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Everyone makes mistakes, and that is okay! Talk candidly with the interviewer about a time when you made an error in the workplace. The key to answering this question successfully is to: A) Keep your answer workplace related. B) Offer information on how you resolved this to the best of your ability. C) Include what you learned from this situation.
Answer examples
"My biggest workplace regret occurred earlier in my career when I was asked to create a last minute presentation for our partners. I did not properly express the challenges to my supervisor which resulted in a big disconnect between my work and her expectations. I left out some important information which showed how little I actually researched. I apologized for the weak presentation and asked for a do-over the next day. Through that experience I learned that I needed to be more diligent in my research while remaining open with my leadership if I am feeling unprepared or pressed for time."
"My biggest regret is not completing my Bachelor's Degree. I chose to enter the workplace instead of finishing my final year. I would like to attend evening and weekend courses soon in order to finish what I started."
"My biggest regret is not taking a promotion a few years ago. I felt that I wasn't ready for the extra responsibility at that time, but as I look back I know I should have taken it."
Sales answer example
"My biggest regret is having taken a new position after being headhunted. Honestly, I was thriving in my old position and organization, and the new company and role that were painted in the interview process was not the whole story. They did a good job painting a pretty, and well put together picture, but the execution turned out poorly. I have stuck with the position and looked to learn as much as possible from some of the great talent here and make the best of a situation, but I am certainly being more cautious and calculated with my next role. Honestly, that is why I researched your organization so thoroughly and did an informational interview first, to see if it was truly as great of a place as it appeared to be. So far, so good!"
Retail answer example
"I feel fortunate that I don't have many regrets, as cliche as that may sound. Nothing major, anyhow. The one thing that comes to mind is that I graduated with a communications degree, which has been great, but perhaps I should have gone with a business degree. With the additional skills and know-how from business school, perhaps I would be even more effective on the administrative side of management and accelerate my career even further. That said, I feel fortunate that it's nothing that keeps me up at night."
Teacher answer example
"My biggest work related regret is probably waiting as long as I did to get back into the workplace after having kids. I don't regret taking time off to be with my kids when they were babies, but I think I should have gotten back to teaching sooner than I did. Nevertheless, I feel I've caught up as far as the years I missed and, perhaps because of the time off, I come to each day with an excitement and gratitude bigger than any of my coworkers."
Marketing answer example
"I feel like most of the decisions I've made have been solid ones, even the missteps have led me to where I am today. That said, perhaps my biggest regret was not taking the leap from sales into marketing a year or two earlier. I had it in my heart and bones, but I was afraid to take the lead and leave a career in which I was succeeding and comfortable for the unknown. In any case, it's brought me here and I feel every decision I've made has prepared me for what's next."

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User-Submitted Answers

I have no regrets with anything I have done in my life. My mistakes make me better. And my honest keeps me on track.
Not getting a college degree, things work out better with an education.
My mistakes me better and my honesty makes me on trackthgerfore I had not done regret in my life.
No I had not met any regret with any one I go along with my coworkers.
Not picking my coworker's brains enough. There is always a opportunity to learn from others.
None. They all gave me unique experiences that I could learn from.
None. They all taught me different lessons.
To not be able to stay home and work with my daughter.
Not pursuing available training opportunities when they were available.
I love my work so I dont have any biggest regret in my work life.
My biggest regret was not applying for this position 4 years ago when I first learned about it.
During last internship, I should have learn German language.
Not maybe continuing on with college and getting more education but I'm a hands-on person.
Like many young employees, my early years in career were not maximized well. I was then single and with no children - this was the perfect time for professional development and I did waste time that I could have utilized this way.