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Why are you looking for a new job?

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The interviewer wants to be sure that they will be able to meet your needs and not become a repeat of this current desire to leave your job. It's okay, to be honest, but be careful not to overshare. It is best if you can focus primarily on your future wish list vs. dwelling on what is going wrong in your current position.

3D Animator answer example
" “I value growth. It's important to me that I grow in my career so I can continue to be a valuable asset to the company I’m working for. I’ve noticed tremendous growth in your company the past year, and that really appeals to me.” "
Admin answer example
"My company is closing its doors. It was a small family run company, and the owner recently passed away. His wife decided it would be best to sell the business."
Auto Mechanic answer example
"In my current role there is minimal growth opportunity. One of the owners holds the next position in line, so I truly have reached my peak there. I am very thankful for everything my current company has offered me the past four years; however, I am ready to expand my horizons."
Basic answer example
"In my current role there is a minimal growth opportunity. One of the owners holds the next position in line, so I truly have reached my peak there. I am very thankful for everything my current company has offered me the past four years; however, I am ready to expand my horizons."
Budget Analyst answer example
"Since the company merger last year, the workplace culture I admired so much is no longer there. I am on the search for a supportive and positive environment where I can continue to flourish."
Cost Accountant answer example
" “I value growth! It's important to me that I grow in my career so I can continue to be a valuable asset to the company for which I am working. I’ve noticed tremendous growth in your company the past year, and that appeals to me.” "
Electrical Technician answer example
"I am looking for a new position as the volume in my current role has decreased significantly, and I am facing a potential layoff."
Health Information Technician answer example
"In my current role, there is a very little growth opportunity. The next position in line is held by the lead Health Information Technician so I truly have reached my peak there. I am very thankful for everything my current company has offered me the past 4 years; however, I would like to expand my horizons."
Manager answer example
"Since my company went through a merger, I have been looking for a new role. The quality of production has declined, and I am no longer proud to represent the product that is being put out."
Medical Receptionist answer example
"In my current role, there is a very little growth opportunity. The next position in line is held by one of the owners so I truly have reached my peak there. I am very thankful for everything my current company has offered me the past 4 years; however, I would like to expand my horizons."
Nursing answer example
"Make sure you are honest with your answer because chances are the interviewer has already searched your FB account for work bashing messages or even called your previous boss. If you left for a better opportunity be sure to highlight the employment development opportunities that you read about on their site to put the interviewer's mind at ease that you won't bail if you start getting bored. If it is to lessen your drive time so you can spend more time with your family then be sure to share that. Be honest and up front."
Property Manager answer example
"Be candid with the interviewer sharing why you are pursuing other companies. The key is to only talk about your past employer in a positive manner focusing on how you would like to better yourself with a new opportunity! Not a fan of your current manager? That's okay! Simply tell the interviewer that you are hoping to find a manager who can mentor you and help you grow as a property manager. Dislike your current working hours? Easy! Tell the interviewer that you are seeking a working schedule that allows you to have more time with your friends and family. Translate your reason for leaving into how you will benefit from the transition!"
Restaurant Manager answer example
"I am not actively seeking a new position but did see your position posted and it prompted me to apply. I believe that our city needs a new hot-spot and I truly believe that your restaurant will be just that. I like my current position; however, I would love to grow with a business that is interested in creating new culinary experiences for its patrons."
Retail answer example
"I've been keeping an eye on your company, and location, for a long time. I am finally ready to make the leap and take a big step in advancing my career. I don't take the decision lightly, and I am so excited for what is to come. I know that I can learn more and grow faster with your company than any other, and I look forward to that opportunity."
Sales answer example
"I feel as though I made a poor choice by taking this most recent job. Headhunted for a brand new company; the framework, leadership, and business plan described when they recruited me did not turn out anywhere close to what they'd envisioned. Nonetheless, I have stuck it out for a year and learned what I could from the position and the organization. I feel it is time to move on. Because of my most recent misstep, I am even more careful about the next move. I want to be sure that I make a solid, informed decision and I feel as though your company is where I should be for the long term."
Teacher answer example
"I am seeking a new opportunity to get closer to home. Also, now that my kids are out of elementary school, I can take the position without the conflict of potentially being assigned to their school. This district has been the dream option for me for a long time."
