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Rachelle Enns
Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter who helps everyone from students to fortune 500 executives find success in their career.
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Looking at your resume, it seems there are certain skills necessary for this position that do not stand out. How do you think you will be able to compensate for these missing skills?
Example #1
"I realize that I may not check off all of the boxes for this position; however, I can assure you that I am a rapid learner. Experience in QuickBooks is not my strongest suit, but I am very well versed in another accounting program called Sage. I think that I can pick up the required knowledge quickly."
Example #2
"I am fully committed to learning, and mastering, any important skills for this role that I do not currently have. Could you share with me any skills that stand out to you?"
Example #3
"I have not led teams up to 50 people, such as you mentioned in your job posting; however, I have worked with teams up to 30 seamlessly. In my current role, I have only 5% turnover, the lowest employee turnover rate in ten years. I am confident in my ability to handle the responsibilities associated with this role."
Example #4
"I understand there are skills on my resume of strong interest to you and I am prepared to work double time to correct any shortcomings you may see on my resume. If you could point to me which areas you feel I lack experience, I would be happy to elaborate on those today."
Example #5
"I will learn whatever skills are needed to excel in this position. I will find a coworker mentor and take sales courses, if necessary. You won't be disappointed."
Example #6
"As per your job description, I do not have experience selling in the SaaS industry, but I do have experience in communications and technology. Both are highly technical industries, and I am certain I will be able to learn your industry, and the particular verbiage that comes along with that, very quickly."
Example #7
"Could you share with me which skills you are seeking? I have a diverse range of classroom experiences that I can certainly elaborate on."
Example #8
"nice to have"
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