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Common Interview Questions
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Why do you want this job?

How to Answer
Recruiters and hiring managers often receive hundreds of applications per job. If you are lucky enough to land an interview, make some effort and research the opportunity. Think about how this job will help you in your career. It's essential for you to know not only what you have to offer them, but what they can do for you.

While your passion and excitement for the job are essential, it's always good to have some hard facts to back it up. For instance, saying 'I have heard great things about your company, and I know I would be a great fit for this job,' is not very specific. If you find recent news articles or press releases which talk about the company's accomplishments, mention how that impressed you.

Answer Example
"I am excited about this opportunity because your values are very much in line with mine. I deeply care about giving back to the community. I also feel like this job will help me reach my goal of working in a management position, because of the leadership opportunities within this role."
Admin Example
"I have had my eye on new administrative openings in your company for some time now. I worked for your organization last year in a temp function and loved the atmosphere. Your customers are friendly, and you have solid procedures which are important to me, as someone who values detail and organization."
Manager Example
"I appreciate the mentality of your other managers and would be thrilled to join an organization that encourages collaboration, mentorship, and career growth. Our management styles will mesh very well."
Marketing Example
"I'm interested in your company, and this position in particular, because I've been longing to get into the tech startup space for quite a while. I have researched the many options in our city and chose to apply here because you are disrupting a market that needs disruption. Your culture is top notch, and that comes through very well in your brand story."
Retail Example
"I have looked at your company as the leading star and where I wanted to end up for as long as I can remember. I know that this position will give me the further education, training, and experience that I need to be successful in retail sales."
Sales Example
"I identified your company as "the one" for me over a year ago and have been keeping my eye out for the right position ever since. I know that working here is the best next step to advance my sales career and I am ready to help move your organization to the next big milestone with my years of experience in both marketing and sales. I've been a customer for a long time now, and now I'm itching to be on the inside."
Teacher Example
"This is the district I have always wanted to work. Not only is the community the right fit for me, but the role of a Spanish teacher is a dream for me. I love teaching new, and seasoned, Spanish students. Igniting or reigniting their passion for the language. I love making learning fun, and I know that your district values align with my own."
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