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Why are you looking for a new job?
The interviewer wants to be sure that they will be able to meet your needs and not become a repeat of this current desire to leave your job. It's okay, to be honest, but be careful not to overshare. It is best if you can focus primarily on your future wish list vs. dwelling on what is going wrong in your current position.
Answer examples
"In my current role there is a minimal growth opportunity. One of the owners holds the next position in line, so I truly have reached my peak there. I am very thankful for everything my current company has offered me the past four years; however, I am ready to expand my horizons."
Admin answer example
"My company is closing its doors. It was a small family run company, and the owner recently passed away. His wife decided it would be best to sell the business."
Manager answer example
"Since my company went through a merger, I have been looking for a new role. The quality of production has declined, and I am no longer proud to represent the product that is being put out."
Sales answer example
"I feel as though I made a poor choice by taking this most recent job. Headhunted for a brand new company; the framework, leadership, and business plan described when they recruited me did not turn out anywhere close to what they'd envisioned. Nonetheless, I have stuck it out for a year and learned what I could from the position and the organization. I feel it is time to move on. Because of my most recent misstep, I am even more careful about the next move. I want to be sure that I make a solid, informed decision and I feel as though your company is where I should be for the long term."
Retail answer example
"I've been keeping an eye on your company, and location, for a long time. I am finally ready to make the leap and take a big step in advancing my career. I don't take the decision lightly, and I am so excited for what is to come. I know that I can learn more and grow faster with your company than any other, and I look forward to that opportunity."
Teacher answer example
"I am seeking a new opportunity to get closer to home. Also, now that my kids are out of elementary school, I can take the position without the conflict of potentially being assigned to their school. This district has been the dream option for me for a long time."
Marketing answer example
"I believe that I have absorbed everything I can from my current company. I have outgrown the role of marketing coordinator, and there isn't an upward move in sight. I began the search for what I believe to be the best fit for me and I found you guys! I want to work for someone who works on campaigns I believe in."

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User-Submitted Answers

Why are you looking for a new job?
New exposure with increased salary.
A position to apply my skills and experience.
I retired 3 years ago needed something to do and I’ve always liked this company so I thought I would apply.
Because I want a new exposure in my life with good salary.
As I am getting new exposure to my life with a good salary.
I am looking for a new job because I currently don't have one.
I know with vet nursing that no two days are the same and that gets me excited.
I'm seeking new opportunity. I feel like I have taken every possibility out of my current job and there just aren't any challenges left anymore in this job. I feel like it's time to learn new points-of-view regarding the business. I think this job is good for my future and I see a lot of opportunities in it.
My work life balance has shifted in a negative way and I dont feel that my efforts are appreciated and I always give 110%
I am not looking for a new job I am seeing my options.
Because I am looking for a more challenging job that I will learn in and be able to progress.
This is part of my retirement plan . Part of what would like to do as a small pay back or pay it forward for all those to whom I cannot say Thank you for saving my life. I do not consider this a job, but a calling.
My contract wasn't renewed due to decrease in workload.
Because I would like a change. And change someone else's life too.
The position I am applying for has always been a goal for me and I want to achieve that goal.
I wish to continue my career in radiotherapy which I left temporarily in order to relocate to manchester.
To increase job skill and provide experience to the existing company.
I am looking forward that I can able to share my potentials and skills in the company that would applying for.
I am looking forward that I can able to share my potentials and skills in the company that would applying for.
I have been aware of the benefits of working at Humana for years. Not just the opportunity for financial success but the whole enviroment. Knowing my friends experiences when I heard there was an opportunity to become part of this family I wanted to get onboard.
Because I need to sharpen my customer service skills.
Productive. Grow professionally and personally with new challenges and opportunities.
I am always looking to learn new skills and there isnt any room for growth in my current position.
My contract with my previous employer just ended and I have been looking for new opportunities to transition to.
Work closer to home provide more for my family my knowledge and.