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Communication Interview Questions
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How do you show your co-workers the importance of communication in the workplace?

How to Answer
The interviewer would like to know that you lead by example when it comes to communication in the workplace. Breakdown of communication in a business setting can have dire effects on the profitability of an organization. This effect is why it is essential, as a leader, to understand that 'telling' and 'showing' are two very different things when it comes to proper communication. Give examples of how you put dialogue into action in the workplace.

Answer Example
"I show my co-workers the importance of communication through my willingness to ask questions if I do not understand the first time. I do not pretend to know something to save face. By creating an environment where questions are encouraged, we have increased communication greatly, and have seen a healthier safety record as a result."
Admin Example
"I show my co-workers the importance of communication in the workplace simply from leading by example. I set the tone and expectations for how we should communicate by utilizing all forms of written, verbal and interpersonal communications to a tee."
Manager Example
"I show the importance of communication through a team building exercise that I like to use, whenever possible. Some of my favorite team building exercises include taking my team out for lunches, holding office trivia, and creating physical goal-setting roadmaps."
Marketing Example
"In marketing, we have to communicate every small detail of our projects. I encourage this with my team by asking everyone to use Trello, a project management app that tracks our progress and needs, every step of the way. It's like web-based sticky notes!"
Retail Example
"Many customer service issues stem from poor communication. When we have a customer dispute, I work with my team to explore other alternatives. We often role play and discuss ways that we could have reacted better. This practice has greatly improved our customer reviews."
Sales Example
"As a sales professional, our inter-office communication means more sales and happier clients. The analytics don't lie! I encourage my team to communicate even the details that seem minute. These details can help us to upsell or gain further insight into our clients' current pain points."
Teacher Example
"When we communicate the needs and struggles of our students, between teachers, it helps everyone to be more successful. I am sure to always fill my faculty in on students who may be struggling with a particular subject. We can then gather to make a game plan that benefits the student."
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