Welfare Eligibility Worker answer example
"Why are you pursuing a new endeavor? Perhaps you are seeking a new challenge. Maybe you need more money to make ends meet. Or, maybe you have just heard such great things about the job that you couldn't pass up the opportunity. Whatever your reason for leaving, now is the time to share it. Mention a few of the positives about your current employer, and share what you will miss about it as well. This shows the interviewer that you care about your place of employment, but you recognize that now may be a good time to make a change."
Wildland Firefighter answer example
"I am ready to take my career to the next level. I have been working for the juvenile justice department for three years but I always wanted to be a firefighter. I have been training for months and volunteering at the local fire department. I know that I'm ready to take on the responsibilities and ready to make the sacrifices to do so." Share what you're looking forward to in this new role as a wildland firefighter. If you were working in another field prior to public safety, talk about how you became interested in this new job. Share how you have been working towards it and how you believe you will excel in the field. "

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Why are you looking for a new job?
New exposure with increased salary.
A position to apply my skills and experience.
I retired 3 years ago needed something to do and I’ve always liked this company so I thought I would apply.
Because I want a new exposure in my life with good salary.
As I am getting new exposure to my life with a good salary.
I am looking for a new job because I currently don't have one.
I know with vet nursing that no two days are the same and that gets me excited.
I'm seeking new opportunity. I feel like I have taken every possibility out of my current job and there just aren't any challenges left anymore in this job. I feel like it's time to learn new points-of-view regarding the business. I think this job is good for my future and I see a lot of opportunities in it.
My work life balance has shifted in a negative way and I dont feel that my efforts are appreciated and I always give 110%
I am not looking for a new job I am seeing my options.
Because I am looking for a more challenging job that I will learn in and be able to progress.
This is part of my retirement plan . Part of what would like to do as a small pay back or pay it forward for all those to whom I cannot say Thank you for saving my life. I do not consider this a job, but a calling.
My contract wasn't renewed due to decrease in workload.
Because I would like a change. And change someone else's life too.
The position I am applying for has always been a goal for me and I want to achieve that goal.
I wish to continue my career in radiotherapy which I left temporarily in order to relocate to manchester.
To increase job skill and provide experience to the existing company.
I am looking forward that I can able to share my potentials and skills in the company that would applying for.
I am looking forward that I can able to share my potentials and skills in the company that would applying for.
I have been aware of the benefits of working at Humana for years. Not just the opportunity for financial success but the whole enviroment. Knowing my friends experiences when I heard there was an opportunity to become part of this family I wanted to get onboard.
Because I need to sharpen my customer service skills.
Productive. Grow professionally and personally with new challenges and opportunities.
I am always looking to learn new skills and there isnt any room for growth in my current position.
My contract with my previous employer just ended and I have been looking for new opportunities to transition to.
Work closer to home provide more for my family my knowledge and.
My property is for sale and I am looking to further my career.
I feel a need to start focussing more on career goals rather than just working day to day.
I require employment that has stability and security.
My original goal was to change careers into property management when I moved back here last summer. After realizing that it was going to take more time to achieve that goal, I took my current job to satisfy income needs. As soon as I am able to land a career in my desired industry, I will persue it.
I left my position as a staff nurse not because I had a problem with my employer but rather because of an unexpected family problem.
Leaving my previous job is not that easy. But working in night shift ruon my health.
Leaving my previous job is not easy but working in a not shift and grave yard schedule is not good for my health anymore.
Personal growth and professional development.
I feel I need more challenges and your organisations fits rightly in this regard.
They change my profile from technical to non technical.
My project is over.
Inerested To work in a product based company.
It has become monotonous, looking for techno managerial role,
I feel at this stage of my career, I am ready to accept new changes, I'd like to learn new things.
I am leaving to pursue my professional career in Manufacturing and Production.
- Key in data of clients into the system in order to create Customer Number (CN), check CBC, and create loan application to ensure the information is timely and accurately recorded. - Post loan repayment of all Back Office (BO) transactions to ensure that all repayments are promptly and correctly posted. - Manage client documents tidily and properly to ensure that all clients file is kept safe and easy to find for related stakeholders.
Seeking for better salary.
I want to implement my learning to the next level.
