they are familiar with, the cultural practices that they are familiar with etc. My practicum experiences have showed me how valuable it can be to ask students to share about their backgrounds. Even the very young ones have a great deal to share. I saw this happen in one of my Kindergarten classes when one of the girls in my class brought in loot bags and took the opportunity to explain to the class about Eid. In working at a Homework Club with two brothers who had recently arrived in Canada from China, I developed a much greater understanding of the fact that people from different backgrounds have different understandings of how teacher-student relationships should be. Those boys did not look me in the eye and rarely spoke, and after doing a bit of research, I learned that that is a sign of respect in their culture. This experience opened my eyes to how many different expectations can be present in a classroom when students are from diverse backgrounds. Finally, my placement at ISB was very interesting in terms of language and cultural references. We had people from all over the world in our classroom -- America, England, Korea, Italy, Australia, and I was from Canada. Perhaps a funny, but I think important, learning experience was the fact that I never knew what to call the garbage. The Americans called it the trash, the Brits called it the bin and I called it the garbage. The plus the fact that we had English Language Learners in our class made me much more aware of being sensitive to the backgrounds of the students in my class.
Ask them what their culture looks like and show deep interest to know about their background. That will show them you are interesting and caring person.
According famlilies need , talks to the parents about the kids culutal.
I have been teaching at hcc for three years. The diversity in my classes represents the diversity in the country at large. I have had caucasians, hispanics, african american, asians, europeans etc in my class. I relate very well with everyone, I understand cultural differences and I do not let any of such come in the way of my professional relationship with my students.
I used to volunteer at a school were the kids were from all different backgrounds, so I keep a open mind about their cultures.
Not much experience to be honest.
My own background is diverse. Grew up in msia, completed Australian high school, uni in NZ. All good grades. Cambodian student and Congolese students. And now nanny for two students who are doing NZ education system.
Well since coming to the UK I have had teaching experiences with students from Jewish, Pakistani, Indian and English backgrounds. I believe I have had a mix of diverse experiences with these groups.
That is the best thing in living and tutoring in London. You met with people from different cultural backgrounds - you need to build on that and use for your advantage.
I tutored at UHD where the student body is very diverse. There are quite a number of indian, pakistan, chinese, japanese students. So I have tutored all these types of students during my tutoring hours.
Coming from the Caribbean and to North American I have worked with kids both of African, oriental and caucasian descent.
I tried to make them feel comfortable by asking about their culture and showing respect for their diversity.

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