I ahve learnt a lot from my previous job and now the learning curve has gone flat. Its time for me to apply what I learnt in amore challenging environment.
The company decided to move their entire operation to Asia.
My passion is related to networking and I want to specialize in this field. Tesco does not deals with hard core networking.
I just wanted more challenging environment for me.
Looking for better opportunity and moving to an english speaking country.
Again, I am seeking to broaden my exposure and utilize my 32 years of IT knowledge in a broader fashion.
The learning curve is flat over the time and just what change to have continuos learning in technical part.
I have leadership qualities but the company does not recgonize me.
I feel its good time to use my skills and knowledge learnt for growth.
Because I have fulfilled my 6 month contract.
I odnt have a previous job.
I am a fresh graduate.
I am interested in an opportunity with growth potential.
I had to shift my home town due to some personal resign.
I have always had a passion to work in a car manufacturing company, I have a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering.
I feel I would be better suited to a job in the motor trade.
My previous job was a way ease back into work. This oppurtunnity with AUdi will allow me build a career.
I am leaving my precious job because I want to build a career in a place where I feel I can achieve more and give the best customer experience and to also have a stable wage.
My fixed term contract is coming to an end. I have enjoyed my time in my current role. I have always had a passion for working in car manufacturing.
I am looking for a new home to build towards a better future I can see myself a part of.
I have enjoyed my time there but want a new challenge and to work for what I believe to be a market leading brand.
I want to work with company that make myself experienced in my future.
I have gained experience in that area of work, whilst I enjoyed the job, there was a lack of promotional opportunity. As someone who wishes to progress into a management role, my previous job did mot forefill this opportunity.
Just I want to change my mind to sale uper brand cars and carrier purpuse.
Although it is a great workplace, there is no room for advancement. I am looking to grow a carrier I can enjoy until I retire.
Because I want to improve myself and to think different.
Because I want to pressure a successful career in the company.
Although I enjoy my job, I do not thrive off it. My job at the moment is just that a Job its not a career where I can succeed and make the most of my potential.
Lack of cumitcation with my GM and full time expectations with part time hours.
It has over 10,000 locations worldwide and has many different products and services to offer. It's mission is to serve the meet the customer's need and better serve the customer.
I am looking for more job security and development.
I am leaving my previous job to get fully focused on school.
I relocated to another stated just recenlty moved back home from Nashville TN.
The reason is because they went out of business.
I feell I have more to give customer wise and enjoy the sales side of the business more than the dog grooming itself.
My employer is undergoing a move to a different country.
Well I realize this situation comes up every day in Nursing and will quickly complete the task asked to do. It would not bother me, nor would it affect my mood.
It wouldnt effect me in any way.
People like to grow in life, even I would like to grow and for better prospect.
Although I do enjoy my job, I am not achieving my full potential, I am also spending more money than I earn on getting to and from there due to me moving back to thurrock.
Actually im happy now at my work, but always look for better opportunities and I know that im applying for a very reputable company and well known in the market, I know that I will invest my capabilities to have a better work area.
I have eaten in your establishment many times and, am intrigued with your concept, I am looking to develop myself, I am looking forward to this new challenge.
I need a more challenging position in a company that I can grow in. I also need to gain experience in a different restaurant type than the one I'm in now.
Change to an upscale dining restaurant.
Well, to find some new challenge and better prospect.
To improve my career & to increase my knowledge & experience.
I got new challenge with new place and environment.
Because I believe that I made to reach on heights.
The restaurant was sold and the leadership when in another direction ............
My desire for a change with new possibilities of further professional growth.
Although I do enjoy my job, I feel I am not achieving my full potential, I have also recently moved back to thurrock, and would like to do something I enjoy to the full once again.
For future career growth, to learn new ideas and to widen my horizon.
I have been unemployed for the last two years due to my daughter going through cancer treatment.
The call center that the deli I was managing down sized by 6oo employees, the site moved to a smaller builing and the group went the route of home reps, our services were no longer needed with the company. I was laid off.
Looking for growth - plus where I work there is no opportunity to move to another location (state)
I run a small business which is internet based doing Retail but the business was no longer viable so I thought what I have learned and experienced from that would help me and could be transferred to another job.
Due to people who are not fond of me.
Moved to different location.

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